Taking A Beating By A Black Mistress

Black BDSM

After a good night’s sleep he started to come around as she looked to him she smiled and looked at the wilted body, bruised and battered soul on the bed thinking back to yesterday’s session.  She realised it was intense and finished putting on her gear. Many months of training both physically and mentally made her slave able to handle any of her cold hearted and blazing whippings. Through gritted teeth he would sometimes cry out but these were only slip ups in an otherwise controlled environment and he learnt his lessons fast.  She smiled even further remembering that the whippings and beatings became more intense, sometimes she would increase the duration of the whippings just to spite him for slipping up.

Straightening the leather bands that held up her thigh high boots she gave the final tug making herself look all the part as mistress. Looking at the full length mirror she was more than satisfied with the way she looked. Her breasts protruding from the tight Brazier, The cleavage popping out from the middle and from between those luscious breasts hung a single key. Her make-up  was garish and the lipstick bright red, her dark eyes were accentuated by the mascara and eyeliner she used. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, which was long and sleek hanging from her back. She thought to herself it’s time to wake up the slave. 

She went to the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. He must have heard her or felt her and began to Stir. His legs and arms tied spread eagle and he naked on the mattress with a blindfold on. She took a moment to look at him and admire how helpless and pathetic he looked. It was then that she realised the ties she had used were nylon and had burnt red welts into his wrists and ankles. She thought for a moment trying to jog a memory how should make such a clumsy mistake.

“Good morning slave it’s time to get up’, she said. 

 As she spoke it was obvious that he was terrified.   He struggled against the ropes but to no avail. The shiny metal chastity cage that covered his penis had droplets of blood each side. The camasutra chasity cage with spikes have done it’s job.   It turned her on that just her mere physical presence could inflict such urgent physical and mental turmoil to her slave. Her voice and presence commanded it. It also meant that he realised but he will be sexually denied for the duration of their relationship.

‘Mistress’ he whimpered.

She said. ‘I trust that you have enjoyed sufficient physical pain. you must know by now but it pleases me to make you suffer. I’m proud of you for enduring this.’

Both he and she realised that she was a cruel mistress. Experience had taught him that he should never show abundant Joy or pain. When he showed Joy she found an easy way to take it away, when you show pain she inflicted more. 

His whole body stiffened when he felt her loosening the ankle restraints. Praise was rare from this cruel mistress and he wondered what more was in store for him.  After she had undone those ankle restraints she went to his face and removed the blindfold. As he opened his eyes he saw her leaning over him. he looked up sheepishly and saw her cleavage and the key but couldn’t find the chastity device.   he reacted by pulling on the ropes about his wrists.

She giggled and said, ‘don’t worry I’ve got something special for you.’

No sooner had she said this and the door to the bedroom opened and muscular statuesque woman Amazonian Proportions entered the room. ‘Have you met my friend Lisa’, she asked.

The Ebony skin on Lisa like she have rubbed olive oil over her body. she was wearing a g-string and no bra and her 38dd bust what’s solid full stop the muscles in her legs would you find and almost bodybuilder like. In one hand she held a whip and in the other a paddle.   before you think of what was going to happen he heard and saw simultaneously the crack the whip as she Cast It to the Ground.  

Lisa laughed as she approached the bed and said, “So this is the half-man you want me to make mincemeat of?”

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Tips on How to Get Women to Send You Nudes

Naked Texts

We live in a digital age, and it became quite normal for relationships to take place online in some way. Phones and computers are our strongest allies when we are currently separated from our partners. The Internet is an easy and fast way to stay in touch with them.

Popular term sexting involves sending nude pictures and videos, but only to who needs to see it. You’re so wrong if you think that exchanging intimate photos is a new invention; it dates centuries in the past, as you can see on this link.

Women are usually shy regarding this type of communication when it comes to sending nude photos. Men, however, enjoy this way of expressing love. They don’t have problems sending intimate pictures, but they are devastated when their girlfriends won’t do the same. So they need to find a simple but effective way to get nudes from their ladies.

Don’t Go Straight to the Point

No matter how long you have been in a relationship with a girl, never feel free to ask her directly to send you her naked photos. We live in a modern age when flirting, passion, and sex are completely normal things, but some limits must exist. However, once you break through the barrier, everything will be more comfortable.

