BDSM- A Healthy Sexual Practice for Couples

Every individual has a fantasy essential to having a A Healthy Sexual Practice being happy, loving, and trustworthy relationship. Sexual Fantasies enhance arousal, reduce cognitive stress, and create a cognitive space. They improve romantic relationships, spice up the love life, and set the mood right to get physical and mental pleasure. Couples who love to enjoy more security in their relationships come up with different fantasies and give them a try to keep the spark alive. Some people feel comfortable about daydreams, while others feel embarrassed. Many imaginations that can make or break a relationship include multi-partner sex, homoeroticism, and gender-bending, seeing others make love, trying exciting positions, and reliving a previous experience. Bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism (BDSM) is trending among couples. It’s a sexual practice for those who love ropes, handcuffs, and whips in their lovemaking scenes.

If you want to try BDSM sex with your partner, go with practices like pulling hairs, blindfolds, light spanking, role-play, and tie-bondage. BDSM is an excellent activity to reduce physical and mental stress, increase intimacy and promote clear and open communication. Professional escorts in Melbourne always try to provide a memorable experience to male clients through BDSM sexual encounters. They restrict their partner’s movements through restraints, handcuffs, and ropes and show dominance while lovemaking for providing extra pleasure. Some people show submission and follow their partner’s instructions without hassles. Other forms of the sexual act include sensory deprivation, pain play, bondage, power and wax play, humiliation, and edging. The sexual activity makes way for role-playing in characters like college teachers, sports fans, porn stars, employers, and physicians.

Taking the Lead in the BDSM Act

BDSM has numerous styles of submissions, including bedroom, romantic, mental, service, and masochistic. Casual or long-term sex partners can enjoy activities like orgasm control, bondage, oral sex, using adult toys to enhance pleasure, impact play, and mutual masturbation during bedroom submission. The mental aspect also plays a crucial role in lovemaking because it’s impossible to get physical satisfaction and achieve orgasm without mental preparation. Romance combines the submission and domination act, and it can be delightful for you to surrender yourself to your loving partner. Romantic submission can be humiliating or exploiting for companions, and it aims at increasing sexual pleasure through nurturing and trusting each other.
Dominant partners can make the most out of a BDSM sex by taking charge of the whole act. It can help them improve their concentration, reduce cortisol levels and self-consciousness, and boost decision-making confidence. Submission enhances intimacy between companions, increases sexual energies, mindfulness and focus, reduces neurosis, and helps get feelings of peace and euphoria. Fantasy-based sexual encounters reduce anxiety and stress and help couples try something new other than routine sex. BDSM-friendly people are open to rejection, show fewer neurotic symptoms, and feel satisfied with their love lives. It’s a sexual practice different from domestic and sexual abuse and improves negotiation and assertiveness skills. Mutual consent and trust are primary factors to perform BDSM sex, and an escort from Birmingham loves to indulge in the activity.

Benefits of Kinky Sex for Partners:

⦁ Couples who perform BDSM sex are more communicative than non-kinky partners. They are open to sexy talks, wild dreams, and fantasies and do not hesitate to express themselves.
⦁ It increases the closeness between companions in a love relationship because it involves a high level of trust, care, and affection. Trying new fantasies in the bed enhances sexual arousal, excitement, and intimacy.
⦁ BDSM sexual activities help companions become more confident, content, and stable. They can be more extroverted and open to new experiences in their lives.
⦁ It can offer physical and mental satisfaction to both the dominant and submissive partners. They can feel less stressed because the sexual act lowers the stress hormone cortisol.
⦁ BDSM practitioners can add variety to their lovemaking scenes and enjoy a high level of sexual satisfaction. They can experience physical and physiological healing through kissing, cuddling, bondage, hand-holding, blindfolding, hugging, and massaging.
⦁ Couples can choose whether they want to enhance pleasure through a dominant or submissive, like an ⦁ escort from Perth who loves to dominate the BDSM sex session. They can use toys or props like collars, chokers, gags, impact toys, nipples clamps, whips, paddlers, and restraints to enjoy sexual activity.
⦁ The sexual excitement couples may experience during kinky sex can reduce anxiety and break the boredom of routine sexual encounters. It also promotes fidelity because partners who try exciting things during lovemaking share a healthy bond full of respect, trust, and happiness.

How Can You Enjoy The Sexual Act And Get Maximum Pleasure?

It’s essential to educate yourself about terminologies like bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. Bondage focuses on restraints like handcuffs and ropes, and domination and surrender regulate kinky sex. Couples can add costumes or accessories to make things interesting on the bed. Enjoy the phase of giving and receiving pain during the sadism and masochism acts. Don’t forget to take time for open communication with your partner after the session and get feedback about what they liked. Your BDSM experience with your spouse can be unique, sensual, silly, and intense. Use languages like “Sir” or “Madam” and define the roles before getting into the action. Have fun together and add newness to your sexual lives.

