What are fertility tests for men?

Are you getting engaged to a guy and have a future family plan with him then get fertility tests for men? Are you facing difficulty in fertilization? Maybe one of your partners is not healthy enough.

Well before you move forward with your decision or you think the guy is cheating on you in a gay chat room it’s important for you to know whether your partner is capable of fertilizing your eggs.

Many people face the issue of infertility after their marriage and regret the decision. Instead of regretting it for a lifetime, it’s good to have a male fertility test. Or even if you are married and having trouble, go for a fertility test. Maybe your man is incapable.

General Physical Analysis and Medical History

The very first step of male infertility analysis involves a general discussion of your medical condition, your medical history, illness, any injuries, surgeries, genital problems, or any other question that may relate to your infertility.

The doctors may also ask about your sexual habits like masturbation, puberty, time of the ejection, and others.

Semen analysis

 Once you are done with the first step the consultant will ask you to submit a semen sample. In this step, the doctor might ask you to masturbate and provide your semen in a container, but due to many cultural beliefs and religious problems, people do not prefer masturbating while watching live sex broadcasts.

In this condition, you will be provided a special condom during intercourse in which you can use to collect your semen.

Simple Semen analysis can give you a lot of parameters regarding the abnormality like the sperm count, shape, size, color, structure, composition, motility, etc. If the sperm count is less than 15 million in 1 mL, it is considered low.

In case the doctors found any defect in the sperm regarding shape, size, color, position, mortality, number, etc, they apply a strict 4% criteria. If the normal sperms are less than 4% in male semen then it is considered to be an abnormal sperm condition.

Once the doctors are found your sperm every normal, they will move forward with the other investigation criteria;

Scrotal & Transrectal ultrasound:

Doctors use ultrasound waves to take a picture of your testis to look over the structure and detect any defect. Also, they will insert a lubricated wand to check if your prostate has any blockage in the semen tube.

Hormone testing:

Hormones play a vital role in the sexual development of firms, especially the hormones of the pituitary gland testicles and the hypothalamus. This analysis is done through a blood test to measure the amount of testosterone and other necessary hormones in your body.

Specialized sperm function test:

It’s a common defect in most cases that the sperm die after ejaculation. Through this process, the doctors check the survival time of your sperm after ejaculation and the capacity of your sperm to penetrate the egg for fertilization.

Genetic test:

A previous defect of a genetic male leads to infertility in male doctors go for signs of genetic infertility.

Post ejaculation urinalysis:

if urine is carrying sperm, then it is time that these firms are going back to your bladder instead of going to the penis.

Testicular biopsy:

this is used for confirmation that your sperm production scale is normal, and the problem is blockage of sperm.

Adult Toy Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2021

Sex in general as a topic needs to be a part of our everyday life and our lives. It should be a topic of conversation primarily because it is part of each of us, then because it is a natural phenomenon, because it is something that was practiced by the people who lived before us, but also because it is a set of emotions and feelings that in no way we must not suppress them. Yes, there are times when those emotions and feelings are suppressed because your partner does not want to have sex or because you are alone, but you should not stop the desire in you. You need to find a solution, and the perfect solution for such situations are adult toys. What exactly are they? These are a kind of stimulants and aids that improve the passion and desire for intimate activity. They are available in sex shops, especially those on the internet where you can find literally everything, and if you are already interested in the offer feel free to visit one of the most stocked https://venusfun.com/ where you can find many aids that will help your passion and your imagination to be satisfied. In order to make the right choice, today we have prepared this special article in which we decided to talk about the big trends that are waiting for us or are already active in 2021. Are you ready to learn more about them? In that case, let’s get started!

  1. Vibrating testicular rings

The trend that is number one among men this year is to wear vibrating cock rings on their rings at the time of sexual intercourse or to wear these rings while they are masturbating. The feeling that these rings provide is invaluable say the users who have already tried them and who are satisfied with their use. They recommend them openly to all those who need an improved feeling during sex or while masturbating because the feeling is indescribable.

  1. Sex dolls

A trend that will never stop – the next thing that is no surprise and is not something new in this industry are sex dolls. They are in the best toys and the most sought-after toys every year, so that is why there is no surprise for their use in 2021. Realistically, these are stimulants that allow the person to realize their fantasies and needs even in moments when the partner is not interested in sex. That is why many people buy them, but also warmly recommend them for all those who need additional fun and stimulation.

