A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your Own BDSM Fantasy


BDSM 101: How to Fulfill your Sexual Desire

Want to know a secret? You can spice things up in the bedroom by creating your own BDSM fantasies. Frankly, sexual desire ranks high up with the essential parts of your life. When you have a satisfying sex life, you can conquer it all.

However, not everyone has tried their hand on bondage and kinky stuff. There’s no need to worry because this is a beginner’s guide to help you satisfy your sexual desire. All you need is the right partner after reading through the best dating sites review and linking up.

Learn the Heads and Tail of BDSM

Like any other thing in life, one way to master BDSM is to start by researching. That way, you can understand how sexual desire works. Forget about anything you watch in erotic movies, for that’s an exaggeration. Real BDSM is more personal and sensual than what the actors portray.

Typically, you can start by learning the terminology then perhaps take a class. During the class, you can learn about the three categories of BDSM and how each satisfies your sexual desire. These are:

Masochism and Sadism

Be ready to challenge everything you know about pain. In this category, the teacher helps you learn how sexual desire can be affected in part by painful experiences in the bedroom. As a masochist, you are the recipient of the pain while the sadist inflicts it.

Discipline and Bondage

Nothing brings more satisfaction than playing BDSM games together. For this category, being restrained is the central theme. Discipline requires utter submission and following a set of rules. Bondage, on the other hand, is about restraints like handcuffs and blindfolds.

Submission and Dominance

As a submissive, you give your partner power over your actions. They become the dominant one as you both play out the sexual fantasy. While the debate rages on how much sexual desire is normal, submission and bondage take you to the next level. Now you can explore different fantasies together.

Communicate your BDSM Fantasies

Be sure your partner is open to exploring different fantasies before you start exploring such scenarios. That way, they can meet your sexual desire to the fullest. The best way to start is by having an intimate conversation about different expectations.

First, communicate to your partner about what you want during a moment of intimacy. You never know what you were missing out on because you didn’t talk about BDSM fantasies.

Afterward, you can pick a category you like and enjoy insatiable pleasure. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can come up with.

Try One Fantasy at a Time

BDSM is quite broad and takes a long time to master. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet your sexual desire as a beginner. All you need is the right partner and category.

Commonly, once you figure that out, you can enjoy some role-playing. Such fantasies can help you understand what triggers sexual desire.

Additionally, it can change your sexual experience forever. As a couple, you can explore your bodies and learn what turns you on.

Summing Up

BDSM fantasies are the cream of the crop when it comes to achieving sexual desire. Though it’s a broad topic, this guide can help you as a beginner. Pick a category that works for you, or try out all three.

Next, talk with your partner about exploring different fantasies. After that, you can pick one and try it out. That way, you can answer the question when does sexual desire start?

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about this topic.

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

What about Tavestis in France (Means Transvestite)

transvestite escort

Transvestites escort are usually referred to as cross-dresses. Cross-dressers are guys who dress and act like women on occasions. Transvestite’s escorts are a phrase that is used to describe the companion service provider who happens to be a cross-dresser. Cross-dressing is one of the most confused and misunderstood things in the adult industry. Different individuals have different desires, especially when it comes to sexual desires and feelings. When it comes to transvestites, the physical appearance does not determine the kind of dressing a person chooses to have. The inner desires are seen to outshine their physical and biological makeup. Below is everything about cross-dressing, the cross-dressers escort, and how they need to be treated:

Transvestitism (cross-dressing)

This is the act of wearing clothes of the other gender. It is good thinking of cross-dressing as a spectrum rather than a definable point. The cross-dresser may desire to be considered female for only a short time. This is what disguises a transsexual from a transvestite. A transsexual will always want to be considered the opposite gender almost at all times. They may even opt to take hormones or go for genital surgery. Cross-dressing may be desired for only half a day every week or once a month. Whatever the time scale may be as long as it is not permanent, the cross-dresser is considered transvestite and not transsexual.

Transvestitism concerning escort

This is generally the act of practicing cross-dressing with the addition of desire to be sexually active while engaging in this kind of activity. Most people who consider themself to be transvestites will rarely go for complete gender reversal interaction of sexual while undergoing transition. Therefore, it would be wise to consider the term to be different regarding the sexual desires of the person while undergoing sexual alteration.

How the Transvestites Needs to be treated

Escortes travestis would generally like to be treated as sissies. This may be when there is an over feminization of the person is undertaken. Most often, they might be very submissive. They may also wear an outfit that is overly for females for any companionship outing. The transvestite’s escort will generally be less convincing than their transsexual counterparts. This owes to the fact that they seldom take hormones or conduct medical surgery to interfere with their appearance but will probably know some bdsm party tricks.

The transvestite’s escort desires a platform to offer their services in a friendly, neutral, and caring environment. They also need an environment that openly embraces the desires of every individual to be achieved. This is to consider that they are all safe and enjoyable for everyone who is involved. Some sites can provide you with the transvestite’s escort experience you may desire.

