Sex Toys For Men: Why Is It Still Taboo?

Why Men Sex Toys are considered a Taboo

How would you react as a man if your partner decides to surprise you with a sex toy? It sounds just as weird as it would feel. You’ll start asking yourself a thousand and one questions, wondering what your spouse thinks of you. But no need to do so. Sex toys are good for sexual stimulation, which is very crucial for you and your sex partner. Let’s find out why society still thinks men shouldn’t embrace sex toys.

Media Perspective

The media influences how we view things in society. This isn’t just for TVs and radio stations, also for social media platforms. The impact that comes along with advertisements and their level of influence is significant. When male sex toys are advertised, we often may think that those consumers are members of the gay society. Most men wouldn’t want anything to be labeled as gay. This often creates some form of stereotypes on these toys even before fully understanding the actual benefits sexual stimulation has to offer.

Toxic Masculinity

Have you heard of what most people consider as traits of real men? One which is most common is that real men don’t cry. Real men shouldn’t even use sex toys. What does sexual stimulation mean to them? They have sex, procreate, and that’s it. Using sex toys would mean you cannot get a woman, and you would be seen as a failure. They would rather go to some of the best dating sites than get a sex toy. Most men have let this toxicity sink so deep in them that they can’t even reason out facts from fiction and societal myths. Why don’t you choose to be you, take your path!

Low Promotion

It’s prevalent to find articles in magazines and newspapers or even sections of news segments talking about the benefits of female sex toys. Some of these articles have been written by men, “what is considered sexual stimulation and why female sex toys are important”. What about our fellow brethren? Don’t they need to be stimulated sexually as well? Most writers shy away from that conversation. If you can’t talk about it publicly, then that means there is a problem. We should normalize having such discussions, write about them. Let the people know that male sex toys are just as important as female sex toys, and sexual stimulation is essential for all genders.

Lack of Support from the Male Gender

Sure you’ve heard of the saying that goes, “United we stand, divided we fall”. This isn’t just a quote for the books but rather reality. Women, unlike men, won’t mind talking about owning sex toys and even their experience in using them. They would even recommend where to get better ones with good quality and a better experience. This is entirely the opposite for men. If, for instance, men are having their usual drinks as they watch a game or just hanging out, then one comes up with that topic of owning a toy. They would throw stones and, if possible, dismiss him from the group. Why is it so yet they are using them secretly? Healthy sexual stimulation is essential, and we shouldn’t shy away from talking about it.


Sexual stimulation and mental health go hand in hand. You can’t feed one and neglect the other. That’s why we must normalize talking about it and stop being judgmental. Just like women, men also need to have their sexual desires met without being seen as perverts or gay. That’s why most would prefer these best dating sites where they can meet someone new and strange to try out these new stimulation methods. It won’t be taboo if we normalize and enlighten society on the benefits of men’s sex toys.

What are your views on male sex toys, and would you recommend your partner to get one? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Inside Female Sexual Fantasies

sexual fantasy

Every woman has sexual fantasies. Many of them are embarrassed to admit their fantasies and ashamed to talk about them, but it is completely normal to fantasies. In fact, most sexual fantasies are pretty common. Generally, most people think about forbidden partners, new and risky locations, BDSM and using sex toys. These imaginary scenarios allow women to explore their sexuality and understand themselves better in a safe space.  In long-term relationships, couples can share their fantasies to bring some excitement back into the bedroom, while for newer partners, talking about kinks can be a way to gauge compatibility.

Sexual Fantasies

However, some fantasies can be a little troubling – like sleeping with someone who is not your partner. In this context, it is important to understand that not all fantasies are literal or are expressions of hidden feelings and desires. Instead, they are the result of daily experiences colliding with thoughts and emotions. After all, our brain works in a marvelously mysterious way, and we are not even close to completely understanding it. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular female sex fantasies.


1.  Doing it with two or more people at the same time

This fantasy revolves around being the center of attention and desired by a number of people at the same time. Women want this as an affirmation of their attractiveness and self-worth. Threesomes are already popular, but an increasing number of women express interest in fantasies involving larger groups. The sensory overload from seeing, touching and being pleasured by multiple people simultaneously is fascinating and erotic. Generally, women who haven’t had too many sexual partners or are in long-term relationships have this fantasy.



2.  BDSM

BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. This is a very common female sexual fantasy involving the exchange of power. It is alluring as one partner (the woman, in this case) gives up control and submits to being dominated by her partner. This can be particularly appealing to women who have to be in control outside the bedroom. It is important to understand that this fantasy does not imply that the woman is weak or that her partner is better than her. It is about arousal and requires immense trust as one person is placed in a vulnerable position. BDSM sex toys like whips, harnesses etc., are great to use, but it is essential to have a discussion regarding boundaries and comfort levels before engaging in this fantasy.