  1. Vibrating bunny for stimulation in women

This is one of the newer stimulants that have appeared in recent years and that is why it is a popular option for all women who need extra fun and improve sexual feeling. These vibrating bunnies are specially designed and designed to enhance the feeling of ladies during sex or when they are alone and want to enjoy their free time and the privacy they have. All the ladies say that they are a great choice, so if you are looking for something new and exciting, we convey their recommendations to you.

  1. Dual stimulator and vibrator

This is a dual device that is decided by many people. It is a dual device that can cause additional stimulus to the person, but can also provide the pleasure that the person needs at the moment. It is a dual-purpose device and that is why many people decide to buy it and enjoy the pleasure they get with its help. If you found yourself with this desire in this device, then we recommend you to try it.

  1. Stimulating condoms that increase the feeling of pleasure

Believe it or not, specially designed condoms can also be placed in the category of sex toys. So in the sex toys that are popular in 2021 are listed as perfect stimulants. Why not opt for them and give them a try? After you try them we are waiting for your experience.

If you want improved and increased pleasure, these are the 5 most popular solutions you can find in one of the better stocked adult shops. Do not waste time, use every opportunity and time to enjoy what you want and which gives you a good mood and pleasure.

A Closer Look At RealBoysToys.com

The #1 Online Sex Toy Emporium

With all the advancement in modern technology, purchasing a sex toy from RealBoysToys nowadays is as simple as a click and the next time you know it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. It’s as simple as going to the internet, choosing a website, then sitting back and waiting for your package to arrive. Gone are the days that you will have to go to a kinky store yourself and have the most awkward shopping experience inside.

But with so many different websites to pick from, it might be tough to know which ones provide a broad range of toys created just for men. The majority of sex toys websites now sell mostly products for women, such as dildos, vibrators, and clitoris stimulators. What about the guys? They could use something more inventive and pleasurable too when they need to relieve some occasional blue balls, you know. Fortunately, RealBoysToys is here to help everyone out.

Things like how to buy on the website, what products you can find, and what wonderful features they provide will all be covered in this review. Find out more by reading on.

About RealBoysToys

RealBoysToys is an e-commerce marketplace for adults that sells practically everything. With a very diverse variety of sex toys for men available, you’re likely to find one that suits your sexual needs.

Regardless of the idea that this website is mostly geared toward guys because of their name RealBoysToys, you can also come across sex toys that are suited for both men and women. Any sex toy for every sexual desire you can think of may be found right here. RealBoysToys provides toys for everyone, whether you’re a heterosexual man or woman, a transgender, or a gay person. You will undoubtedly discover one here that is perfect for you.

From sexy toys and lingerie to sex games you may play with your sexual partner to make sex more fun and engaging, they have it all here. Due to the wide range of goods accessible on their website, they are regarded by their loyal customers as the number one sex toy retailer online.

Despite the fact that RealBoysToys is a relative newcomer to the sex toy business, they have already established themselves as a provider of sexual pleasure and at the same time, privacy. This is because, in addition to offering a wide selection of toys, they also provide outstanding customer service and consider their customers’ privacy when buying online a top priority.

Analyzing The RealBoysToys Website

We’ll look at what it’s like to shop at RealBoysToys and see if it’s a good fit for you in this section.

Functional Web Design

RealBoysToys.com is a simple and uncomplicated website. The shop’s main page will immediately tell you what it’s all about without those irritating banners and advertising. As soon as one views the things featured on the home page, they are immediately captivated and compelled to explore the rest of the products.

There is a long list of their best-selling goods in every category on the site, which is very impressive. As you can see by looking at the main categories on the website you will immediately see a showcase of different masturbators, vibrators, dildos, penis-extensions stimulators, lubricants, and stuff for BDSM.

As a result, you will be able to easily browse to the category of your liking. Also, exploring the main menu icon will bring up a sliding panel with a list of all the other categories aside from the ones shown on the homepage.

It also has a customer care contact form, FAQs, and all of the store’s current promotions. A wish list feature allows you to save your favorite sex toys so when you are ready to purchase, you can easily add them to your cart.

Well-curated Shop Page

RealBoysToys’ adult store catalog displays a wide variety of products for every category they offer. In here, you may choose from a selection of realistic-looking sex toys to high-tech and high-end ones that has interesting features like oscillation and can be controlled using a remote.

