Chastity Hygiene Tips And Tricks!

Chastity hygiene – because cleanliness is next to godliness. Or at least, next to not being able to touch yourself. Keep your nether regions fresh and clean with regular cleaning.  Trust us, your chastity device will thank you.

Chastity hygiene is not just important, it’s essential.  Cleaning yourself regularly while wearing a chastity belt is the key to avoiding unpleasant odors or infections.

If you’re wearing something for multiple days at a time it can accumulate sweat, bodily fluids, dust particles and dead skin.  All of which can contribute to a rather nasty kind of odor which is bound to follow you around all day.

Chastity Hygiene 101

One of the best tips to help keep you and your chastity toy pleasant, clean and new is to give it a wash at the end of every day with a lot of foamy and soapy water.

This should be a part of your daily cleaning schedule. So you’ll want to be able to devote a little extra time to your routine in order to be able to provide the cleaning that will not only protect you, but also the toy.

If you fail to regularly clean your chastity cage, and clean it properly, you’ll find very quickly that bacteria can build up.

A chastity cage is a warm area

It can often be a damp area as well. Meaning that it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can potentially lead to rashes, skin infections and other nasty consequences.

When we say that you need to clean your cock cage, this doesn’t mean you have to take off the cock cage all the time.  So try not to get too excited at the prospect of freedom,

Realistically, if you were in a position to take it off every day, then there’d really be no point in wearing it.  The temptation to pleasure yourself would be too much and defeat the purpose of chastity.

Chastity Hygiene Means Thinking Outside the Cage

With a little ingenuity and a lot of cotton buds too, you can access those hard to reach areas.  Effectively clean out your device without having to take it off.

This will remove any unwanted germs, and body fluids that have accumulated from daily use and also help to eliminate any odors.


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Chastity Hygiene – Find a Daily Routine

When completing your daily routine, you’ll need some cotton buds and some anti-bacterial soap.  What you’ll need to do is to apply the anti-bacterial soap.  Ensure there’s lots of suds and give just a general wash to begin with.

After this, and after you have rinsed the suds off, grab a few cotton buds.  Either reapply the anti-bacterial soap, or roll the cotton bud in the soap (it’ll help if it is a liquid soap here).

Inserting the cotton bud and gently start washing and scrubbing the skin which is behind the cage.  Ensuring that you’re rubbing the cotton bud against the inside of the cage as well.

Do This Slowly and Properly

You’ll need to do this slowly and ensure that it’s done properly.  If it starts to sud up and you can’t see, just give a rinse and start again.

Make sure that you’re giving your complete attention to the entirety of the penis and the cage, from the very base to the very tip.

This includes grabbing a cotton bud and ensuring that the shaft underneath the cock ring is squeaky clean.

What if I’m Uncircumcised?

If you’re uncircumcised, make sure that you pull back the skin (if you have difficulty use some cotton buds) and ensure that the head is cleaned as well.

A lot of men also use high pressure hoses with thin nozzles to achieve a thorough clean.  Either with a water bottle or with a specialized shower head.  If you take care of your cock in the cage, you won’t have to take it off as often for a more specialized clean.

Which can be a pain as you’ll obviously need to be supervised with the cock cage off!

Chastity Hygiene – After the Washing 

After washing in this way, you’ll need to pat yourself down with a towel.  You may need to use some more cotton buds to get rid of any excess moisture.

It is very important to remove moisture

Remember how we said that bacteria love warm and damp places?  If you’re not removing all the moisture you’ll find that it can cause some skin issues if you don’t take care of it.

Some men have reported excellent results with a hair dryer.  Use it only on the lowest setting as you don’t want to dry out the skin in the device.  As this can also cause rashes, sore and chafing.

Also, this might sound obvious.  But if it’s getting too hot, remove the heat.  Heat will make you sweat.  Sweat will make it damp and then you’ll be right back to square one!

Take Your Device Off Once a Week for a Deep Clean

We advise you take off your device on a weekly basis for a deep and thorough clean of everything.

If you’ve been using your cock cage for an extended period of time, and you’re feeling that you can go for longer, you can try it and see how it goes.  But at the first sign of any rashes, itchiness, or unpleasant odors then you will need to take it off.

No excuses.

Perhaps, you could try extending it by a couple of days at a time.

On the first day take it off for cleaning.  Then go two days an take it off on the third.  Stick to that routine for a few times then add an extra day.  This will allow you to ensure that you’re going okay without going straight off the deep end.

Immediately inspect for parts that you missed when cleaning so that you know what to focus on when you’re cleaning when caged.

Don’t Worry About Asking for Chastity Hygiene

Some people find that they suffer from a bit of guilt and shame when they ask to have their cage taken off  as they feel that they aren’t being true to the life of chastity.

No.  There is absolutely no shame, embarrassment, or even guilt that should be felt if you are asking for release from the cock cage for hygienic reasons.

The thing is, even though you are being in a submissive role, your keyholder should never deny you your fundamental rights to hygiene.

