Incredible Sex Toys For Men!

Anytime you are searching online for incredible sex toys for men worth buying, there is always the discovery of something improved and shiny. The industry of male sex toys in Australia, Canada  and globally continues to change, eliciting excitement for every man out there.

For this year, there has been a steady rise in male masturbators for sale as one of the incredible sex toys for men worth buying.

These male masturbators for sale are of different varieties. But there is no doubt that they are all designed with the sole intent of giving men the most awesome orgasms ever. When you visit and adult shop website, you will see an array of these male masturbators for sale. When you scroll through the many pages, you would understand why these particular items are simply incredible sex toys for men with so many styles and variations.  One of my fave sites is Pleasures N’ Treasures.

Take for instance the 2-in-1 Hummer Anal and Vaginal Entrance. This is one of the sex toys that should be considered.  It is a portable male masturbator and allows for a double dose of the pleasure,.  It comes equipped with vaginal and anal entrances. at a length of seven inches (about 17.8cm), and has a tunnel that is full of nodules. You will find that it is ultra-soft and this is because it is manufactured from Love Clone 2 materials.

And then there is the 2-in-1 Hummer Mouth and Vaginal Entrance.  Another exquisite and incredible sex toy for men, it comes equipped with an actual life-like vagina and a mouth. So it is actually up to you what you would like to do with this incredible masturbator. Do you want to experience blow jobs at your own discretion? Or do you want to just get off by humping your submissive vagina? The choice is absolutely yours to make as you have the time of your life.

Enough time dwelling on some of the best male masturbators for sale. We don’t have to over-emphasis the fact the most popular sex toy in the world is a vibrator.  Most adult shops stock a variety consisting of hundreds if not over a thousand variations of this sexual device.  Vibrating sex toys seems like the special go to toy of choice for most men, couples and women.   Vibrators that are incredible for men include P-Spot, G-Spot, Ben Wa Balls and other variation of vibrating sex toys.

With all these incredible sexual devices there is a place for persona lubricant in any sexually active man’s life. One of my favorite lubes for sale is the Climax Water. Completely free from Phthalate and safe for use on your body, this water-based lubricant is compatible with condoms and adds to your sexual adventures by its slippery sensations. All you have to do is to apply it to your genitals or condom in any needed quantity to provide the lubrication you need. A wonderful thing about this lube for sale is that it does not stain fabrics. Using just water and soap you can clean it easily. Again, it is water-based and unscented, non-greasy and non-sticky. Its pump is spill proof which allows it to provide you with all the lubrication you need while not getting things messy.

Another enticing and incredible sex toys for men worth buying is the 3-in-1 Vibe X-tra Cock Extension. This is a bedroom companion for those of us that are not too naturally endowed down there. And we know what that means and how size plays a real role in the sexual activities of couples and partners. And does it do a good job of offering the most needed assistance in that regard. Once inserted, your penis would be easily extended to a huge 7.5cm and 3”. Now, you can boast of being the king in the bedroom. It is completely free from Phthalate and comprises of a micro-mini vibe, and cock ring all made from Cyber Skin. Go on and give this incredible sex toys for men worth buying a try today. We assure you that you would come back to thank us.

Emmett Got Locked Up In Silverado!

Over time, man has had the urge to explore his sexual potential and determine how far he can actually go to really satisfy this itch. The undeniable fact is that there is possibly no limit to fully fulfilling these urges. Different people have different sexual extremes to which they would be willing to go to satisfy themselves  and for me it was found when I discovered the Silverado Cock Cage. . Though many people may consider this as a strange act, I like to view it as a sexy method that undoubtedly turns on most women, especially mine.

What is a cock cage?

I am sure most of you might be wondering what the hell I am talking about. Now, a cock cage is simply a device that encloses either the penis or both the penis and the testicles. It usually attaches at the base of the balls and is normally made of stainless steel. Often, they possess a hasp like section allowing them to be lockable so that they can only be removed by the key bearer.

