Put a virtual spin on kink and BDSM

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Talking about your kinks and sexual fantasies is an important part of any relationship. Whether you’re into widely accepted things like being blindfolded or lightly spanked or into something a little more extreme, it’s still not always an easy conversation to have. If you don’t communicate with your partner, not only could you be missing out on a lot of fun together (assuming they’re into the same stuff as you), but it could also lead to frustrations, resentment and even cheating. 


Everyone deserves to have their sexual needs met, but what happens if your partner is not on the same page as you? VR porn videos could be a great compromise for both parties, a place where you can experiment without shame or judgement and where both of you get what you need.

Have you discovered your kinks yet? 


Let’s start at the beginning though, have you even discovered what your own sexual fantasies are yet?


Sometimes we don’t know what we might like until we try it or see it, but what if you think you might be into that you’re not comfortable trying in real life yet? Maybe the thought of going to a BDSM party excites you but you’re not confident enough to go on your own, or you like the idea of a gang bang but wouldn’t even know where to start finding so many people who would be into it too (not exactly a subtle thing to ask at your next company Christmas party, right?). 


Eventually, if this is something you see yourself getting into, you’ll find the right people to connect with and parties to go to. But if you’re just starting out, the thought of trying something taboo could be rather intimidating. This is where the wonderful world of virtual reality can be of great help.


Imaging fulfilling your sexual needs and desires in a safe environment that is free from judgement and where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself in ways you can’t in real life. Best part? If you don’t like it, you can always switch it off – no awkward conversations needed!


There are many types of VR porn so there’s bound to be something to satisfy your desires. The way it works is like this – you put on a headset (you can even get them under 10$ these days) and find a VR movie you would like to watch. You will then see yourself either from a POV (point of view) perspective or from a voyeuristic angle and everything around you will look as close to real-life as the technology allows for. Compared to the “flat” experience of regular porn, where you feel separate from the action, virtual reality will give you an immersive experience where you’ll actually feel like you’re part of the scenario of your choosing. 


If your partner isn’t into the same things as you


It happens, we don’t always fall in love with people who have the same kinks and fetishes, but if both of you are willing to compromise a little, then there are ways you can make it work. Have an open chat with them about your desires and find their comfort levels.


Imagine this scenario – you are very much into the idea of being dominated by a strong and aggressive dominatrix, but your partner is a bit on the shy side and can’t bring herself to play the part. Maybe you’ve even tried to do it but she just bursts out laughing every time she tries to put her “serious” face on – has that ever happened to you? 


Let’s try to make it work in virtual reality. You could put on a video where a sexy dominatrix is taking advantage of you, and your partner can help you out with the physical aspect of it. For example, if the virtual dominatrix is using nipple clamps on you, your partner could put some on you at the exact same time in real life. Or if the virtual dominatrix is giving you a handjob, your partner could mimic what’s happening on the screen without feeling embarrassed about being watched. 


It could even lead to your partner enjoying the process and be willing to experiment more with you in the future. Virtual reality can be a great bridge to combining your fantasies.


There are limitations to VR porn for the time being as it’s still a relatively new technology, but the future of it has a lot of potential. Perhaps one day you will actually be able to upload a virtual version of yourself into the virtual world and move around freely, giving the experience an even more realistic feel. 


Your first BDSM party? Tips

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BDSM is an increasingly popular type of sexual practice. It involves very diverse activities with different intensities. They include mainly those related to bondage, discipline, domination, sadism, masochism and submission. A type of sexual relation from which pleasure is obtained in a less conventional way. Much has been written and shown about this type of practice. They especially attracted a lot of attention with the premiere of Grey’s 50 Shadows saga. Although these books and films only show part of it. There are real professional escorts in Melbourne who call themselves dominas, mistresses or dominatrix, capable of making you enjoy an authentic BDSM experience. Generally, in a special room prepared with the necessary accessories also called dungeon, or in some room with enough space. 


There are so many people who enjoy this kind of activities that besides being a category in the main porn sites, there are more and more BDSM parties being held. These are perfect encounters for those with the same tastes to meet and enjoy each other’s company. But, how are these BDSM parties? If it is the first time you go to one of them, it is important to take into account several things.


The first piece of advice before going is to get informed

About possible practices such as ropes, immobilization, clamps, spanking, chains, whips and a long etcetera. Enough to be clear about what you want to experience, to be familiar with the related vocabulary and to know the toys and accessories that are usually used. This is because there are different BDSM parties, some more specific than others. So you can go to the one that better suits your tastes. 


It is important to attend with an open mind

Avoid prejudice and go in with a calm and respectful attitude. The main objective is to let yourself go and enjoy yourself. Besides, going to this type of party does not have to imply having sexual relations at all. As in an erotic encounter with an escort from Birmingham it is something consensual, safe and where you can experiment and talk calmly about sexual fantasies. BDSM parties don’t have to be a synonymous to orgies. 


