What to Wear At A BDSM Party – Male

bondage party

BDSM parties are lots of fun but there are rules to be followed. People gather in groups in a private area where they enjoy a unique sexual experience. If it is your first time then you can find it Scary and unusual environment but it is fun and enjoyable. Therefore it is important to know how proper dress code when going for such parties. If you are a beginner it can be overwhelming but here are some ways on how you can dress appropriately.

Slave BDSM collar

This strong, sexy and fetish collar will fulfill your BDSM needs for both the experienced and the beginners. It is comfortable to wear because it doesn’t have any restriction and it can handle even the toughest Dom’s because it is strength. It is designed using thick tanned leather and metal alloy hardware. You can choose the color of your choice because you might like bright colors to enhance your look and feel. The size can also be adjusted depending on your specifications.

Men black leather sexy pants

This is one of the best BDSM men gear. Some people thought that pants are only reserved for women only but these are special gear for men when in the BDSM party. The size of the pants is adjustable depending on your size which you feel will make you sexier. It works well for average weight so that you don’t adjust it to be much larger. The material is also pretty good especially the leather and the silver rivets which have been used in its design. An added advantage on this BDSM gear is that it is secure and comfortable so you don’t have to worry of you will injure yourself when having fun all together.

BDSM switch T-shirt

You can rock your BDSM parties with a polyester T-shirt with a shoulder to shoulder taping. It makes you look sexier while at the party. It has submissive pup stickers which make it adorable. When you are wearing your T-shirt you should complement it with the appropriate wear so that you perfectly match your BDSM outfit.

Jackets and coats

Jackets are among cool wear that men can wear when going for BDSM. The most appropriate ones are the ones made from nylon. The jackets should not be formal it should be sexually appealing. Light jackets that are tight-fitting can make your time in the club great.

BDSM bondage hood

This is yet another BDSM gear for men that is designed with a provocative silhouette. It is a classic slave BDSM mask with an aggressive look because it exposes a sharp nose and the eyes. It has gentle curves and it portrays masculinity and a strong character which makes it a very effective male BDSM gear. Its symbolic features make it sexier you can get a leather line front which acts as a variation to provide extra sensation and a feeling of restriction. It is also recommended that the mask should be cleaned before use.


The jeans are common wear among men. Rugged and cut jeans enhance sexual appeal when it is properly worn among men. Jeans with no pockets especially on the back seem to be more trendy when attending BDSM clubs. Additionally, stretch jeans are also an added advantage because they bring sexual appearance especially if you are muscular. The way the jeans are zipped should also be put into consideration to enhance your overall look when attending such parties.

Men Harness

A chest harness can perfectly complement your BDSM party. The full set of this gear should include 2 bracelets, harness, and a choker. You should always order for appropriate size if you realize the one being sold is not matching your specifications. Good gear is handmade with premium quality leather and stainless hardware.

The dress code is very important when going for a BDSM party because it is part of the rules to enhance your sexual appearance. You need to be creative and avoid plain clothing. When you make a reservation for the party some clubs give the requirements on your dress code which makes it easy for you to choose the most appropriate BDSM gear. Before you purchase your BDSM gear ensure it is from a genuine retailer so that you get the product which is of high quality.

What To Wear At A BDSM Party – Female

female bdsm

Bondage parties are gaining a lot of popularity in our current society. There are various parties that we’d love to attend. Some of these parties have a certain mode of dressing that is popular among the participants. Following this is what will make you feel that you are not an outcast in the party. Dress code is always the first impression that people tend to look at. I would like to focus on a BDSM party and how you should dress when you are attending one of these parties. However, I would like to focus on the feminine gender in this article. Here are how female gender should consider when attending a BDSM party.

Wear something that you are comfortable in

This is always the first choice to be considered. If you want to enjoy the party fully having something that you are comfortable in is always the first step to take. This is because you might end up feeling out of shape if you put something that doesn’t suit you. Thereafter you can go on having other things. All parties have a mode of dressing that suits it perfectly well. But on a BDSM party is kind of sexy clothes that people love putting on. But take a comfortable cloth in your wardrobe to feel part of the party.