The same is true for other sorts of sex toys, which are solely sourced from the best manufacturers in the industry of adult toys. Here, you can find dildos for females that come in a broad variety of sizes and materials, lubricants, oils, toys for couples as well as equipment and accessories for bondage and BDSM toys. Name it, RealBoysToys has it.

Other items include sexual games to play with your sexual partner, sexy underwear, and even bachelor or bachelorette party necessities such as kinky decorations and gifts, as well as various costumes if you are into role playing. All things said, you’ll surely be able to find stuff that cater to your every sexual desire at RealBoysToys.com.

It also helps that the items on the shop page can be sorted by popularity or rating. This way, finding the best sex toy for your preferences is effortless since you can sort the products by brand or price range as well.

You can learn all you need to know about a product by clicking on it. The product page includes the list of features and materials, usage instruction, and maintenance guidelines. It also tells you the item’s dimensions and weight.

In a nutshell, the website design of the company makes buying a sexual toy online very simple and secure. Browse categories or perform a fast search and you will find the perfect sex toy for your needs in no time.

Every Transaction Is Confidential

In order to ensure that any information you submit is kept secret and that no other parties have access to it, RealBoysToys website uses the most sophisticated data encryption methods.

Their confidentiality and discretion extends to billing and shipment as well.  When it comes to packaging, your orders will be packaged carefully in a manner that neither the product’s brand nor the store’s name will appear on your invoice, and no logos or labels indicating where the parcel came from will be placed on the box to guarantee that everything is kept confidential.

This ensures the protection of your personal information, as well as the privacy of the details of your purchase, which is precisely what customers are looking for.

Compared to other sex toy retailers, shipping from RealBoysToys is hassle-free. The thing is, consumers want to receive their orders on time or ahead of schedule. But this isn’t always the case for most online stores since the usual complaint from buyers is that their package is taking too long to reach their doorsteps.

RealBoysToys, on the other hand, ensures that you won’t have to go through any delays. Most of their orders ship within one business day if placed before 1:00 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time).

Must-have Items

Asa Akira Asian Pussy Masturbator

Hustler Toys’ Asa Akira Asian Pussy Masturbator is based on Asa Akira’s pussy and has a realistic vagina orifice. As for the sole chamber, it has a smooth texture that feels just as pleasurable as the real thing. This handy masturbator is tiny enough to bring with you everywhere so you can touch yourself any time, no matter where you are!

The sleeves feature a ribbed pattern inch by inch, and have a vertical texture to them. These additional ribs are adorned with little embossed dots, adding to the pleasurable sensation that it provides.

Soft TPR material is used to make this convenient masturbator safe and not irritating to the skin. Use a little of your favorite water-based lube to make self gratification with this toy even more realistic. Just make sure to clean it after every use. Just soap and warm water will do the trick.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux is a high-end male masturbation gadget that can be charged through USB. Guys will love this sex toy since it oscillates like the others in the Pulse collection. The effect is that it oscillates rather than vibrates.

Using Pulse Solo Lux, you’ll experience the same thrusting motions as you’d encounter during an actual sexual intercourse. For those who want to orgasm hands free, the LUX has a wrist-strap remote with a unique Turbo button.

What’s more impressive is that it is also possible to charge this toy via a magnetic USB cable which makes  recharging and maintenance easier. You may also use this sex toy even if your penis isn’t fully erect. Surely after a few seconds, your manhood will be rock hard and you will feel sensations you never felt before.

Zolo Deep Throat Cup

With Zolo Deep Throat Cup, you will definitely have one of the most pleasurable oral sex experiences you’ll ever have since it flawlessly mimics the sensitive sensations of a nice deep throat. This mouth-shaped masturbator has a textured inner tube that will fulfill your sexual desires and is ergonomically designed to offer you the best grip.

With a simple touch of your fingertip, you are able to modify the suction and personalize the tightness of the Zolo Deep Throat Cup.

But remember to clean this bad girl after each use! To ensure your safety and health as well as the longevity of the device, this is very essential.

Cyberskin Celebrity Series Farrah’s Deluxe Vibrating Stroker

Inside this amazing masturbator is a stunning lifelike texture pattern, while the outside has tons of enticing and arousing real-life detail. Not to mention that it also features powerful vibration levels. Simply remove the lid of the elegant container to reveal a plushy pussy that is shaped just like Farrah’s vagina.