At these events people come to chat, meet new people with the same tastes, have a drink and enjoy themselves. That is why many of these parties have a series of rules to ensure the enjoyment of all the guests. So you have to know and respect them during the whole stay. That is why it is good to contact the organizers beforehand and show interest in attending. In this way you can ask all the questions that arise to solve the doubts and go more safely. This is very important, especially if it is the first time attending.


The most appropriate clothing for this type of party

Generally there is a dress code and a way of dressing that is characteristic of people within the BDSM community. Especially with garments made of vinyl, latex or leather that many people enjoy. Although, inside the location where it takes place there is usually a locker or bathroom where you can change. So you can enter with normal street clothes going unnoticed and once inside, make the change. 


Is it better to go alone or in company?

Especially the first time you go to a BDSM party can be a bit embarrassing and nerve-wracking. If you decide to go with your partner, a special friend or escort from Toronto, it is advisable to talk about it beforehand. Mainly about what each person is looking for when going to a party like this. If you go alone, it’s okay, you can meet people right away with whom you can have an interesting conversation.


The important thing is to go to the first BDSM party with an open mind and respectful attitude. Once inside you just have to let yourself go and start interacting with the others who have come to the event. It is normal at first to feel nervous and even insecure. So it is advisable to take it as an opportunity to talk, ask questions and discover new pleasures. Get to know yourself better and the limits of pleasure. Mainly learn with this type of practices and the social opinions that are held about them. Because they are vastly misunderstood. This is mainly because the idea of obtaining satisfaction from pain or immobilization is not conceived. That is why more information is needed. BDSM is much more than knots, whips and domination. That’s what these parties are for, to discover this whole community and enjoy it. So why wait any longer to attend a BDSM party by following these tips?

Kinks and Fetishes to Try with Your Partner

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Talking about your kinks and fantasies with your partner is an important part of any relationship. Enjoying each other’s kinkiest desires can grow a relationship and even bring you closer together. Being able to talk about what turns you on with your significant other is a vital part of communication as a couple. It will help you understand each other’s needs, be aware of each other’s boundaries, and make it possible for you to fulfill the fantasies that you might have. There are multiple kinks that can be explored with your partner, so to get you started, we have compiled a list of the most popular fetishes that you might want to try.


Bondage is one of the most common fetishes and there is a wide variety of BDSM equipment that can be used in the bedroom, from rope to handcuffs to restraints like spreader bars. If you haven’t tried bondage before, start somewhere simple like handcuffing your partner’s hands together and then build up what kind of things you use as you both become more and more comfortable.


Typically involved in BDSM fetishes, domination involves taking control and dominating the submissive partner through things like discipline, power play, and orgasm control. Consensual domination is pleasing for both the partner in control and the partner who is being dominated, and you can be as creative as you like with this one. Providing a “safe word” is a common way to ensure you are both thoroughly enjoying what you are doing and assures safety and the ability to feel relaxed. If you are totally new to being a dominant or dominatrix, there are lots of ways to explore how to do it.


Spanking is a fun way to liven up your sex life and is also a great addition to BDSM, bondage, and domination play. There are plenty of reasons why you should try out spanking with your partner; whether you want to give it or receive it, it is exciting for everyone who is involved.

Threesomes and Cuckolding

As well as physically involving other people in your sensual time together, this kink can be explored through dirty talk and watching porn. Whatever works for you as a couple, threesomes and cuckolding are popular fetishes that can bring a new level of adventure to your sex life. It is perfectly normal to feel a bit shy or unsure of how to approach a cuckolding fetish, so to help you become more comfortable and gain confidence with how to make fantasy become reality, check out some of these stories from Sarah and Jack.


Taking on characters and acting out fantasies as part of your sex life is a really fun way to spice things up. Dress your partner up in classic costumes and play out a scene, or simple roleplay through dirty talk and using your imaginations to create a scene.

When addressing the topic of kinks with your significant other and trying out new fetishes, having fun and respecting each other’s boundaries is an incredibly important factor to take into consideration. Discover each other’s fantasies and fetishes in a personal, intimate way that will open up ideas you may have never even thought of before.

5 Most Popular Cuckold Porn Subgenres in 2020

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At one point in time, cuckold porn just overtook the top pages of various mainstream pornographic tubes. Nobody was really sure what was so exciting about this femdom-heavy porno genre, but it usually doesn’t take long to figure out the appeal. Make no mistake, cuckold porn is one of the most polarizing XXX genres out there. It’s no surprise that some armchair political analysts throw the word “cuck” around as an insult.


In this brief write-up, we are not going to focus on the reasons behind this genre’s popularity. We are going to focus on the most popular subgenres of 2020 (so far). Our friends over at CuckoldTube.net agreed to share their data and the findings we pretty interesting, to say the least.