Matching your pants and bra

When going to a BDSM party you can first match your class. This is always the priority of looking elegant. Matching your pants and bra can give you the desired look. This is because it will be able to show your curves very well. You will also be able to feel like part of the party since your dressing code has matched the occasion. I normally suggest having black colors this is to prevent gaining the attention of everybody. However, you can select a color that you prefer.

Outfits made from latex

These outfits normally produce a sexy look. If you want to feel part of the party then these outfits can suits you well. These should be tight outfits to show the curves of your body. Being in this party it’s all about achieving a sexy look. Putting on an outfit that is made from latex will give you the desired look. They are also comfortable since you will not feel out of shape. You will also find most of the people in this outfit at a BDSM party. This will make you look common to your fellow attendees. Latex can work well.

Outfits made from vinyl

This is also another outfit that you can try. You might not be comfortable with latex then you can go for this. This outfit will offer you excellent results. You can choose any desired attire made from vinyl. This will depend on how you would want to look. It is also a common outfit among the BDSM attendees.having this outfit is always better for you. This always blends well with high heels shoes. Matching them perfectly will give you a sexy look. A vinyl outfit can make you look elegant and can blend very well with a BDSM party.

Leather outfit

This always works well with any party. So long as you just make it suit the party you are attending then you will work well with this. Leather is a common outfit in the current society. If you choose to put on a leather outfit in a BDSM party you should ensure that you find an outfit that matches it. You may choose to have shoes that work well with the leather outfit. Leather can be all you need to be at a BDSM party. They are also very comfortable as you will not be out of shape in any means. The reason is leather outfits are what we normally have in our daily lives. Having it can give you excellent results in a BDSM party.

Parties are meant for enjoyment and catching up with friends. But selecting what to wear might pose a challenge to many of the people. These outfits highlighted above can work well with a BDSM party. If all you want is to be part of the party then these outfits can be of great help for you. You can also add some face masks if you are comfortable with it. All will help you to archive what you wanted.

How To Find BDSM Clubs In Your City

Bondage Clubs

I am not a lawyer, and after a cursory investigation online, I would say the legal position of BDSM is very unclear. If you were to ask me if it is illegal in the USA and UK, I would have to say yes in that if an assault occurs, you are technically committing an offense. However, both countries have recognized BDSM clubs in universities and elsewhere. The only places that you could say it is legal would be Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Canada, where you are unlikely to be prosecuted if no severe harm occurs. This is just an opinion and should not be seen as a legal fact.

Privacy in BDSM clubs

Because of the legal situation and the fact that many people are offended by BDSM, those who indulge in it generally value their privacy, which makes finding a club difficult.

You will not find adverts in your local newspaper for BDSM clubs. That just does not happen. To find a club, you will need to have a source from within the BDSM community. Whether a publication, website, or personal contact.

There are two types of BDSM club, the good ones which vet their members, and the others which allow just about anyone in. If you are new to this scene, it is far better to get membership of a club that vets its members before they can join. Your experience will be far better, and you will meet people who are more discreet and in it for the long term.

A Munch

A munch is a social meet-up, often taking place in a public place where members of the community meet for a coffee or a meal and socialize. It is not a place where BDSM activity takes place, it merely is somewhere where people talk about it, and newcomers can attend to find out more. Again, you are not likely to see an advert in the local paper advertising it. You will need to have someone tell you when it is happening.

Single Men

Even when a club states that anyone is welcome to come along, you will find a great deal of suspicion of single men who try to attend. It is felt that usually, these individuals will be merely seeking sex and not as interested in BDSM. Single men can visit, but they should take their time and get known in the group and accepted before being too active.

So How Can You Find Clubs?