3.  Role Play

We always want what we can’t have; that’s just how the brain works. The role play fantasy is about having sex with someone who is forbidden or taboo. This can include people in positions of authority like your professor or your boss who exert some degree of control over your life. Fantasizing about getting into bed with them is a way of taking pleasure in the authority they wield. It is okay to have dirty thoughts about someone who is not your partner, like a co-worker or a friend’s husband. Very often, this is just a manifestation of everyday experiences and desire colliding in your head. So the next time you fantasies about your hot neighbor, try some role-play in the bedroom and switch things up.


4.  Sleeping with a woman

A lot of women fantasies about sleeping with another woman. This is a common female fantasy which does not mean that suddenly, your sexual orientation has changed. Instead, it is more about exploration and experimenting. Being pleasured by someone who understands your body and arousal completely, since they experience it the same way, is incredibly erotic. While for men, penetration is sufficient to orgasm, most women need oral sex and clitoral stimulation to get there. This could be another reason why having sex with another woman is such a turn-on.


5.  Destination Sex

Getting away from responsibilities and relaxing, particularly in a romantic location, is a sexual fantasy both men and women have. The freedom and the experience of being somewhere new without having to worry about anything works wonders for the libido. This is amplified if the trip has been planned by your partner as a romantic gesture and makes you feel desired. After all, who doesn’t like being surprised with a trip to an exotic destination?


While not all sexual fantasies can come true, some of them can definitely be incorporated into your sex life. The key is to communicate effectively with your partner and come up with a scenario with which both of you are comfortable. Using sex toys is a great way to introduce novelty in the bedroom and make your sexual fantasies come true.

The Most Potential Popular Sex Toys For Men On OnlyFans

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Sometimes covid-19 pandemic is a black swan for the real economy, but it is an unimaginable opportunity for online social platforms and online stores. From an objective point of view, the pandemic has suddenly detonated OnlyFans to become a star application that almost makes Pornhub confused. If you missed the opportunity on Instagram, don’t miss it on OnlyFans again!


  1. What Is OnlyFans and What’s Going on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans born in 2016 as a platform for performers to provide photos and videos to fans and win monthly subscription fee, which is based in London, England. Unlike Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it is a payed social media network as a form of fan economy.

As long as you pay a certain fee to OnlyFans influencers or models every month, usually $5 to $20, you can have an access to hundreds of more explicit/nude photos or videos. For example, if you want to see more Blac Chyna, users need to pay US$19.99 per month(current fee in May, 2021). You can also use some “tips” to “customize” the desired videos or photos from the Internet celebrities of OnlyFans. It is a new redemption for the sex industry, and to be more precise, it is a new hope for many pornographic film stars.

If you are a people of fit body and you don’t want to waste it, then maybe OnlyFans is a good place to turn your picture into money. There are some top 10 influencers who earn a lot and if there is no OnlyFans maybe they can only earn 1/10 of those money in their career life.

Blac Chyna earns 20 millions dollars every month. You can subscribe her account at a reasonable price of $19.99 per month. She publishes different types of content, including X-rated photos and videos, some of which specifically target specific fetishes (such as feet). She doesn’t even have 150 posts yet, but a subscription will give you access to all the content.

Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans and made $1 million on the first day on the platform and reached $2 million by the end of the first week. After Thorne joined the App, there was a controversy. She actually charged fans for photos of nude sales while wearing her underwear in reality. This has led OnlyFans to stipulate the fees that creators can charge in their posts. She also found that she was stimulated by sex workers. After COVID-19 prevented them from working safely, sex workers became the creator of OnlyFans because she was attracting the attention and income of those who need sex workers to survive. . Thorne currently earns $11 million (estimated) per month on OnlyFans.

Although there are only a few articles on OnlyFans, the music artist Cardi B is still the highest earner on the platform, earning $9.34 million per month (estimated). She regularly shares on other social media platforms, but keeps OnlyFans for “behind the scenes” and more intimate content.

Tyga is a hip-hop singer whose monthly income on OnlyFans is $7.69 million (estimated). He shared all kinds of content on the platform, from sexy pictures to “behind the scenes” of the latest tracks and exclusive videos. BTW, I love his Lightskin Lil Wayne.


