Enjoy Longer Orgasms with Increased Semen Count

The human body has a certain capacity to produce semen and many think this helps to Enjoy Longer Orgasms. Beyond that, one would have to take certain measures to artificially increase its volume. The implication for most men is that the higher the volume of semen released, the longer orgasms last. Therefore, they try every possible method to increase their semen volume.


Enjoy Longer Orgasms

Here are a few ways in which you can increase the volume of your semen naturally.

 Abstinence is key!


Many men are interested in boasting about the capacity of their bodies to produce lots of semen. They also want to prove to the other men that they are not infertile. Not many realize that if they abstain from coitus as well as ejaculation for some time, the volume of their semen will automatically improve.


There is absolutely no need to visit your physician if you are not ejaculating more if you use natural methods to increase sperm volume. It has been proven that the more you stay away from certain habits, the better it is for you. Some studies have shown that it is enough to abstain from these activities for a short period of time, and it will still work for you. 


Orgasm denial is a proven method that works!


Wear loose clothing


In order to ejaculate more, it is said that you must wear loose clothing and underpants. Otherwise, it can lead to the temperature of your scrotum increasing by way of your testicles coming closer to one another, and this can affect the volume of your semen in a negative manner.


Therefore, it is preferred that you wear boxers that are loose so that you can achieve your goal of increasing the volume of your semen. Plus, it will also improve the quality of your sperm in a positive way. 


Exercise regularly


If couch potatoes would like to increase the volume of their semen, they need to simply perform certain pelvic floor exercises. Not many amateur MILF people know about this, and they try eating certain foods that can actually hurt the quality and volume of your semen. The idea is to increase the blood flow to your testicles, which in turn would increase the sperm count.


As tempting as it may be to stay on the couch and enjoy eating all day long, it is not good for the health of your testicles in the long run. All it takes is a few exercises, such as lunges, squats, and more. You have to simply dedicate just fifteen minutes of your life to exercising each day and that can be more than enough for you to produce more semen. 


Stop alcohol consumption and smoking


The two dreaded enemies of the volume of your semen are drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Some men cannot have enough of smoking and alcohol, but they still go ahead with these habits without realizing that it is affecting the quality of their sperm. If you take a nicotine patch every day, your smoking habit will automatically be curbed, but it will take a long time to improve the volume of your semen.


Similarly, drinking alcohol is not going to improve your married life. Instead, it will only harm your brain and body. In case your stress levels go up and you find yourself drinking and smoking, you will find that you are being driven crazy by the low volume of semen you produce. Nonetheless, abstaining from drinking and smoking can reduce your stress levels, and eventually, the volume of your semen will increase.


Ingest herbal semen enhancers


Since the best way to good health would be to consume more herbal products, even though they sound boring, your married life will never be boring once you ingest more natural products. If you take these in, you will find that the volume of your semen has gone up, albeit in a few months’ time. In fact, they will promote sexual desires in you while increasing the blood flow to your testicles.


It may take time to show up in your health tests, but they are a sure-shot way of enhancing your sperm volume. You must consume plenty of water after ingesting these herbal semen enhancers since dehydration can only reduce the volume of your sperm.

Consume more vitamins


It has been shown in studies by researchers that at least 40% of men around the world suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D. Standing in the sunlight at specific times of the day can not only make your body produce Vitamin D, but it can be difficult to impossible during the winter season since your exposure to sunlight would be lesser at such times.


If you are unable to stand in the sunlight, there are natural supplements that can help you by serving as a source of Vitamin D. Fertility specialists recommend ingesting Vitamin D supplements so that they will support the production of semen. 

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