It is crucial that you first examine the things between you and your girl. Pay attention to what kind of signals she sends you. If she’s relaxed and feels comfortable with you, she’ll give you a hint she’s interested in sexting. How ‘I bought new underwear’ sounds to you? It’s not like she asks for fashion advice from you.

Compliments, Compliments

It’s a fact that most men are not skilled with sweet talks. The answer to ‘how to get women to send you nudes’ lies just right there. If you want to get her nude photos, you must give her compliments. If you don’t play well, you can say goodbye to the nudes, and probably, the girl.

Women are often insecure about themselves and their looks. These are probably the reasons why your girl hesitates to send you even her semi-nude photo. So you have to help her build confidence. Say things like, ‘you are beautiful today,’ ‘you look so hot in (some) picture,’ etc. Show interest in her, and if the feeling is mutual, she will want you to like her even more. And voila, you’ve got yourself a nude.

Be Unique

Girls love attention, and they especially love it when guys work around them. So, if you want her to send nudes, here’s your chance to do your best. You can ask her to give you these photos, but do that in an unusual way. Make some small, witty gestures that should cheer up your girl.

You can write a poem, send flowers with a ‘romantic note’ (something like ‘roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll send you nudes – will you do that too?’) or spell out this question in snow or sand. The point is to let your creativity out and do something extraordinary that will make your loved one amused. Perhaps she’ll show you her gratitude for this gesture by sending some nasty pictures.

Be Prepared for ‘NO’

Even when you do your best, there is a chance that your girl says ‘no’ to nudes. Maybe she’s afraid that anyone other than you will see those pictures, or she just doesn’t want her nudes to end up on some dubious websites, etc. It would help if you reassured her that her intimacy is safe with you.

On the link below, check how to protect in case your intimate photos leak:


Do not take her ‘NO’ as a definite rejection, especially if further communication takes place as usual. Put your desire to stand by, and don’t bother her with asking for nudes. Give her some time, just enough for you to think of some unique way to ‘make’ her change her mind.

Two people who are in a relationship can talk about different stuff, send love notes, funny videos, memes, songs, and thus show how much they care for each other. In this love correspondence, some more intimate pictures are desirable once in a while, just to spice the things up.

What Is Pegging & Pegging Sex Tips

adventures of using pegging

What Is Pegging | Pegging Sex Tips

Pegging Advice | Pegging Instructions

There are some straight men that like anal play. There are also some straight men that are into ‘pegging’ or for the newbies this term alludes to ladies fucking men in the ass with strap-ons. But it’s not just about strap-ons and there’s far more complexity involved within this – just as intercourse should never be the be all and end all of hetero penetrative sex. One sad point to move beyond is the idea that having fun with anal sex or any kind of anal play makes you gay. I have some sensitivity for this point – I feel both sympathetic and angry. If you genuinely believe that enjoyment of any kind of anal sex or play must inherently make you gay, you are so far withdrawn from the realities of sex and sexuality that you can barely be criticized.

Pegging Advice & Pegging Instructions

There are still a tremendous amount of individuals who don’t have the faintest idea about the distinction between sex, or sex, or sexuality, or orientation, or trans or bi or les or queer. I need to acknowledge that a few individuals are going to take a gander at anal sex and think “gay” on the grounds that that is the manner by which gay has been made open for so long. I take it from this point of view: being gay is something that exists in your psyche. Not everybody who is gay likes or takes part in anal sex. Enjoying anal sex/play implies that you’ve had nerve endings animated and you then experience joy.