After having a brief idea of the transvestite’s escort, you need to know that finding them is not easy. Especially when you are traveling, it can be a bit tricky. Escort directory is always the best solution when looking for escorts in France. Depending on the city you are in, it is relatively easy to find escortes tranvestis advertising their services online in various cities in France.

Sexy and Young European pornstars of 2021

Young pornstars

Distance no longer means a single thing when you’re talking about the porn industry. The simple fact that you could be enjoying threesome webcam with people on the other side of the planet right now is all the evidence you need. As such, it’s never been easier to find pornstars that that are so close to your ideal woman that you never want to stop looking at them. It doesn’t matter where they’re from or where they make their porn. As long as they’re on Earth, you can treat yourself to all of their porn. To celebrate this simple fact of the modern world, here are five of the hottest young European pornstars you can find.

  1. Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa is a giver and she always will be. Aside from being a petite little redhead with a perfect body and natural boobs that look like they’ve been carved by a master sculptor, she loves to pleasure men. In fact, she only got into porn in the first place so she could learn how to give the perfect blowjob. She figured that having professional skills would benefit all of the guys in her life but the act of making porn just proved too fun to give up.

  1. Luna Rival

If anyone had to pick one pornstar who looked exactly like the sweet and innocent girl next door then it would always be Luna Rival. This is a girl with a natural body that’s never too perfect to approach. She likes to keep her dark hair long and she’s never bothered with tattoos or piercings. Her smile is as disarming as they come and she might just be able to seduce you into the hardcore fetish sex that she really loves. No one is ever too big for this girl, even if her body is tiny.

  1. Lady Dee

Lady Dee has the sweetest face that you’ve ever seen, but her thoughts are never out of the gutter. No matter how innocent she looks with her clothes on, you can bet that she’s fantasizing about falling to her knees to take the nearest cock or pussy into her mouth. She’s a submissive girl who still likes to be in charge when she’s administering pleasure. She’s never afraid to hold someone down and make sure that they’re good and satisfied before she lets them up to take her over once again.

  1. Angel Emily

It’s more than obvious that Angel Emily was always the slut. You can’t help but picture her as the bitchy cheerleader who loves to steal everyone’s boyfriend with her body and her warm mouth. There’s no man on the planet that she couldn’t seduce with her good looks and she always uses that to her advantage. She can get anything that she wants with her body, but that’s not even her biggest secret. Her secret is that she loves the sex just as much as the people that she’s having it with and that’s what makes her such a threat.

  1. Anny Aurora

Ever the cosplayer, Anny Aurora can be anyone that you want her to be. She may have started out making fur movies, but she’s branched out since then. She can dress up as anyone that you want and totally become that character. That’s what gives her the number one spot on the list. Not only is she gorgeous as herself, but she can also be gorgeous as anyone that you want her to be. She’s also a gymnast and a dancer and no one can ever hope to compete with this amazing redhead’s flexibility in bed.


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BDSM Games That Spice Up Your Sex Life Right Now


Be honest. Have you ever tried BDSM before, or is the entire concept new? Whichever the answer, there’s no need to worry since it’s a great way to spice up sex.

Fair warning, once you dip your toe into BDSM, it’ll be hard to go back since it can be quite intoxicating. There are many things you can do to spice up sex and make the relationship flourish. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, married, or just hooking up.

What matters is that you get a second wind and won’t get enough of each other. It’s the best way to make your partner obey your every command while vibrating with utter pleasure.

So without further ado, below are some of the numerous BDSM games you can enjoy. Each serves a purpose and will help you learn how to spice up sex marriage. You can try it out on old or new partners you meet on dating sites after checking out Dating Reviewer.

4 Tantalizing BDSM Games to Try at Home

Ever wondered what things couples can do to spice up sex at home? How about trying out the following BDSM games:

1. Flip the Coin

What is your identity? Are you the switch in the relationship, meaning you’ll take charge? While staring out in BDSM, it’s good to learn who the dominant partner is. It plays a significant role in learning how to spice up sex in a long term relationship.

Since both of you are used to one another, you can use a coin to call it as you seek to spice up sex. Whoever wins by flipping head ends up at the top while the loser is at the bottom. After this, the winner can set the time to dominate the other and see if it’s a perfect match.

2. The Dice Games

Nowadays, there are plenty of erotic toys and games you can use to spice up sex. The games make it possible for you to relax with one another and enjoy the process. For example, grab some dice with erotic images and words scribbled on them.

The game is to toss the dice then take turns to act out the action written on the organ displayed. It’s fun, and some combinations will have you laughing hard. Soon you’ll master how to spice up sex drive once more.

3. The Punishment Cards

Once it’s set on the dom and sub in the relationship, you can introduce a deck of punishment cards. It’s a way to spice up sex while establishing dominance. Also, you master how to spice up sex duringquarantine.