It comes down to making contact with a member of the BDSM community. You should go to fetish websites online or use Reddit to met people from the community. You might also try the Meetup website. Once you have made contact with one or two individuals who are in the scene, it will become much easier to find your local club and individuals locally who also share your interests.

About Clubs

I am not sure what you imagine a club will look like. Maybe you have watched porn and seen Gothic looking dungeons and vast pieces of wooden equipment where subs will be strapped and suspended from.

Yes, there are purpose-built venues in some large cities, but the reality your local club is probably going to meet in someone’s house.

You are going to be invited to a private house and you have to be very aware that there are rules and conventions about what you should or should not do.

You will be surprised to find that there is an atmosphere of respect and courtesy, perhaps the last thing you might expect but it’s true.

You Finally Get to Visit the BDSM clubs

So, at long last, you have been invited to attend a meet at an address you have been given. In giving you this address, a great deal of trust has been invested in you. With luck, this might be your chance to become a full member of this exclusive community.

You know on the door and a guy lets you in and checks that you are invited. Some clubs might make you sign a waiver to cover them in the eventuality of something going wrong. Others are just informal.

I suggest that the first night you just mingle and watch the action. Many people like to be watched but do not get involved unless asked. Have a drink or two but remember this is not a place to get drunk. Just enjoy watching and meeting people. On your second visit, you will have a better idea of what is happening and you can maybe get involved.


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Why Is Chastity A Virtue And What About Forced Chastity

Virtuous Chastity

There are a lot of discussions that have come up concerning chastity and why it is considered a virtue. Before we get some more in-depth insights lets us start with the basic understanding of chastity being a virtue.

Virtues are deemed to be the foundation of good moral being. Various virtues are considered as acceptable in society. They can also be derived from religious teachings to safeguard to regulate people’s behavior. Virtues are also used to identify someone’s personality because it gives a holistic image. Well, Morality is very essential in contemporary society. This involved instilling codes of conduct to the young generation so that they can leave a moral lifestyle.

Well, in this case, chastity is often perceived as abstinence from premarital sex. Chastity can be considered as abstinence because most biblical teachings and any other religious explanation about chastity emphasizes on staying pure before marriage. Most teenagers perceive this as an outdated lifestyle which is not practical. However, the relevance of chastity is to prevent sexual misconduct which can lead to frustration and depression. Chastity helps in preventing premature pregnancy among teenagers which is a big problem in society. Most teenagers end up terminating the pregnancy because they are not able to raise the child or to formalize their relationship.

Additionally, the virtue of chastity prevents the contraction of deadly diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and other STDs which can be fatal. In some cases, victims of these infections end up spending a lot of money on medical bills while others might end up in death. Therefore sexual purity as its standards that should be upheld. Most religious teachings uphold chastity to be away from a living godly lifestyle.

This is because of sexual immorality not in accordance with religious teachings. When chastity is upheld in society the teenagers will grow up knowing what is right from what is wrong. The complexity of morality that is being faced today is as a result of not observing chastity when it is appropriate.

Therefore this should be a virtue that is taught so that it can be a personal decision whether someone is under supervision or not. In this case, someone is considered to have observed chastity when he can manage to control sexual desires that could lead to immoral behavior. Well, as this is seen as a way of preventing sexual problems there are some cases when chastity can be forced. The big question is will forced chastity be also considered as a virtue or it will be bondage meant to control someone’s behavior.

What is forced chastity

Forced chastity is imposing regulations or restrictions to make someone live in chastity. This implies the person is restricted from having sexual partners for some time until the person who is imposing the restriction feels that it is the right time. For instance, a parent may impose forced chastity on the children because of the fear of premarital pregnancy or having multiple sexual partners when the children are tender in age.

According to psychology, a virtue is a good behavior which is based on personal decision. In such a case it is an inbuilt principle that guides the person whether he is under someone’s supervision or not.

Forced chastity has the same goals as personal chastity because at the end of the day the ultimate goal is preventing sexual immorality. However, in such a case forced chastity involves strictness which can also involve the use of devices to prevent one from engaging in sex.