There is quite a bit of history relating to chastity devices as many years ago it is believed that fathers used to make their daughters wear chastity belts or husbands their wives when the were away for extended periods. They believed that by doing this, they would help them preserve their virginity until marriage or from cheating on them. The real threat in this was when the fathers died or husbands killed the poor girls had to live with these burdens for the rest of their lives unless they found a good locksmith. Recently however, women have found the drive to want to feel more in control of their men. The use of a cock cages does just the trick for them as they will be empowered with owning the key and choosing when and where they man can be released. It allows sexual stimulation while at the same time forbidding sexual intercourse of any kind by tightly enclosing the male member. Sexual stimulation of the penis is possible by use of the tongue or fingertips but this often is not possible as when the male member becomes aroused in a chastity device will often cause discomfort and/or pain.


In medieval ages, these chastity devices were made using poor or even toxic materials which could cause serious side effects on the wearer. However, with modern cock cage such as the Silverado cock cage, the user is guaranteed of an increased sexual experience in a safe and secure device.  So What is It About the Silverado Cock Cage that sets it apart from the others.  Well that is easy to answer the Silverado cock cage consists of a ring strategically seated around the base of the penis behind the scrotum and a penis cage which is basically a tube that serves to hold the penis with the two parts joined together with a hinge.  The cage is so designed that the penis inside cannot be directly stimulated with the hands and if you are get aroused that it would become uncomfortable and even painful thereby allowing for greater male sexual control. However, the tip is perforated so as to allow urine to pass through easily.

Another unique special feature of the Silverado cock cage is its incorporation of side vents which effectively facilitate regular cleaning and maintenance plus air circulation. Like other cock cages, the Silverado cock cage also contains a ring and cage lock system.

My Pros of the Silverado cock cage based on my experience with these chastity devices, I would highly recommend any user to go for the Silverado cock cage as it offers the safest enhancements to the skill of  male chastity especially between couples.  The rings are made and properly positioned to limit the circulation of blood in the penis for consequential greater satisfaction. The Silverado cock cage is conveniently available and price friendly to suit the budgets of every user. With modern technology, one need not stress themselves with transport charges. One can easily order the life changing Silverado cock cage online at the best adult shops.  Silverado cock cage is highly Eco-friendly made with the most recent technology to ensure that it is both user and environmental friendly utilizing the simplest and yet effective materials to manufacture.The Silverado cock cage comes with a 100% guarantee of safety. Its rings are made of surgical steel to ensure the user’s satisfaction, contentment and additional comfort.

Silverado Chastity

This amazing product is tested and licensed hence its quality has already been proven to be of the right standards.  It also comes in varying sizes, shapes and colors to suit the user’s preference. Finally, the Silverado cock cage is a miracle worker when it comes to controlling your orgasm and masturbation addiction. Actually, this is the main reason why I find this product amazing. With this capability, your esteem as a man is boosted to unimaginable levels. Every man wants to not only feel satisfied with sex but also make their partners get the most out of it. I personally believe that with this product already in the market, one has no legitimate explanation to low libido or any sexual disorientation.. Don’t hesitate; simply get into the store and grab the Silverado cock cage and discover new ways to make your sexual performance electrifying. Improve your sexual activity, gratification and mood. You deserve to bring out the real sexy you so don’t wait!

Adultsmart Interview With Sir James – Cuckolding!

This morning I read an interesting article from one of my favorite adult blogs Adultsmart.  In it a BDSM Master, Sir James, delves into the intricacies of couples cuckolding and as we all know a bit of cuckolding  play is always better when incorporating a bit of chastity games.  It is informative and delves into what it is like being a master at the Fetish House and a broader understanding of the whole set up.  If you are like me and enjoy expanding your knowledge in your Fetlife have a read of the Sir James interview….

SuperSlyde: The holy grail of lubes

We added this review as superslyde is an awesome silicone lubricant to allow the sliding on and off for your treasured chastity devices that will not dry up!