  1. Why Would Anyone Use Sex Toy On OnlyFans And What Benefits Did It Bring?

If you happen to be a practitioner in the porn industry and you cannot find a suitable partner to bring you high-quality professionally-generated content on OnlyFans during the pandemic, in addition, even if you have a partner, there is no guarantee that he or she will be horny at all times, so at this time you need sex toys which are always ready-to -go and horny-online. Those adult toys are the best helpers that can bring you satisfaction and please your fans while they’re watching your. I have sent many sex toys to more than a dozen influencers on OnlyFans, and their responses are good, and fans enjoy their expressions of orgasm when using adult toys.

This allows more fans to renew their favorite influencers’ subscription to gain continuing popularity. Have you thought about it? When creating your personal IP, you don’t need to use too much external power, and you are enough to gain active followers, and the helper does not need to be someone who needs to pay thousands of dollars in monthly salary, but a one-time payment of dozens of dollars adult toys with years’ service? For several thousand dollars which you pay for a partner, you can buy almost all the adult toys in our shop. If you use one per month, aha, you will never get bored so as your fans. Moreover, even if you are a couple, many people will use adult toys to get into the horny state faster, or it is a good choice to use adult toys to satisfy their partners when the men’s poor state like lasts not long enough. Some OnlyFans subscribers said that they like watching another person being thrusted with dildo, because there is a scent of BDSM, which makes them very excited and willing to pay for it. In addition to dildo, vibrator, and sex doll, it allows you to add more creativity to 100 sex positions or sexy photos. It will not make your subscribers feel aesthetic weariness, but can constantly stimulate their nerves and make them get excited with you.

  1. What Are The Most Potential Popularity Sex Toys On OnlyFans.

You already know how many benefits there are to use sex toys on OnlyFans, and what a cost-effective investment it is to buy an sex toy that can accompany you unlimited times. Whether you open live online or enjoy it offline, you can satisfy yourself by this little baby. After watching a lot of OnlyFans videos, I summarized a few products that are particularly popular in the live broadcast. You don’t have to buy them, but you can refer to it. This time I mainly recommend male masturbators because gay friends are in OnlyFans. If you think it is necessary, next time I will write a recommendation of female adult toys.

The first thing I want to recommend is Alice(Hands free masturbator). The reason why I recommend it is that it has always been the best-selling male pussy cup on our sex toys store. Its experience is like a tight virgin vagina and get many 5-star and 4-star reviews. After adding lube on the realistic pussy masturbator, it is almost impossible for all men to stop thrusting. And it’s relatively mild for men who don’t like rough sex, this young girly Alice can be the woman who can satisfy you at any time at night, or you can let your fans experience the sexual pleasure with you when using on OnlyFans.

However, not all men suit this kind of fierce sexual activity, not a quick orgasm, they may feel hurtful on the contrary. If you don’t feel good about this masturbation style, Sohimi ALICE Hands Free Masturbator might be your best choice compared with those masturbation toys providing fierce movement!

The second male sex toy I want to recommend is the favorite gay sex doll of gay friends. Once an instagram influencer directly sent me a private message telling me that he started to be horny when he saw this, and the hole was very easy to arouse his desire. I think if your fans are also happy to see you in the state. When your gay fans see you hitting this hip a, they may want to renew your subscription for ten months at a time to enjoy more.

Gay sex doll is one of the most popular kinds of gay sex toys, and the male butt is the best for both beginners and experienced ones. Sohimi SIMON gay sex male sex doll is one of the specially designed sex toys for gays! If you’re looking for a high-quality anal masturbator, you’ve come to the right place!

The third sex toy that I want to recommend is Hitachi magic wand. This is very classic and enduring. Many women who have used it think it’s comfortable, and the men who tried it because of its freshness did not comment bad things about it, which shows that it is very acceptable to both female and male.

Begins in 1968, a full year before we landed on the moon and about six months before bell bottoms were trendy the FIRST time. This unassuming device would become one of the world’s most recognizable products.

Remember to use it with lube, not only to facilitate your insertion, but also to effectively protect the skin of your penis.

If those three best-selling and most popular adult toys mentioned above are not enough to impress you, then you can go directly to the official website to see what you like on online sex toy store, especially at first glance!

Take Your BDSM to the Next Level By Filming a Home Movie

You don’t need to be a fully-fledged adult movie star to feature in your own BDSM video. In fact, creating a film at home is easy and you probably have all the necessary tools at your disposal. This can be an exciting experience for you and your partner, with the added benefit of bringing something new into your relationship.

So, what do you need to produce your own BDSM home movie? In this guide, we detail the key steps and recommended equipment to get you started, as well as a few tips for better filming.

