Solo Male Chastity!

Not everyone that engages in practicing male chastity is in a relationship. Nor, do they necessarily want to be in a relationship or better yet, they may not even require sexual satisfaction. It’s an interesting phenomenon that sees solo male chastity as either becoming a part of the desexualisation of the male figure, or as an attempt to curb their own sexual habits or even to abate their own sexual interests. Solo male chastity is a very interesting aspect of chastity because the psychology is vastly different than what it is within couple chastity.

In solo chastity, the key holder is essentially yourself, you both deny yourself and release yourself based on you and your needs. Sure, you can ask a friend to mind the key, and there are some friends out there that will not even hesitate to do this. Yet, not everyone has the friend, and the premise of solo chastity relies on your own ability to avoid temptation. There are many reasons why people will engage in solo male chastity. They might feel that they have a sexual compulsion problem which needs to be curbed, they might feel that they need to refocus their sexual energy towards other pursuits and endeavors, they might relish the idea of a personal challenge, they might find the idea of an unknown key holder to be incredibly alluring or they might simply seek to try something new. There are a variety of reasons why someone will engage themselves in solo male chastity.

Curbing Addiction:-

Fetish Porn is an incredibly large commodity in today’s media driven world with an estimated 71% percent of internet users at some stage accessing or consuming pornography. A study from 2009 suggested that the average single male consumed about 2 hours’ worth of porn per week. That’s on average, so there are a lot of males who consume porn at a much higher rate than that. 20% of males in the United States have admitted to accessing pornography at work. With such worrying statistics is it any wonder that some men seek the need to find help? I’m by no means suggesting that the consumption of pornography is a bad thing and there are plenty of studies that agree with this statement – however, as with most things too much of a certain thing can lead to issues. It can become problematic as the situation might cloud their judgement, or it might become an obstacle in daily life, or work life. We’ve mentioned several time throughout this website, that some people choose chastity in order to refocus their sexual energy onto different tasks, and this ‘addiction’ or consumption of pornography might be standing in the way of a few things. It is no small wonder than that there are men out there who, in order to curb their pornography consumption, have chosen to use a chastity device.



The benefits of using a chastity device are that it can lead to an increase in self-control, will power and determination; qualities which can transcend the realm of chastity devices and affect an individual’s daily life as well. Many men report that they have used a chastity device at work in order to help stave off their erections, arousal levels and become more productive at work. However, it does take a while to achieve that higher productivity as you become used to wearing a cage around your cock with the key safely at home. Thinking of the science of chastity and reading that article will help you in understanding the time lengths it can potentially take to increase productivity amidst the rollercoaster ride of dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin. These men have also found that their orgasms are much stronger when they do eventually find sexual release simply because they’ve been holding out on themselves.


Asexuality & Low Sex Drives:-

The asexual population, or rather those that aren’t into sex or have exceptionally low sex drives, are also users of the chastity device. I was speaking to a friend recently with whom I asked about his decision to wear a chastity device. He explained it to me as whilst he found no sexual attraction in anyone, nor did he have a particularly high sex drive – he still would randomly get erections as the body tested out the arteries and ensures that everything was still functioning. He wore the chastity cage for two reasons; the first reason being that it prevented him getting erections. He’d read about the uses of chastity cages and discovered that there were some men out there who had managed to learn to control their erections throughout the day.



This appealed to my friend greatly, who often felt rather embarrassed at the thought of having an erection in front of other people. The second reason he offered was that it was a safety net for him. He had a very low sex drive, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to occasionally have sex or jerk himself off. This secured his cock firmly in a cage, the key safely at home and he didn’t feel the need to indulge himself every now and then. For him it was about the comfort and the satisfaction of knowing that if he was placed in a situation whereby his bodily urges attempted to overtake him, he would still be in control. Think of it like putting your Credit card in a cube of ice, to delay spending money that you do not have.

Further, there are some guys out there who want to practice celibacy, whether that be permanently, for a period of time due to religious or personal beliefs, or even if they simply want to cleanse the body.  Cock cages work wonderfully for these types of people who are new to practicing celibacy and need a bit of an extra security blanket to ensure that they don’t stray. These are only a couple of the reasons that single men choose to wear cock cages – but I hope that it provides a little insight into a seemingly mysterious world.