It benefits them as well after all!

We still recommend that you take it off weekly though.

To do this, you will need to be under supervision.  Your keyholder may be there to shower with you, or watch.   They may request that the door be left open and they will randomly walk in to check on you.  Whereby if they find you in any position which compromises the life of chastity, then you will be punished.

The weekly deep and thorough clean serves several purposes.

Firstly, it will help you clean any bits that you might have neglected, or couldn’t reach during your daily clean.  This includes the skin, and the inside and outside of your chastity device.

Secondly, you’ll be able to inspect your penis.  This to ensure that the strain of the penis cage isn’t causing any irritation, any stress to the penis, or causing any scratches, marks or damage to your genitals.

Make a Thorough Inspection

From the base of the shaft, to the balls, and all along the shaft.  Get your key holder to inspect the underside for you.  You might need to get a mirror to avoid any of that temptation.

If you have any cuts, abrasions, marks that should not be there, you should stop using the chastity cage immediately until the skin has healed.

You might want to try some skin ointment, healer or softener at this stage to ensure that everything is staying slick and smooth.

Take the opportunity to massage it in completely.  Else you’re going to have oily skin patches which is not going to do anyone any favors.  Which might even transfer onto the chastity cage and damage it depending on the material.

Make sure you scrub everything, and we mean, everything.

Front, back and all the sides.  You need to remove all the dead skin cells and bacteria that could have been hiding during your regular daily cleaning.

Whilst you’re uncaged and unshackled, ask your keyholder if they will let you shave.  Whilst you’re unshackled is the best time to shave as you’ll find it so much easier than trying to navigate around the device.

Though we do recommend trimming as opposed to completely shaving.  As the itching and reactions that occur as a result of the hair growing back might be exceptionally bothersome when wearing the device.

Once you have cleaned both the device, and your genitals you’ll need to make sure everything is dry, completely dry.

Once everything is completely dry, spray on some anti-bacterial spray and a good quality one at that.

Such cleaners have antimicrobial activity to battle micro-organisms, infections and growth develop.  A decent disinfectant will make all the difference.  Trust me on this one!  Wipe it clean again and pop it back on

Chastity Hygiene – Specialty Cleaning For Leather Cock Cages

We need to add a separate section for Cleaning leather cock cages.  Leather is quite porous and cleaning it, as well as looking after it, is quite different to metal, silicone and plastic cock cages.

It goes without saying that it is recommended that cages should not be shared between people.  But leather toys should never be shared by people under any circumstances.

Leather cages will need extra special care and attention

You will need to be able to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to their cleaning and care if you wish to be able to use leather cock cages, or cock cages with leather on them.

When removing a leather cock ring, you’ll need to follow all of the guidelines which we have mentioned above.  As well as the specialty care that comes with cleaning a leather toy.

What Should I do First?

Firstly, you’ll need to get yourself a strong foaming cleaner and a small brush.

Even a toothbrush with firm bristles will do well here.  Using these you’ll need to wash and scrub the toy.  Unlike silicone, metal and plastic cock rings, you should never soak your leather in water when cleaning.

After cleaning, you can wipe down the toy with a 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol solution or spray with a strong (and body safe) anti-bacterial spray.

If you’re using the rubbing alcohol, you’ll need to provide a secondary rinse to ensure that there’s none left on the device.

Once you have cleaned your device

You will need to make sure that it is completely dry.  Putting leather back on whilst it is still damp can cause the material to rot, or even go moldy.  That’s something that no-one wants.

From there, you can use a body safe leather conditioner to ensure that the leather does not deteriorate.  This will help keep the leather in as close to its original condition as possible.

It’s important to be able to clean leather toys effectively and appropriately so as to prolong the life of your leather cock cage.  Failure to look after your leather cock cage, and you’ll find yourself in a world of trouble quite quickly.

Handy Tips

Scratchy testicles
Itchy Balls

We mentioned shaving earlier.  But we’d like to point out you should not be completely hairless if you’re wearing a chastity device.

When growing hair, the skin will secrete an oil to help the hair grow.  This bodily oil can cause some irritation and some skin problems.

Also, it’s going to be itchy as hell and is going to put you in a world of discomfort as when you’re wearing the device.

You’re not going to be able to scratch.  Inevitably you’re going to end up doing some weird little chicken dance thing in the middle of your work place as you desperately seek solace from the itching.

Keep Your Hair Trimmed Short

Long hair and a shift of position could result in hair being caught up in the device.  Ripped from the roots which can cause immediate, and sharp pain.

This should go without saying but if you’re not having fun and the trouble of wearing this chastity cage becomes more trouble than it’s actually worth– then you need to take it off.

Don’t stuff around, because if you’re not committed to a device like this – then misuses can cause problems for you later down the track. Maybe you decide that it’s not working with your current playmate, or that it’s become a bit mundane.

There’s nothing stopping you from taking it off and enjoying some well-earned freedom only to put it back on in a few months.

It should be fun – If it’s not, then you need to reconsider.

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