Excerpt from –

Taking care of your new possession is a simple task. It helps when you get in the mind frame that his penis is pretty much under your control. You have the key to the chastity device and he can’t access his penis for any reason unless you expressly allow it. In the beginning pretty much every single chastity device that your purchase, unless you go all out and get it custom measured and fitted, will provide physical issues. It might not sit right, it might rub things the wrong way, and invariably there will be some issue. It’s a good idea to remove the cage every few days and have a thorough inspection of his genitals. What you’re looking for are sores, redness, chafing or any indication that the device isn’t fitting or sitting properly. If there are any issues, you should consider leaving him unlocked for a period of time until they heal and work out what the issue might be. Chafing can be fixed with lubricant for metal cages, and some talcum powder or similar for a silicone cage. If it’s obvious that it’s just not fitting right, and it’s not going to fit right – then you should consider ordering a different chastity device, or sending the one that you have back for an adjustment – however this is dependent on the regulations of the place that you bought it from and whether it’s a custom fit or can have aftermarket attachments placed onto it. This is a very normal part of the easing into it process. Once things are fitting right, and you aren’t having any problems, you can begin to ease up on the inspections. He’ll also need to be unlocked for inspections and cleaning less often. Just because he is unlocked does not mean that he will automatically get an orgasm, and this is something that needs to be made perfectly clear to him. Otherwise what will happen is that his body will be trained into expecting an orgasm every single time that the cage is unlocked – and this is really not a very good position to be in especially when the fantasy revolves around the idea of teasing and denial.

As you can imagine there are so many various types of lubricants on the market. Here at OhZone we get to play with them all! The longer I am here the better I am at identifying them when customers have some in their hands without seeing the label. Not all products are created equal and most of the time, you’ll pay for what you get. Cheap lubes require more lube, feel tacky and ultimately can ruin a great sexual encounter. Remember lubricant is the foundation of great sex and you should read this review before buying cheap lube from the local supermarket again. That’s not saying I am a lube snob, I have also been guilty of buying cheap tacky lubes. I get it, you’re in a hurry and the local shops only stock crap lube – trust me we’ve all done it.


However, I’ve been working on this blog for a while and I can honestly say that SuperSlyde out performs all other lubricants on the market. I have spent my time in store apply lube to my hands to test smell, consistency and silkiness. This was a messy job, but I did it for you, the loyal readers!


Why SuperSlyde is superior!


After two years of research and development; SuperSlyde boast that their silicone lubricant will undergo various processes in order to achieve the correct texture, viscosity, texture, silkiness and slipperiness of the product. They have done all sorts of scientific testing to create the most perfect silicone lubricant for you. Not only is it the most perfect consistency it is created under strict manufacturing procedures to ensure that your product is not only of the highest standard in hygiene but also the best lube on the market. SuperSlyde is made in Singapore using only premium pharmaceutical grade silicone ingredients and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical certified GMP conditions using a tightly controlled manufacturing process to ensure the best quality product.


It’s an award winner!


SuperSlyde was the winner of the best lubricant at Australia’s Eros Shine in 2013. This lube is award winning, latex safe, hypoallergenic and suitable for those with the most sensitive of skin. SuperSlyde has no scent and best it’s so soft on the skin, I’ve known some of our staff members to use it as a moisturiser or hand cream!


Listen to me, your local sexpert.


I’ve never been a huge lubricant fan as I’ve always found it’s consistency disgusting. So, you can imagine my horror when I was handed a bottle on one of my very first shifts here at OhZone. If anything, my experience with SuperSlyde has made me more open to try new lubricants. I use my SuperSlyde often and I still have more than half of the bottle – the stuff lasts forever! I was surprised as the texture it was soft, silky and it never wears down or goes tacky. The smallest amount will go so far and really improves sexual intercourse.


SuperSlyde into anal.


I’d recommend this lubricant particularly if you’re wanting a long-lasting silicone lubricant for anal sex. During sex you never have to stop to top up, the only thing that wears it down is when you get in the shower to wash it off with soap. I have been so impressed with this lubricant and the more customers that try often come back and tell me the same thing. This is the BEST lubricant on the market; I recommend this to couples wanting to try anal sex for the first time. I personally wouldn’t recommend any other product for anal sex ever again.


Great for sex – bad for your toys!

The only downfall is that because this lubricant is silicone based you will never be able to use it on your toys. Why? Great question! The reason for that being silicone bonds to silicone. When this happens, the silicone lube turns your expensive silicone toys into a sticky, ruined mess. Although it has been generally thought that medical-grade silicone toys and silicone lube will not result in a reaction, there are just too many toys and lubes for us to test. Better to be safe than sorry, from everyone at the Adult lifestyle centre’s we recommend using water-based lubricants with your toys.