Unknown Key Holders:-

There are actually forums, and dedicated websites to individuals who want to be online key holder for other people. They find the idea of being in control of someone’s sexual urges to be a turn on for themselves, and they are there to help the people who want to engage in chastity, yet aren’t in a relationship, don’t have a friend willing to help and yet still want to be in a chastity relationship. These people might market themselves as chastity trainers, or as Mistresses and Masters who will look after you, and help you achieve the lifestyle of chastity that you want. Chastity slaves are generally held captive by their keyholder either through the physical submission of their key, or will be given a new lock with a code with which the chaste male may request for different reasons. There are a few things which might be different with an online chastity relationship as opposed to physical chastity relationship.

The male seeking chastity may discuss with the key-holder the length of time that the male has to remain in the chastity device. Once the allocated time has passed, the key or code will be given in order to free them. If the chaste male has broken a rule, or a guideline, then an extension of chastity may be given. The time may be days, weeks or even months, or it could be left unneeded with the chaste male having to perform certain tasks in order to complete his sentence.


relating to each other
key communication


Communication Is Key. As with all submissive and dominant relationships limits are discussed, put into a document or agreement and signed/agreed to by all parties. It would be wise to ensure that there is an agreement so that there are a sense of guidelines to the relationship.

A Physical Key, or code must be given to a third individual/party or put in safe keeping for emergencies. If something were to happen to the dominant, or key holder and there was an emergency, allowances must be given so that the chaste male can obtain freedom.

Once limits have been set, the chaste male has given over all control. From here the keyholder could get them to perform daily tasks, have fun with them in humiliating and obscene ways, or simply ensure that the chaste male is following all instructions. Failure to do this could result in an extension of the time spent in chastity, or they might be given increasingly humiliating acts as a form of punishment. Though it should be noted that not all chastity relationships contain elements of humiliation and that there are other tasks that can be completed in the absence of humiliation. In virtual key holding situations – the chaste male will need to provide proof that the tasks are being completed and proof could be given in the form of photos, videos, emails, text, or voice. The situations and the tasks are endless. We have provided an example of some humiliating assignments that might be used:

  • Do not wear underwear and socks
  • Go to a nude beach
  • Walk around gym locker room nude
  • Wear white spandex/lycra while jogging or at gym
  • Shower only with cold water
  • Insert 2 golf balls in the ass for 24 hours
  • Shave all body hair below your neck. Keep shaved during sentence
  • Wear a leather slave collar in public
  • Wear a butt plug with a tail on it for an entire day
  • Grab a black marker and write your penis size on your head in inches/cm and then go shopping.
  • Go to a gym with showers and take a shower with chastity cage in front of your gym buddies
  • Take a bunch of photos with you naked and wearing the chastity cage in range of different positions. Send it to the Keyholder
  • Write a 2000 word essay on the benefits of chastity and send it to the Keyholder
  • Take a picture kneeling and naked wearing the chastity cage in a changing room at the shopping centre
  • List 50 reasons why it is a privilege to be allowed to be kept in chastity by the Keyholder (We have acquired this task through a chaste slave and posted it in an article on this website)

What these tasks are designed to do is to incorporate and reinforce the dominant and submissive relationship through the unknown key-holder. Such assignments are not for everyone, and there may be a discussion as to the types of assignments that are doable when setting the guidelines of the relationship – but it is the mission of the dominant to slowly increase your boundaries, though a good dominant will understand those boundaries and push them without breaking them.


Solo Chastity:-

The last group of individuals are the ones that simply want to enjoy solo chastity without the influence of others. They could constitute a combination of any of the above mentioned feelings, and they might not have any. They may simply enjoy being caged and the self-control that they are physically putting on themselves. In our next article we will go through some of the safety tips as well as some games that might be played by people in solo chastity.

There are in fact hundreds of thousands of people that prescribe to this and groups like NoFap claim to be a secular porn-recovery community.

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