How To Buy Male Chastity Devices: A Comprehensive Guide

Learning to buy male chastity devices can be an exciting process, especially for newbies to the world of chastity. You need to know how to measure correctly, understanding options available to get the best chastity experience.

Understanding Male Chastity

Male chastity involves denying a man’s ability to achieve sexual arousal, pleasure, or orgasm through the use of a chastity device. Its aim is to shift the focus from the man’s pleasure to that of his partner, the keyholder. Chastity play is an integral part of a BDSM or D/s (dominant/submissive) relationship, or it can be a standalone kink for couples looking to explore new sexual dynamics.

Choosing the Right Chastity Device

Factors to consider include material, design, comfort, and security. Male chastity devices come in various materials, such as silicone, plastic, and metal, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Silicone and plastic devices are lightweight, more comfortable for long-term wear, and less expensive than metal devices. They are not as durable or secure as metal devices. Metal devices are more robust and provide a greater sense of confinement and control. Many find them pleasing to look at.

Male chastity devices can range from simple, cage-like structures to more elaborate, customizable options with various features and attachments. Consider your personal preferences, level of experience, and desired level of restriction when selecting a design.

How to Measure for a Chastity Device

A device that’s too tight or too loose can cause discomfort, injury, or defeat the purpose of chastity play. To ensure a proper fit, you’ll need to measure the following:

Back ring 

Internal diameter (inside width)

Cage length 

Length of your flaccid penis

Internal Cage diameter 

The internal width relates to your penis girth

Ball trap gap 

The gap between the cage and back ring

Measuring the Back Ring

Measuring the back ring, use a piece of non-stretchy, rounded string or cord and wrap it around the base of your penis and testicles. Mark the string where it meets, then measure the length of the string against a flat ruler to determine the ring circumference. Divide this circumference by Pi (3.14) to obtain the internal diameter of the back ring.

Measuring the Cage Length

To measure the cage length, place a flat ruler against your pubic bone and measure the length of your completely flaccid penis from base to tip. Subtract 6mm to 12mm (1/4 to 1/2 inch) from this measurement to ensure a snug fit when selecting a chastity cage.

Measuring the Internal Cage Diameter

To measure the internal cage diameter, wrap a piece of string or cord around the thickest part of your flaccid penis, mark it, and measure the length against a flat ruler to determine the circumference. Divide this measurement by 3.14 to obtain the internal cage diameter.

Determining the Ball Trap Gap

The ball trap gap refers to the space between the cage and the back ring. If your testicles hang high and tight, you may require a wider gap, while those with low and loose testicles may need a smaller gap. Over time, as your body adjusts to long-term chastity, you may need a smaller gap to maintain a secure fit.

Understanding Ring Types

There are several ring types available for male chastity devices, including circular, curved/oval, and curved hinged rings. Each ring type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to understand the differences to select the best option for your needs.

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Circular Ring

Circular rings are the most common type of back ring and feature a simple, unbroken circle. To put one on, you must push your penis and testicles through the ring.

Curved/Oval Ring

Curved or oval rings are similar to circular rings but feature a more elongated shape, providing additional room at the bottom. These rings are also unbroken and require pushing your penis and testicles through the ring.

Curved Hinged Ring

Curved hinged rings open out and can be placed under the ball sack, then closed above the penis. These rings are wider and have a smaller internal height. Some users may experience pinching with these rings, which can be remedied with body-safe plastic or tape.

How to Choose the Right Ring Size

Beginners should opt for a larger ring size if they’re between sizes. For example, if you measure 48mm, choose a 50mm ring instead of a 45mm ring. You can always purchase a smaller ring later as you become more accustomed to wearing a chastity device.

What to Know About Male Chastity

Knowing the roles of the keyholder and the wearer, the importance of communication and consent, and the potential physical and emotional effects of chastity play. Chastity can be an intense and fulfilling experience for both parties, but it’s essential to approach it with respect, openness, and understanding.

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Who Holds the Key?

The keyholder is the person responsible for controlling access to the locked individual’s genitals. They can be a romantic or sexual partner, a professional dominant, or even oneself in cases of self-imposed chastity. The keyholder’s role is to maintain control over the wearer’s sexual pleasure and ensure their chastity device is worn securely and safely.

What Are the Rules?

Chastity play rules can include terms of wear, such as the length of time the device must be worn, conditions for release, and any punishments or rewards associated with adherence to or violation of the rules. Communication is key in establishing a set of mutually satisfying and safe rules for chastity play.

What is a Chastity Contract?

A chastity contract is a written agreement between the keyholder and the wearer outlining the terms of their chastity arrangement, including rules, expectations, and any punishments or rewards. While not legally binding, a chastity contract serves as a symbol of commitment and a reminder of the agreed-upon rules. It can be customized to suit the individual needs and desires of the parties involved.

Chastity Games for Locked Lovers

Add games into your chastity play can add an element of fun, excitement, and unpredictability. Chastity games can involve chance, such as dice or card games, or skill and knowledge, such as quizzes or treasure hunts. Playing chastity games can help deepen the connection between the keyholder and the wearer, as well as provide opportunities for teasing, denial, and exploration of new sexual dynamics.

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