Myths About Male Cam Performers You Need to Get Over Today

Myths and stereotypes  of Male Cam Performers have a way of dissuading us from following a path that would have otherwise been very rewarding. We have seen this scenario play out in one too many instances across human history.

Today, however, our focus is squarely on the world of adult cam modeling, or particularly, male adult cam modeling. The cam industry is an industry dominated by female models, and thanks to this, there have been many myths about male cam modeling that are very dissuading, and plainly irritating.

Lots of men who would have otherwise found success in this field have been dissuaded from even considering the option thanks to these myths.

Today, we’re going to be undergoing the pleasant but painstaking job of dispelling the myths and blowing the door wide open for any male model who wants to enter and achieve success in this field.


Myth 1: Only Girls are Cam Models


This is one of the most popular myths out there. And it is also one of the most wildly inaccurate. Yes, the industry is indeed dominated by females; but they are far from being the only players.

More and more male cam models keep entering the adult cam space by the day, and what’s more they are now enjoying as much success as the female. Some male models have even been known to make as much as hundreds of thousands every month.

So yes, not only girls are cam models, and you should never let this myth deter you from following this passion if you want to.


Myth 2: Male Cam Models Can’t Make Enough Money


The second myth has to do with the belief that while there are a number of male cam models on cam platforms out there, they simply can’t make enough money to make the whole endeavor worth it.

Well, as mentioned above, many male cam models have been known to make as much and even more than many female cam models. So if anyone tells you that male cam models can’t make enough money, you have to understand from the start that they are either blatantly lying to you or they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.


Myth 3: Male Models are at an Automatic Disadvantage


Many believe that male cam models who choose to begin their journey right now are starting at a disadvantage compared to females. Well maybe that used to be true in the past, but not anymore. In fact nowadays, many would agree that male models have a slight advantage over the female. Male cam models are starting to be more in demand.

It is also important for you to know that as a male cam model you have a wide range of audience. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re gay, as a male cam model you’ll be getting some viewers who are gay, some viewers who are bisexual, and of course you’ll also be getting a lot of interested female audience.

It is also possible to stand out as a male model. Using a platform like Chaturbate gives you the opportunity to customize your template to reveal your orientation, kinks, fetishes, and preferences. All you have to do is visit for a fitting template, customize it to reflect your personal taste, embed on your profile, and you should have a tailored audience that suits everything you’re looking for.

All in all, this large audience pool from both genders is a good thing and if anything, it only goes to increase your potential revenue.


Myth 4: You Must be Gay to Be a Male Model


This is another widely popular myth with no footing in reality. And it is dangerous because it continues to dissuade many people from taking advantage of the opportunity cam platforms offer.

Not only is it possible to be a male cam model without being gay, but there are also lots of them already and they’re not hard to find at all. What’s most important, you see, is not your sexual orientation but that you’re comfortable enough with your sexuality for it not to matter.

There are also a lot of sex toys out there appropriate for both straight, gay, and bisexual models. It’s a big enough playing field and everyone’s more than welcome.

Here is why Men are Turned on by Wearing a Chastity Cage

If you are thinking about Wearing a Chastity Cage there are hundreds of products to choose from today: metal cages with locks, app-controlled smart devices, and many more. Chastity kink runs the gamut from foreplay to a corresponding lifestyle. In its moderate version, the man abstains from sex by having to wear the cage for a limited period. When taken to extremes, his partner restricts his sexual freedom by holding the keys to the cage for up to months at a time.

One of the Hottest Toys This Year, and Probably Next

At the beginning of this year, chastity cages made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Some men wearing smart devices found them hacked. The hackers demanded ransom to release their genitals. It was quite unfortunate. It made a lot of people wonder why a man would want to use a cock cage, be it app controlled or not.

In fact, these cages are among the hottest new toys this year, along with vibrating testicular rings and sex dolls. Men wear cock rings while they are masturbating or during sex to enhance their sensations. As with chastity cages, the rings let wearers experience invaluable, unbelievable feelings. Users recommend these toys openly to everyone who wants to feel something new and different.

Escaping Pressure

Chastity cages help men escape the pressures of gender norms. Unhappy with being expected to be active and perform all the time, they find solace in this kink. It’s a way to relinquish control and escape the rigid gender role and the high expectations that come with it. This kink may be getting more popular, but it remains taboo, and its proponents aren’t readily willing to admit to having it. The truth is that people are still afraid of male submission and female dominance. Chastity cages are equally popular with gay and bisexual men though.

When a man is wearing a cage, he cannot touch his penis. Only the person who has the key can remove it. This is incredibly exciting to some and cringeworthy to others. Denying orgasm can increase the sex drive and make one more focused on their sensations. Chastity cages can play a central role in BDSM, where the master or mistress can punish the slave by denying them sex and orgasms.