Basic Equipment

Of course, some kind of camera is required if you plan to do any recording. If your smartphone is fairly modern, chances are that it will be more than sufficient – just make sure there’s ample storage space.

A simple way to vastly improve the quality of your video is by incorporating more angles. Perhaps your partner can pitch in with their phone. Your computer or laptop webcam may provide another perspective. While not essential, consider investing in a tripod. This will spare you the hassle of constantly re-positioning the camera.

Finally, some desktop video editing software can go a long way, allowing you to add music, text and other effects to your videos. It also lets you cut and stitch together different scenes. Here are a couple of popular options:

  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Corel VideoStudio
  • CyberLink PowerDirector
  • iMovie
  • Windows Movie Maker

Chances are that you won’t be filming in much sunlight, so you might want to add professional lighting to your shopping list. Placing a single extra light in your setup can drastically enhance the result and will do wonders for your skin tone.

Lights, Camera, Action!

As for what exactly your BDSM movie entails, you can seek inspiration online by checking out videos in the same genre. The internet is home to countless free porn sites where you can get ideas for your film. Once you know what to do, try writing up a script so that you have a clearer picture of each scene.

With the outline established, you can move on to setting up your angles. A few initial test shots will save time and effort in the long run.

Staying Safe

Before the fun begins, there are several factors to keep in mind with regards to safety. It’s always wise to address any concerns and discuss the film and with your partner beforehand. When sharing your movie online, for example, consider the potential implications and decide whether it would be better to hide your identity.

There are plenty of ways to do this. Men can wear a gimp mask and women a masquerade to conceal facial features, while removing distinct objects such as family photos leaves less for viewers to identify. If you aren’t planning to upload your videos, you should still make sure to store them (and any copies) somewhere secure.


Filming your first home movie might be more work than expected. But with the right tools and a bit of planning, the result will certainly prove worthwhile.

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your Own BDSM Fantasy


BDSM 101: How to Fulfill your Sexual Desire

Want to know a secret? You can spice things up in the bedroom by creating your own BDSM fantasies. Frankly, sexual desire ranks high up with the essential parts of your life. When you have a satisfying sex life, you can conquer it all.

However, not everyone has tried their hand on bondage and kinky stuff. There’s no need to worry because this is a beginner’s guide to help you satisfy your sexual desire. All you need is the right partner after reading through the best dating sites review and linking up.

Learn the Heads and Tail of BDSM

Like any other thing in life, one way to master BDSM is to start by researching. That way, you can understand how sexual desire works. Forget about anything you watch in erotic movies, for that’s an exaggeration. Real BDSM is more personal and sensual than what the actors portray.

Typically, you can start by learning the terminology then perhaps take a class. During the class, you can learn about the three categories of BDSM and how each satisfies your sexual desire. These are:

Masochism and Sadism

Be ready to challenge everything you know about pain. In this category, the teacher helps you learn how sexual desire can be affected in part by painful experiences in the bedroom. As a masochist, you are the recipient of the pain while the sadist inflicts it.

Discipline and Bondage

Nothing brings more satisfaction than playing BDSM games together. For this category, being restrained is the central theme. Discipline requires utter submission and following a set of rules. Bondage, on the other hand, is about restraints like handcuffs and blindfolds.

Submission and Dominance

As a submissive, you give your partner power over your actions. They become the dominant one as you both play out the sexual fantasy. While the debate rages on how much sexual desire is normal, submission and bondage take you to the next level. Now you can explore different fantasies together.

Communicate your BDSM Fantasies

Be sure your partner is open to exploring different fantasies before you start exploring such scenarios. That way, they can meet your sexual desire to the fullest. The best way to start is by having an intimate conversation about different expectations.

First, communicate to your partner about what you want during a moment of intimacy. You never know what you were missing out on because you didn’t talk about BDSM fantasies.

Afterward, you can pick a category you like and enjoy insatiable pleasure. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can come up with.

Try One Fantasy at a Time

BDSM is quite broad and takes a long time to master. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet your sexual desire as a beginner. All you need is the right partner and category.

Commonly, once you figure that out, you can enjoy some role-playing. Such fantasies can help you understand what triggers sexual desire.

Additionally, it can change your sexual experience forever. As a couple, you can explore your bodies and learn what turns you on.

Summing Up

BDSM fantasies are the cream of the crop when it comes to achieving sexual desire. Though it’s a broad topic, this guide can help you as a beginner. Pick a category that works for you, or try out all three.

Next, talk with your partner about exploring different fantasies. After that, you can pick one and try it out. That way, you can answer the question when does sexual desire start?

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about this topic.

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.