In conclusion…

If I could get all my customers to buy a bottle, I swear they would never buy another brand ever again. Some customers who I have convinced to try it come back and tell me how much they loved it. I promise you all, it is worth every cent. SuperSlyde is liquid gold so much so that its customer base ranges from: working girls to gay men to average couples. This lubricant deserves to be in every household in Australia. Honestly, do yourself a favour try some and have the best sex of your life! You will never buy cheap lube from the local supermarket again.

Buy Silicone Chastity Lubricant

Sado’s Chamber – Cock and Ball Chastity Fun

Master series Sado’s chamber silicone male chastity device


Does the thought of submission tickle your fancy?

Does giving somebody control arouse you?





I highly recommend addomt he SADO’S CHAMBER CHASTITY DEVICE to your bag of goodies


 Purpose of a chastity device


The application of a chastity belt is an indication of the control/dominance of the “key-holder” over the wearer’s sexual activities. By wearing the chastity belt the submissive/slave accepts surrender of control over their sexual desires to the other partner, who may grant permission to the wearer to engage in sexual activity by unlocking the chastity device. The dominant may decide when, where, how often, and even if, the submissive is allowed their sexual release. This is a great element of control in a power exchange, as the controlling of ones sexual arousal, release and even orgasms can be both empowering and a lot of fun for each of the people involved.


The wearer of the belt or chastity is known as the sub/slave in a BDSM relationship. This is a part of the wider practice of tease & denial, some people claim it increases submissiveness in their men, other people claim it gets males to be more in tune with their emotions, feelings and state of mind. It has often been reported that when worn, the chastity belt frequently reminds the slave of the sexual frustration they could experience. There’s actually scientific research that’s been placed in this with the effects that an orgasm has on the chemical balance of an individual and how that can in turn affect their personality, and their day to day goings.

Most belt designs cannot prevent wearers from physically touching their genitals but they do usually prevent masturbation. Although devices may hold the penis firm, they can  be loose and, even though sex is impossible, it is possible for manual stimulation even to orgasm however often resulting in a ruined orgasm. The most effective masturbation prevention requires design features that incorporate piercings or a completely enclosed chastity device





– 1 silicone cage/tube

– 3 graduated size silicone back rings

– 2 plastic cinch straps

– 5 individually numbered plastic seal locks

– 1 padlock with 2 keys


Ring measurements are:

– 2” diameter (52mm)

– 1.75” diameter (47mm)

– 1.5” diameter (41mm)


How to apply your brand new chastity device

Please ensure you set up your device correctly, a poorly set up chastity device could result in a serious injury

At first look whilst still in the box my thoughts were it was going to be an easy application with the device but once I took everything out of the box there were heaps of parts and I was a little confused on how to set it up. All you need is; your shaft tube  – ring – cinch strap with white clip – and padlock/numbered plastic lock.


multi part chastity cage in silicone
Silicone CBT Chamber Unboxed

Step 1

Apply a small amount of water based lubricant onto yourself or to the device whichever is preferred to create easy application due too the product being completely silicone I recommend a trim/shave to help lower the risk of pinching whilst using the device , then grab the ring with your preferred measurement around your genital area then take out the small white clip for the lock seal onto

Step 2

Grab 1 of the 2 Cinch straps and push the white clip through one of the end holes and begin to thread the cinch strap through 1 of the top slots of the chastity tube and begin to wrap around the  back ring  whilst heading through the remaining 2 slots after you have reached the full way around back to the other side attach the cinch strap to the white clip again.

Step 3

Get out the padlock or numbered plastic locks and lock it up! 😏

The Sado’s chamber would have to be one of the most comfortable chastity devises I have worn and would definitely have to be the most comfortable I have been able to sleep in with no metal spikes or pieces to give pinching. It’s great for comfort whilst knowing you are still securely locked up.

With great size ventilation holes perfect for cleaning without removal this chamber is designed perfectly with a soft silky silicone for movement & comfort in favour of the slave/sub with no pins or sharp edges for any unwanted pinching.


Master Series