BDSM Australia

Enjoyment is a separate concept to sexuality, in much the same was as loving guacamole doesn’t mean you love Mexican food. This doesn’t imply that everybody will appreciate anal sex. Contrary to what some commentators out there say, I do not believe that this is or should be considered anything other than a sexual expression and is by no means relevant to a man’s ‘sexuality’. By that I mean just because a guy lets his girlfriends or wife fucks him doesn’t mean that he is any less straight than other guys – if you are insistent on thinking like that then you’re going to miss out on a lot of things in life. That kind of dichotomy whereby sexuality is suggested by ones inclination to anal play reduces sexuality to such a simplistic notion that it becomes ridiculous. Pegging is a natural expression that both partners must be comfortable with. As one man states when being interview about his pegging adventures with his girlfriend

adventures of using pegging

‘She enjoyed it more psychologically – the idea of being a ‘male’ and fucking and I enjoyed it more physically. Prostate stimulation is intense and orgasmic’

What this comment reveals is two things – first the woman’s interest and secondly his own interest. The female interest in this comment comes from the idea of flipping the gender in order to become a boy – kind of like imagining what you’d do if you had tits for a day. It’s about seeing what the other side does and then living up to that fantasy. For the female, in this story, it’s about her penis-envy. This is her psychological enjoyment – the empowering feeling of being a ‘male’ and acting that out. His liking towards pegging is about the physical enjoyment, the physical feeling of being fucked. He doesn’t mention about being fucked by a girl, nor does he want to be fucked by a guy. He merely comments that the act of being fucked is enjoyable. That doesn’t make him gay. He goes on to state that;

‘Letting my girlfriend fuck me in the ass didn’t make me feel any less masculine or her any less feminine, but it did allow me to feel a vulnerability that I’d not felt before’

This comment of his is revealing that he didn’t feel any less of a man for being fucked. Sure, pegging is not everyone’s cup of tea – but it as extension on anal play that can be fun and exciting for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in pegging there’s a few things you’ll need to consider.

pegging sexual play

As with any introduction to a new form of sexual play – you’ll need to bring it up with your partner first and slowly introduce the idea into the bedroom. If you’re both already into anal play – this introduction should be a relatively smooth transition, otherwise you’re going to have to start from the basics of anal play. Once you’ve covered that, you’re ready to move onto selecting a strap on.

For first strap on there’s two main things you’ll need to consider. Firstly, your comfort. Secondly, her comfort. There’s nothing worse than getting a strap on you can barely fit in your ass and keeps falling off her every time she thrusts. You both need to enjoy this and therefore you’re both going to have to find something you both like. Think of it like this – your girlfriend has picked out lingerie that she feels comfortable and sexy in VS you’ve picked out ill-fitting lingerie that she hates and is never going to feel attractive in it.  The toy is only half the battle – the rest of the battle lies in one’s ability to feel confident and sexy with their new ‘tackle’. There are two types of strap ons you can consider – actual strap ons with straps or strapless strap ons like the feel doe range.

Pegging Penis

The feel doe range is one of the very few strap ones that provide stimulation for both the wearer and their partner. It is inserted vaginally and is held there by the pelvic floor muscles (you’ll need to make sure yours are up to scratch) and it vibrates for pleasure on both parties. This type of model is quite pricey though and as mentioned, you may need to invest in some Kegal balls if your muscles aren’t up to scratch.

Kegal Balls

When you’re first beginning out you might want to invest in something simple like the love rider range in the above photo. The love rider range has vibrating functions, a soft belt and the attachments are generally standard cock sized! It is the ideal beginner toy especially if you’re on a budget. What’s even better is that the attachment on this is made of a silicone – which is prefect for anal play and for safe and hygienic anal play. Once you’ve finished using it as a strap on – sterilise it or whack a condom over it and use it as a standard dildo! I’m all for versatility.

Types of Cock Rings

cock ring

Types of Cock Rings | Cock Ring Types

How To Use A Cock Ring | Cock Ring Advice

Basically, cock rings are a ring that you put on an erect or semi-erect penis, for the most part around the base of the shaft. What this does is clamp down on the arteries and help create a nice firm cock by restricting blood flow to and from the penis – they can create a ‘super erection’ of sorts – engorging the veins to form a nice firm erection. There are other types of cock rings that sit underneath the frenulum, halfway down the shaft, around the balls, cock and balls and these rings provide similar benefits with a few added in.