The Appeal for Keyholders

This kink is obviously not for everyone. For one, it gives the master or mistress a lot of responsibility. In some cases, a poorly set up or defective cage will present a serious risk and the keyholder must be able to take the device off immediately. That said, this gender role subversion can be very appealing to women. There are even those who work as professional dominatrices and hold the keys to their many clients’ cages.

Some men Wear Them Every Day

Men who wear chastity devices every day find them a comforting presence, not unlike a wedding band. They say being unable to use their penis and orgasm during sex makes sex a lot better. They appreciate the masochistic thrill of being unable to cum. Paradoxically, removing the penis from the equation or outright abstaining from sex can bring something new and exciting to your sex life. Not only does it improve it on the whole, but also makes the orgasm extremely powerful when it does come. It is a new, untraditional, and novel way to experience pleasure.

Wearing a chastity cage enables one to turn attention to other erogenous zones. As penal stimulation is impossible, other areas become more sensitive, like the anus and nipples. In the need for gratification, focus is given to zones that may have been neglected before.

A man told Out Magazine that the images of men wearing cages in their natural state made an unforgettable impression on him before he got into chastity. He realized chastity devices were much more than a sex toy, they were a way of life. He says he hasn’t taken it off for more than a year. Sometimes he even forgets that it’s there. He urinates sitting down and the cage makes him highly aware of dripping or any other mess. It’s how he feels and thinks about himself now.

The device shouldn’t affect what you wear. He says he usually wears a thong or a jockstrap. Everything looks normal from the outside.

How Women Perceive Chastity Cages

Some women who practice chastity with their boyfriends or spouses will recall that things were a bit awkward at the beginning. It’s quite common for the man to express an interest, but feel embarrassed about it. Today, there’s nothing easier than purchasing one from an online shop. Women find the device takes pressure off for them and their partners. They are able to relax and enjoy sex more.

Be Open About Your Desires

It can be hard to open up about a desire, especially if it’s on the unusual side and you feel your partner will be less than thrilled about it. When you’re a man who wants to try a chastity cage, you’re probably struggling with every worst case scenario in your head. It’s best to weight the stigma up against your desires and needs to see where you stand.

After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Your partner refuses to try it? It’s not the end of the world. If that happens, wait for some time, then approach the idea of BDSM toys for beginners. Give your partner a chance to take things slow. Eventually, you might get to chastity cages. It’s important not to force kinks on a partner. Without real compatibility, it’s not going to work. Discuss the possibility of middle ground. Both of you need to be comfortable with any compromise reached.

Returning to the man who spent over a year wearing the device. He didn’t have a partner at this time, but he was looking for one. He decided to be upfront about the cage because it was better than them actually seeing it when the time came and hating it. He got completely comfortable making his kink clear with time.

Prefer Your Nights With A Companion? Hire A Male Escort

Meeting new people has arguably never been more challenging than it is today, especially if you intent to have Nights With A Companion.  Amid a global pandemic when all we’ve known for almost two years now are Zoom and Skype calls.


But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.


Even with all these restrictions in place, you still have to option to hire a male escort and enjoy the companionship of a perfect gentleman for the evening.


Here are the main reasons why hiring a male escort can make your nights more fun!

No Strings Attached

Meeting someone whose company you enjoy is not exactly a piece of cake. You could spend hours sitting at the bar or scrolling through dating apps with no luck.


I mean, who’s got the time for that?!


Escorts are a great way to have a good time with no complications or strings attached. They are not dependent on you and do not become mired in your affairs.


If all you want is companionship, it’s far easier to hire an escort than to spend time scouting the local “hot spots” for someone you might or might not be interested in, anyway. That’s why many ladies opt for this type of enjoyment instead of actual dating.

The Undivided Attention

Is there any woman who does not like attention?


Spending a night talking to an interesting and attractive man could lift your spirit. If you need a confidence boost, what could be a better way to get it than spending the evening with a male companion who will treat you like a queen?

Good Times

When you go out with a male escort, a good time is guaranteed. After all, they’re here to deliver a service which means your wish is pretty much their command.


Do you feel like salsa dancing or going to the theatre? Why not spend a fun night with a male escort who will grant your wishes rather than visiting yet another pub or app looking for a man whose interests will match yours?

Emotional Support

Some women turn to male escorts when they simply need to be heard. The truth is that many ladies can’t get the emotional support they need anywhere so they hire a male companion to lend an ear.


If you’re recently gone through emotional turmoil, it’s completely understandable that you seek someone who will either listen to you attentively or help you forget, even for just one night.


Hire a happy escort to lift your spirit!

One-Time Date

Some ladies will choose a male escort when they’re required or simply want to bring a plus one, let’s say a work event.