Has your sub been disobedient and needs immediate punishment? Make them draw one card from the punishment deck or choose one of them. The sub has to do what is drawn on the card, no questions asked.

Another way to improve this BDSM game is to force the sub to create an own card with the punishment they think they deserve. You can go a step further and make it a daily chore to draw some cards with various forms of punishment.

4. Fetch the Blindfold

Do you enjoy being put down by your dom? Does his/her screaming at you or teasing turn you on? Well, get yourself an excellent blindfold and be ready for a time of your life.

As you both continue exploring new sex ideas to spice up your love life, you can play a BDSM blindfold game. The sub gets blindfolded while sitting on a chair or bed while dressed in sexy lingerie.

Now, after blindfolding them, your sub must go around the room and find your genitals. Give the command and watch them move from place to place, trying to locate you. The crawl must be slow to draw out the pleasure and also ensure their safety.

The game’s gist is as the sub starts crawling to locate the dom, the dom can’t move an inch. You freeze in position but don’t give them a direction towards you. Your role is to humiliate the sub as much as possible by calling them names and teasing even in hurtful ways. At the end of it, the sub gets a reward in tantalizing sex.

Final Part

To spice up sex, you must think outside the box, especially if you’ve been married for many years. Also, this applies in long and short term relationships. The trick is to have an open mind to new experiences like BDSM games.

Are you interested in more BDSM games? Please leave us any questions or comments below.

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

5 Tips To Become The Ultimate Slave Through Sexting

fetish fun

Welcome fellow purveyor of kink culture, have you been a bad slave in needing proper punishment? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place. Today you will be learning how to be the ultimate slave while sexting. Not everyone has the time or know-how in order to or access to a Pro Domme Dungeon. That is precisely what the Internet is for! Now you can talk to sex chat professionals to get your kinks met on your schedule regardless of your location. If it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned slave who needs to be kept in their place, sexting is the perfect digitized option for you. Work from home? How about Kink from home as well? Let’s get into all of it in today’s five tips to be the ultimate slave through sexting with a sex chat professional using the Arousr platform.




There is truly nothing worse for a Domme than a male slave who is unruly, cannot submit, and refuses to follow orders. This actually defeats the point of being a submissive male. You must always be willing to comply with the orders of your Domme at all times during your sexting session. The thought of having someone else in full control of you for your time together is exactly what should turn you on in order to venture down the obedient slave path with your digital Domme. Relinquishing all control is your first step to joy and pleasure… on your Domme’s terms of course.

Funds for Fetish Fun


There is absolutely nothing worse than getting all tied up (pun intended) with your Domme in a kinky chat and running out of funds to keep it going. Sex chat professional is on your schedule for a reason. You must be prepared with enough funds to make sure you have the most fetish fun possible in a session. No one likes to rush a good time, make sure you have enough funds to get all your needs met. Especially as a slave, your only job is to prove to your Domme you are worthy of their time and attention. It’s the Domme’s job to make sure you explore as many avenues of being submissive as possible.


A good general rule of thumb is based on what kind of experience you want to have. A quickie should be anything between 5-10 minutes of your time. If your home for the night and want to really get deeply involved and explore expect 15 minutes or longer. A typical digital domme session is around 30 minutes in length.





It’s vital you are into this fetish play to submit. You agree to give up all control the minute you are in the presence of your Domme. This could be for 10 minutes or one hour, no matter the time you play your role and you submit. No longer do you make the rules, it’s not your way it’s her way. You feel a deep need to relinquish all control you have over yourself to her. No longer are you capable of making your own choices. This transition is very important in order to start enjoying your role as a sub. Your only responsibility is to serve her needs. Domme now knows what’s best.



Any experienced Domme will always have a plethora of tasks for her submissive to accomplish. These tasks play a pivotal role in slave training, in your sexting session you should receive a leave one task from your Domme if you have been a good slave. If you have followed the steps above your Domme will be more than happy to offer you a task to complete. These tasks can be purely to serve your Domme’s needs (i.e paying for her manicure) or yours (allowing you to cum). It’s up to you how good of a little bitch you can prove yourself to be in order to be deemed worthy of being given tasks. If you have spent a fair amount of time chatting with your Domme and no task is given you are always allowed to ask for one. Just prepared to be put in your place if your Domme is not ready to give you one yet. Sometimes a contract is needed between slave and domme.


Be Open-Minded


No matter what, you must be and remain open minded in order to be a good submissive. If you attempt to start a sexting session telling your Domme what to do you are not being submissive. A submissive is ready and willing to do absolutely anything to please their Domme. The more obscure the task, the more kinky the act of pleasure, the more fucked in the mind the better. When you submit you are allowing yourself to no longer be closed off to new experiences. This is by far the most important aspect of being the ultimate slave through sexting your digital Domme.


About the Author


I’m Femme Fatale, writer, and model. I have a vast knowledge and affinity for Fetish culture. You can find me every week writing for Arousr. My favorite fetish is Domination.