What is truly remarkable about cock rings is that they have been around until the end of time. While there isn’t generally an accurate purpose of when the cock ring turned into an understood toy, the first cock rings have been said to have been found at old Greek locales, which isn’t really that much of a surprise considering how kinky our ancestors were.

cock ring

The period in which they are initially archived is amid China’s Jin Dynasty, picking up notoriety amid the Song and Ming administration. Cockring’s got to be the middle age crisis of modern age toys.  Cock Rings have been made with everything under the sun, from jade and ivory to animal skins (including goat eyelids – ew), and today’s more favoured materials of steel, silicone, elastic, and plastic. Cock rings proceeded in their purpose of improvement until the Victorian period, whereby they were repurposed as devices to minimise erections.  They did this with a spiky or uncomfortable feeling ring put around boy’s and men’s (yes, young men’s and men’s) cocks to make having an erection feel horrendous. Don’t you adore how conflicting the Victorian age was? Once vibrators became more popular cock rings started to become once again objects of pleasure and started to become popular once again.

Now that’s the history of cock rings – how the hell do you use them?!

1. Find a cock ring: If you are new to wearing cock rings, my proposal would be to work out a comfortable material that suits what you need, ideally something produced using silicone. While steel cock rings are highly sought after and the crème de le crème of cock rings for their durability and firmness, beginning with a more basic piece suited to newbies will give you time to develop to the sort of experience you need to have with a cock ring. You can attempt a soft and squishy plastic, yet I generally like to tell people that silicone is less inclined to retain bacteria and since it will be around your cock, which will be soaked with sweat, sweaty balls and in all probability being pushed up against an anus or a vagina. It’s the ideal ring to run with that will keep going during long haul.

2. Once you get it home, you need to clean it. You should do this with all new toys that you buy regardless of what they come in, where you got them from or how well the store is. So give it a clean, with a small amount of cleanser and you’ll be home dry.


3. Slip it on, slip it on: Time to test your new cock ring! With a semi-erect or completely erect penis, extend the cock ring a bit. Slide it over the head of the penis, while all the while extending the base half underneath the head. Gradually slide the ring down the shaft of your penis, making a point not to get any stray pubic hairs. Gently push each of the balls through it until it sits against your pelvic bone and voila! You’re done

A Cock ring should never be too tight – you can harm the penile tissue by excessively limiting the amount of blood stream and well, it can hurt. A lot. The normal time span recommended for cock rings is 20 minutes. In case you’re a newbie start off with smaller doses and gradually increase the length of time they’re on.

Types of Cock Rings



The Ovo B7 Cockring is a silicone cock ring that gently hugs the shaft. It is silicone so it’s fantastic for hygiene. One of the downsides of silicone is that it doesn’t stretch that much, so if you’re well on the larger side and you need to really open up a ring to get it on – then the silicone ring might not be for you. For everyone else though, it’s super comfy, grippy and the vibrations on this, whilst not overly strong, are still pleasant and comforting. You don’t necessarily need a stronger bullet, as the cock ring is meant to complement the sex, not overtake it. The B7 has a nice gentle curve on it which can be used to either hit the clit during penetrative sex, or to hug and vibrate the balls during sex or masturbation.

Intimate Erection Rings by Max Passion

Intimate Erection Rings by Max Passion

These cock rings are small and thin and are meant to be discreet. The little nodules on the sides are designed to place a little more pressure on the arteries without it constricting the rest of the shaft. This particular set comes in three sizes and is perfect for boys that want firmer erections, but don’t necessarily want the vibrations. Handy and fantastic value for money these rings are perfect all-rounders.

Stainless Steel Cock Ring

Stainless Steel Cock Ring

The steel cock rings are the greatest of cock rings. They are durable hardy and provide the firmest of erections. You do need to take the greatest care in making sure these bad boys fit, because once they’re on. Well, they’re on. And if you get the wrong size they might just stay on. . . To measure up, grab a piece of string wrap it around the base of your dick when you’re soft and hard and measure the length of the string and divide it by 3.14. This will give you the average diameter that you need to get a hold of. Pay particular care to the length of time that metal ones are on.

Leather Cock Ring

Leather Cock Ring

Leather cockrings look fucking hot. I’m not just saying that because I’m a leather boy either, but they look hot. They feel hot and they’re generally adjustable. So if you need a bit of a better boost on a particular day then you can crank up the notches and go to town. If you feel like you only need a little boost, the all you do is undo some latches and you’re good to go. The only bad thing about leather cock rings is that they do require a little extra care and attention. These guys are porous so they absorb a lot of body sweat and If you’re not thorough with cleaning then they’ll get a little funky.