When you don’t want to show up alone, but you also don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a date for one night (that won’t have any expectations), you can’t go wrong with a male escort.

High-Quality Company

There’s nothing worse than spending time (read: wasting time) with a dreary, humdrum person. Let’s face it: you’d rather be alone.


Well, you don’t have to be a loner.


The beauty of hiring a male companion is that they are there solely for YOU, meaning they’ll do everything in their power to make the night enjoyable — again, for you.


If you hire an escort, you won’t have to worry about boring companionship. These men are pros, and their goal is to keep you engaged in a mature manner, not by horsing around.


An escort has to be the perfect gentleman. He must have exceptional social skills, be a skilled communicator, and be a great listener. He’s a well-read, attractive man who is educated on a number of topics and can discuss countless issues.


Best of all — he’ll adapt to you!

No Disappointments

Let me paint a picture:


You’re coming home from yet another date with yet another man you met on a random dating app. It was boring, uneventful, and, to say the least — disappointing. Yawn!


Why go through another emotional rollercoaster when you can have a good time, enjoy yourself, and go to sleep with a smile on your face?

Complete Control & Discretion

Hiring an escort is the perfect way to enjoy the company of a man without having to worry about the romantic aspect of it all.


Sadly, that’s a problem many women experience. More often than not, every man they meet will want more than simple companionship.


One more thing:


Male escorts work “in the shadows,” so to speak. They won’t reveal your identity to anyone; you can count on discretion.


It’s arguably the number one reason for the rising popularity of straight male companionship in the past years. In this scenario, the woman is in control, which brings me to my next point — safety.


How many times have you clenched your fists or held your keys ready to defend yourself while walking home from an event or a party?


It’s heartbreakingly sad, but it is the reality that women face every day.


When you hire a man to take to a party, an event, or a fun night out, you can ask him to escort you home and make sure you are safe, and that’s something you can’t put a price on!


Not only will you spend the night enjoying a pleasant conversation with an attractive man, but you’ll also be able to relax knowing you’re safe the entire time.


As you can see, there are countless reasons why ladies hire male escorts for companionship.

Whatever your reason might be, I can tell you one thing — you won’t be disappointed! That’s a guarantee.

The boom in virtual dating during and after confinement

The confinement and social distancing caused by the coronavirus pandemic during the last year has caused a real revolution in virtual dating and sexual encounters applications that have seen the level of user participation increase exponentially. 

The same has happened with social networks. If before the pandemic they were criticized for the “hookup” that users suffered in front of the screen, now they are a necessity for those who seek to leave aside social distancing to meet and contact other people. 

Thus, new technologies have made it possible that, given the impossibility of a live meeting, we can have a virtual contact to find a partner, meet new people or have a sexual encounter including with independent escorts in Melbourne.

The fact is that confinement and isolation have forced men and women to rethink the way they relate to each other and this also includes the field of desire.

Virtual dating and zoom parties

For those who have had to go through confinement without a partner or far from one, communication through dating apps like Simple Escorts Ireland has been a real discovery. 

The approach by video call to have a first date or a virtual sexual encounter has been of the most “light”. The new behaviors that the pandemic has provoked when it comes to flirting have generated among users the proposal of virtual orgies or “virtual sex parties” that are then transferred to group video call platforms.

And not only them. High level and worldwide known strip clubs have also transferred their parties to the net or are linking virtual reality visits in order to be as close as possible to their escorts. 

In addition to this new trend to carry out sexual encounters, there is also another sector that has adapted to the new reality. The sale of sex toys has increased considerably during the forties, especially those that can be connected simultaneously over the Internet and that allow sharing sensations with the couple. We are talking, for example, about vibrators such as the Klic Klic or the Fundawear based on vibration sensors incorporated into underwear and that can be connected to our smartphones. 

Sexting, what makes it so dangerous?

When relationships are long distance, “sexting” has become the best of the options to keep the fire of passion burning. But this practice also carries its risks, so we must take into account a series of recommendations to avoid risks. 

But what makes it so dangerous? Sexting consists of sending messages with erotic content through technological devices voluntarily. Spicy text messages, racy audios, sensual photos or erotic videos, anything goes to communicate with another person to get straight to the point. 

The problem with this type of practice is that the material can be sent through any digital device, whether through social networks, instant messaging chats or emails, so our privacy and security can be easily violated.

Among the main risks we face with this practice is with the viralization of the content on social networks without our consent, which constitutes a crime; extortion by the person who has received the message demanding money or more material in exchange for not spreading the messages; or impersonation, since through this practice it is very easy to impersonate another person or by cheating with the real age to get intimate information from strangers. 

Therefore, before sexting, it is important that you do it with people you trust and whose main objective is to stimulate erotic play with your partner to get out of the routine and enjoy a better sexual relationship with her.