Cyberskin Celebrity Series Farrah’s Deluxe Vibrating Stroker’s twisted texture is meant to imitate vaginal sexual activity, and it adds an extra layer of pleasure to the already exquisite sensation of a luscious, soft, and heat responsive CyberSkin vagina.

Vibrations are produced by a basic bullet vibe, with six distinct stimulation rhythms available to select from. Removing the sleeve from the casing and inserting the bullet into a notch on the exterior of the casing is all that is required for it to work and lead you to an unforgettable orgasm.

Blush X5 Men Jasmines Hot Mouth

When it comes to oral sex, the Blush X5 Men Jasmine Hot Mouth will surely be a favorite. With this handy masturbator, your manhood will be surrounded by smooth and sensual lips. Its luscious, plump, lifelike material gives it a soft, supple, realistic appearance and touch.

It is 5 inches (12.7 cm) deep and has an open end, so it will accommodate any penis size or length. Put some lubrication on your manhood and push it into Jasmine’s deep mouth, and she’ll suck you clean and is always willing to drink every drop of your man juice.

Be careful to clean your Blush X5 Men Jasmines Hot Mouth after each use for your own health and safety. Any toy cleaner or a gentle soap will do the job.

The Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Site is easy to navigate and has a good layout
  • An array of items are available at the online store
  • Safe online shopping with a secure payment method
  • They value discretion and privacy above anything else
  • Orders placed before 1:00 PM will be delivered the same day (Mountain Standard Zone)
  • Exceptional service to customers


  • Only available within the United States
  • Due to strong demand, most goods sell out quickly

Final Thoughts

In addition to providing a safe atmosphere where consumers may buy adult toys without worrying about their personal information being disclosed in the billing statement and the packaging, all of the biggest brands are available at RealBoysToys. Purchases from them are straightforward and affordable. Indeed, Realboystoys.com is a great resource for everyone to purchase for sex toys whatever your sexual fantasies are.

Customer service is top-notch, and depending on your location, you can expect same-day delivery. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been looking for an easy and uncomplicated approach to buy sex toys for yourself or your significant other. In the meantime, if you believe this store has what you’re searching for, go check it out right now.

Sex Toys For Men: Why Is It Still Taboo?

Why Men Sex Toys are considered a Taboo

How would you react as a man if your partner decides to surprise you with a sex toy? It sounds just as weird as it would feel. You’ll start asking yourself a thousand and one questions, wondering what your spouse thinks of you. But no need to do so. Sex toys are good for sexual stimulation, which is very crucial for you and your sex partner. Let’s find out why society still thinks men shouldn’t embrace sex toys.

Media Perspective

The media influences how we view things in society. This isn’t just for TVs and radio stations, also for social media platforms. The impact that comes along with advertisements and their level of influence is significant. When male sex toys are advertised, we often may think that those consumers are members of the gay society. Most men wouldn’t want anything to be labeled as gay. This often creates some form of stereotypes on these toys even before fully understanding the actual benefits sexual stimulation has to offer.

Toxic Masculinity

Have you heard of what most people consider as traits of real men? One which is most common is that real men don’t cry. Real men shouldn’t even use sex toys. What does sexual stimulation mean to them? They have sex, procreate, and that’s it. Using sex toys would mean you cannot get a woman, and you would be seen as a failure. They would rather go to some of the best dating sites than get a sex toy. Most men have let this toxicity sink so deep in them that they can’t even reason out facts from fiction and societal myths. Why don’t you choose to be you, take your path!

Low Promotion

It’s prevalent to find articles in magazines and newspapers or even sections of news segments talking about the benefits of female sex toys. Some of these articles have been written by men, “what is considered sexual stimulation and why female sex toys are important”. What about our fellow brethren? Don’t they need to be stimulated sexually as well? Most writers shy away from that conversation. If you can’t talk about it publicly, then that means there is a problem. We should normalize having such discussions, write about them. Let the people know that male sex toys are just as important as female sex toys, and sexual stimulation is essential for all genders.