The Cock ring Shop

Overall – you can’t go past the steel cock rings. However, for the newbie – I highly recommend the silicone cock rings. Not all of them are vibrating, and even if you get a vibrating one doesn’t mean you have to turn the vibrations on every time you use it! The silicone ones are firm, yet stretchy, and are a great introduction to the cock ring world.

Complete Guide To Purchasing A Sex Doll

sex doll robot

If you are planning to purchase a sex doll then congratulations because you are going to make a great investment. The sex doll will not only provide you with sexual satisfaction or add some unique spice to your relationship but will surely offer an amazing companionship. A sex doll is not going to care about your wallet, job, looks or car; she will be always there make your day or night good by offering a good sex time that is sure to meet your sex cravings. 

If you love to have sex in the missionary position then you purchase a Missionary Sex Dolls that are made using thermoplastic rubber which looks like real and gives you a feeling like real women. You must be thinking that what does sex with a sex doll feel like?  When it was asked from the men’s who have purchased the sex doll that how does sex doll feel like they were really happy and told that having sex with the sex doll is a mind-blowing experience. 

In this blog, you will come to know about how to have sex with a sex doll, how to get most pleasure as well as how to take care of it. You can find the best sex doll of your dreams from adultsmart online sex storeOnce you have received the sex dolly just carefully transport the package to your room where there is a lot of space. Since the sex doll requires lots of floor space so choose a room or place that is quite spacious. Now open the package and carefully cut the tape along the top edges and take out your sex doll from the box.

Before you touch your sex doll make sure that you have washed your hands properly so that you do not smudge or mark her perfect skin. Make sure that you remove all the accessories from the box and remove the foam from the body. At last, just attach the head of your sex doll and your sex doll is ready to have sex with you. 

Sex dolls are mainly designed to render you with abundantly of pleasure as well as enjoyment. Here are some best sex practices that you can enjoy with your sex doll. 

Vaginal sex

Almost all the sex dolls that are offered on Tantly come with a completely functional vagina. Before you buy a sex doll make sure that it can easily accommodate your size. The sex dolls come with vagina which gives pleasure just like the real live human due to which you get the friction & pressure which is amazing. 

Anal sex

Most of the people often dream of having anal sex because it’s very pleasurable. Sex dolls are designed in such a way that they provide intense, super tight as well as a real experience. 

Lubricants for your sex doll

In order to make the sexual experience easier as well as pleasurable, many people often choose to use a lubricant. If you are also planning to choose the lubricant then go for water-based lubricant because oil-based or silicone-based lubricants can harm your doll as well as also cause staining.  

Some people also choose to opt for a dryer approach so for this they use powder. Though, it will decrease the friction but will surely create a different sexual experience for you. When you are using lubrication and think that you need some more then try to add a very little amount of warm water because it will reactivate your lubricant. 

Storage of a sex doll

If you want to ensure the long life of your sex doll make sure that you store it properly. All the sex dolls come with proper storage kit. Remember that silicone or TPE sex dolls are very temperature sensitive so it is very important for you to store the sex doll appropriately. Don’t keep your doll in extremely cold or hot condition because it will cause cracking or wrapping.

Cleaning the sex doll

Remember that a doll which is properly cleaned and maintained is going to last for a long time. Here you will learn some easy clean and care instructions for your sex doll that will ensure its long life. Mainly there are two most necessary tools that help in keeping the sex doll clean as well as sanitary. The first tool is vaginal irrigator which you can easily purchase from any online store. Just fill the bulb syringe with water or soapy water and insert in the cavity that you have used. All you need to do is squeeze the bulb to flush out your doll properly. If your doll has removable vagina then cleaning is even easier just remove the vagina and shower it for cleaning. 

After you have used your doll make sure that you dry it using a cotton cloth. If before storage, you want to powder the doll then just use the cornstarch-based powder as it will not damage your sex doll. 

Thus, if you want to ensure the long life of your sex doll and have an amazing sex experience then do follow all the tips.