Amateur Cuckold

While pornstars might look hotter on average, people still prefer looking at real-life couples. There’s a certain kind of thrilling that comes with watching a REAL couple indulge in one of the kinkiest fetishes out there. You can kind of come up with your backstory for them. You can also imagine what their life is going to be like after the experience.


The porn fans that argue in favor of amateur cuckold pornography say that there’s REAL passion, GENUINE lust, and LEGITIMATE humiliation. According to them, you find none of these qualities in overly micromanaged and overproduced big-budget porn videos. We are not going to take sides when it comes to this particular argument, but here’s the thing – user-submitted cuckold porn videos are extremely popular no matter what your opinion is.


Interracial Cuckold

Makes us feel like we’re walking on thin ice right here. We won’t get into the whole race dynamics aspect of it all, we are just going to say that black-on-white action looks good. From the visual standpoint, of course.


The most popular subgenre of this subgenre – white wives getting “blacked.” According to the users, there’s nothing hotter than seeing a sexually repressed housewife embrace her lust for BBC. It’s hard to argue with any of those claims as long as these videos continue to be chart-topping.


Bisexual Cuckold

Some say that cuckolding is inherently bisexual because the men in these scenarios live out their bi fantasies through their partners. YMMV on that, but there seems to be at least some truth to that statement.


Bisexual porn with cuckolding seems not only the wives, but also the husbands pleasuring their bulls. It can be something as innocent as a quick kiss on the cock, it can be full-on bareback anal fucking… This kinda stuff varies from video to video, but the main thing here is that there’s a certain taboo element to it all. You’re adding taboo to an already taboo fetish to create something unfathomably sexy, basically.


Hentai Cuckold

Hentai is extremely popular in general, so it’s only natural that hentai cuckold is pretty damn popular as well. You get to see various animated characters enjoying taboo sex and it’s all gloriously fucked-up. Remember that with animated pornography you can get away with things that are not really possible (or legal) in real life. Once again, the addition of all the taboo hentai elements just ups the sexual ante and makes cuckold porn feel even kinkier.


Cuckold Creampie/Clean-Up

That one is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? The cuckoldress lets the bull cum inside of her pussy or ass, which is pretty taboo in and of itself. What usually happens later is that she orders the cuck to clean her up. The pathetic sub winds up gulping up a REAL MAN’s semen and cums pathetically while stroking his itsy-bitsy pindick. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Should You Create A Dungeon or Pleasure Room in Your Home?

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For a lot of people who are into the kink scene, the idea of having a place in their own home devoted to practicing their preferred brand of BDSM or other sexual activities can be something very appealing, but actually getting to the point of having your own dungeon can be a fairly big commitment.

Of course, there is more to the decision about whether you should convert a space in your home into a sex dungeon or pleasure room than whether or not you have the space available to begin with, and so, assuming you do have a place, whether it’s a spare room, a basement, a loft, or perhaps even your bedroom, what else is there to consider when choosing whether or not to do it?

Are You Going to Benefit From It Enough?

Are you considering becoming a professional dom or dome? If so, then naturally, the answer will be yes, as you will be able to use the facilities you set up to see clients at home. However, if this isn’t something you are planning to do, and you don’t want to use it to host things like BDSM parties, then you’ll need to evaluate whether your personal demand for a dungeon will make it a good use of space. If you are living a lifestyle where you would use the dungeon a lot, then it could make a big difference to the things you can do at home and enhance your experiences, however, if you only tend to indulge in these kinds of activities from time to time, or only with people you don’t see very often, then it may be better to instead invest in some things you can bring out when needed, rather than having a permanent sex dungeon.

Will It Cause You Any Problems?

If you hardly ever have anybody over who isn’t already appreciative of your interest in BDSM, then there’s nothing to worry about, but having a room in your house that you don’t want family members to see or non-kink friends to ask questions about can be stressful, as can having a bedroom that has a clear ‘sex-dungeon’ look to it if you’re prone to having guests. While it’s probably not worth worrying about what a random electrician might think in an emergency if it is going to be stressful for you keeping your mother who comes over every week from nosing in your dungeon, the hassle of it may not be worth the positives.

Kitting Out Your Dungeon

Let’s assume you’ve decided that your potential dungeon will get enough use to make it a good use of space and won’t make your home life stressful. If so, the last thing to consider is the investment. At this point, there’s no reason not to have a dungeon, but you should probably put some thought into your budget for it and how to get the most out of it in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Look at options and prices for things you’d like to include, for instance, if you’d like to add a swing to your sex dungeon and consider also any other furniture or decoration you’ll want to create a tone you like. Remember you can always add things over time, so focus on the things you’ll use most first.

Look around online for pictures of other people’s dungeons to get an idea of the different and unique styles that can be created. You can also take inspiration from clubs and other venues, or from other aesthetics that fit with your particular style of BDSM (for instance, actual historical dungeons, or luxurious sex clubs).