Lack of Support from the Male Gender

Sure you’ve heard of the saying that goes, “United we stand, divided we fall”. This isn’t just a quote for the books but rather reality. Women, unlike men, won’t mind talking about owning sex toys and even their experience in using them. They would even recommend where to get better ones with good quality and a better experience. This is entirely the opposite for men. If, for instance, men are having their usual drinks as they watch a game or just hanging out, then one comes up with that topic of owning a toy. They would throw stones and, if possible, dismiss him from the group. Why is it so yet they are using them secretly? Healthy sexual stimulation is essential, and we shouldn’t shy away from talking about it.


Sexual stimulation and mental health go hand in hand. You can’t feed one and neglect the other. That’s why we must normalize talking about it and stop being judgmental. Just like women, men also need to have their sexual desires met without being seen as perverts or gay. That’s why most would prefer these best dating sites where they can meet someone new and strange to try out these new stimulation methods. It won’t be taboo if we normalize and enlighten society on the benefits of men’s sex toys.

What are your views on male sex toys, and would you recommend your partner to get one? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Inside Female Sexual Fantasies

sexual fantasy

Every woman has sexual fantasies. Many of them are embarrassed to admit their fantasies and ashamed to talk about them, but it is completely normal to fantasies. In fact, most sexual fantasies are pretty common. Generally, most people think about forbidden partners, new and risky locations, BDSM and using sex toys. These imaginary scenarios allow women to explore their sexuality and understand themselves better in a safe space.  In long-term relationships, couples can share their fantasies to bring some excitement back into the bedroom, while for newer partners, talking about kinks can be a way to gauge compatibility.

Sexual Fantasies

However, some fantasies can be a little troubling – like sleeping with someone who is not your partner. In this context, it is important to understand that not all fantasies are literal or are expressions of hidden feelings and desires. Instead, they are the result of daily experiences colliding with thoughts and emotions. After all, our brain works in a marvelously mysterious way, and we are not even close to completely understanding it. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular female sex fantasies.


1.  Doing it with two or more people at the same time

This fantasy revolves around being the center of attention and desired by a number of people at the same time. Women want this as an affirmation of their attractiveness and self-worth. Threesomes are already popular, but an increasing number of women express interest in fantasies involving larger groups. The sensory overload from seeing, touching and being pleasured by multiple people simultaneously is fascinating and erotic. Generally, women who haven’t had too many sexual partners or are in long-term relationships have this fantasy.



2.  BDSM

BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. This is a very common female sexual fantasy involving the exchange of power. It is alluring as one partner (the woman, in this case) gives up control and submits to being dominated by her partner. This can be particularly appealing to women who have to be in control outside the bedroom. It is important to understand that this fantasy does not imply that the woman is weak or that her partner is better than her. It is about arousal and requires immense trust as one person is placed in a vulnerable position. BDSM sex toys like whips, harnesses etc., are great to use, but it is essential to have a discussion regarding boundaries and comfort levels before engaging in this fantasy.


3.  Role Play

We always want what we can’t have; that’s just how the brain works. The role play fantasy is about having sex with someone who is forbidden or taboo. This can include people in positions of authority like your professor or your boss who exert some degree of control over your life. Fantasizing about getting into bed with them is a way of taking pleasure in the authority they wield. It is okay to have dirty thoughts about someone who is not your partner, like a co-worker or a friend’s husband. Very often, this is just a manifestation of everyday experiences and desire colliding in your head. So the next time you fantasies about your hot neighbor, try some role-play in the bedroom and switch things up.


4.  Sleeping with a woman

A lot of women fantasies about sleeping with another woman. This is a common female fantasy which does not mean that suddenly, your sexual orientation has changed. Instead, it is more about exploration and experimenting. Being pleasured by someone who understands your body and arousal completely, since they experience it the same way, is incredibly erotic. While for men, penetration is sufficient to orgasm, most women need oral sex and clitoral stimulation to get there. This could be another reason why having sex with another woman is such a turn-on.


5.  Destination Sex

Getting away from responsibilities and relaxing, particularly in a romantic location, is a sexual fantasy both men and women have. The freedom and the experience of being somewhere new without having to worry about anything works wonders for the libido. This is amplified if the trip has been planned by your partner as a romantic gesture and makes you feel desired. After all, who doesn’t like being surprised with a trip to an exotic destination?


While not all sexual fantasies can come true, some of them can definitely be incorporated into your sex life. The key is to communicate effectively with your partner and come up with a scenario with which both of you are comfortable. Using sex toys is a great way to introduce novelty in the bedroom and make your sexual fantasies come true.