Some people have capitalized on the use of software to track the locations of people who are under forced chastity. Others have used lockable devices to prevent one from having sex.

Therefore imposing Forced chastity is not a guarantee that someone will practice chastity when left alone. This is a temporary solution. If someone as crafty behavior will do what as per his sexual desires especially when he is not under regulations. That disqualifies was just from being a virtue. Forced chastity features some elements based on bondage which is against someone’s free will.


Chastity has a lot of benefits especially by ensuring the society is living upright. This is to prevent immorality such as premarital sex adultery masturbation and other forms of sexual immorality. When chastity is maintained there will be less likelihood of sexual immorality.

Taking A Beating By A Black Mistress

Black BDSM

After a good night’s sleep he started to come around as she looked to him she smiled and looked at the wilted body, bruised and battered soul on the bed thinking back to yesterday’s session.  She realised it was intense and finished putting on her gear. Many months of training both physically and mentally made her slave able to handle any of her cold hearted and blazing whippings. Through gritted teeth he would sometimes cry out but these were only slip ups in an otherwise controlled environment and he learnt his lessons fast.  She smiled even further remembering that the whippings and beatings became more intense, sometimes she would increase the duration of the whippings just to spite him for slipping up.

Straightening the leather bands that held up her thigh high boots she gave the final tug making herself look all the part as mistress. Looking at the full length mirror she was more than satisfied with the way she looked. Her breasts protruding from the tight Brazier, The cleavage popping out from the middle and from between those luscious breasts hung a single key. Her make-up  was garish and the lipstick bright red, her dark eyes were accentuated by the mascara and eyeliner she used. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, which was long and sleek hanging from her back. She thought to herself it’s time to wake up the slave. 

She went to the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. He must have heard her or felt her and began to Stir. His legs and arms tied spread eagle and he naked on the mattress with a blindfold on. She took a moment to look at him and admire how helpless and pathetic he looked. It was then that she realised the ties she had used were nylon and had burnt red welts into his wrists and ankles. She thought for a moment trying to jog a memory how should make such a clumsy mistake.

“Good morning slave it’s time to get up’, she said. 

 As she spoke it was obvious that he was terrified.   He struggled against the ropes but to no avail. The shiny metal chastity cage that covered his penis had droplets of blood each side. The camasutra chasity cage with spikes have done it’s job.   It turned her on that just her mere physical presence could inflict such urgent physical and mental turmoil to her slave. Her voice and presence commanded it. It also meant that he realised but he will be sexually denied for the duration of their relationship.

‘Mistress’ he whimpered.

She said. ‘I trust that you have enjoyed sufficient physical pain. you must know by now but it pleases me to make you suffer. I’m proud of you for enduring this.’

Both he and she realised that she was a cruel mistress. Experience had taught him that he should never show abundant Joy or pain. When he showed Joy she found an easy way to take it away, when you show pain she inflicted more. 

His whole body stiffened when he felt her loosening the ankle restraints. Praise was rare from this cruel mistress and he wondered what more was in store for him.  After she had undone those ankle restraints she went to his face and removed the blindfold. As he opened his eyes he saw her leaning over him. he looked up sheepishly and saw her cleavage and the key but couldn’t find the chastity device.   he reacted by pulling on the ropes about his wrists.

She giggled and said, ‘don’t worry I’ve got something special for you.’

No sooner had she said this and the door to the bedroom opened and muscular statuesque woman Amazonian Proportions entered the room. ‘Have you met my friend Lisa’, she asked.

The Ebony skin on Lisa like she have rubbed olive oil over her body. she was wearing a g-string and no bra and her 38dd bust what’s solid full stop the muscles in her legs would you find and almost bodybuilder like. In one hand she held a whip and in the other a paddle.   before you think of what was going to happen he heard and saw simultaneously the crack the whip as she Cast It to the Ground.  

Lisa laughed as she approached the bed and said, “So this is the half-man you want me to make mincemeat of?”

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