Orgasm Denial Chastity!

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Chastity is a form of sexual play which sees the denial of orgasm and release. Short term chastity, is not considered to be harmful, especially when considering males with low sex drives. However, when it comes to the idea of long term chastity, the internet lights up with opinions, contradictions and beliefs. The idea of prostate milking is a much loved topic when it comes to chastity, and there are many people that sit on either side of the fence, with some saying that prostate milking is necessary, and others saying that it is not. What you do is entirely up to you, and your chaste male partner, however to help with your opinion we asked urologist on their thoughts regarding long term denial of ejaculation.

I am a urologist that enjoys chastity play. This background has given me a unique insight into chastity play and denial of orgasms. As with most kind of BDSM activities, there are always safety concerns, and i write this article so that people are aware of the safety concerns, can make informed decisions and ensuring that no one experiences any kind of pain or damage when orgasms are being controlled or denied. Most males are aware of a built in safety net that has been added to their bodies. When young boys start becoming sexually active through the production of semen and an ability to gain erections, they will discover that if they do not masturbate then they can often experience involuntary ejaculations during sleeping, also known as

‘Wet Dreams’

What this action does is accommodate for the oversupply of semen, and essentially clears the pipes. A chastity device prevents the wearer from getting erections, and a male can still ejaculate even if he cannot get an erection. Whilst there are a bunch of devices on the internet for commercial and home use which claim to prevent the emission of semen, it is ultimately unlikely that they will be able to overcome the natural safety release. Even if they did work effectively, there are dangers in the long term prevention of ejaculation.

One of the main components of semen is, prostatic fluid, and this is continuously being produced by the male prostate gland. The prostate’s purpose is to create the fluid which nourishes sperm for their journey, and it is roughly about 30% of the volume of semen. Unlike other glands within the body, the prostate has muscular components to it which it uses to expel prostatic fluid into the urethra during ejaculation. It’s common knowledge to understand that muscles need to be exercised, failure to exercise muscles will often result in atrophy – which is why when dealing with respite and palliative care that physical exercise becomes paramount. Thus, we have revealed two dangers of the denial of orgasm and sexual release for the prostate. Firstly, long term denial can result in the prostates muscles becoming quite weakened – this will cause difficulties during ejaculation and the glands capacity to empty itself. Secondly there can be an oversupply or abundance of the prostatic fluid in the prostate gland which can result in several problems just by itself.

Prostate Operation
Prostate Surgery


We’d like to take a brief side not and state; if you’re over 35 and you’ve never had a prostate exam then you should start scheduling them know. They’re fairly simple, and painless and they’ve been made out to be a worse thing than what they are. Your doctor will feel your prostate gland from inside through the rectal wall. Physical examination is paramount and the first line of defense when it comes to prostate illnesses. If the doctor detects any enlargement or abnormalities his first question will be regarding the last time that you ejaculated as this can affect the size of the prostate.

Benign Prostatic Enlargment (BPE) is increasingly common the older that a man gets, but the far more common cause of an enlarge prostate is caused by infrequent ejaculation. What this can lead to is a form of prostatitis. This can be harmful to the gland and is essentially an inflammation of the prostate gland, it is a painful inflammation. BPE, enlarged prostates, and irregular and infrequent ejaculation is what many people within the medical fields believe is a contributing reason for prostate cancer.

It might sound weird and unorthodox, but there have been many times in my doctor to patient history where I have been forced to prescribe masturbation and ejaculation. Especially in the case of older men who have found themselves single, they not only believe that masturbation is a sin, but they might also believe that masturbating is extremely disrespectful to their loved on who has passed away, or whom they have separated with. Convincing them to masturbate in order to solve and prevent some of their prostate issues was a task in of itself. I have also had to treat a patient who had prevented himself from ejaculating for almost a year.

Now this particular case wasn’t as a result of a kink, though it can be hard to tell if they’re embarrassed about chastity, as he claimed to have some form of mental disorder which resulted in delusions about sexual activity. Unfortunately, he had developed a myriad of issues as a result. Not only did he have a prostate that was rock hard to touch, but he also had an incredibly painful inflammation of the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles can be felt whenever you give yourself a testicular exam


(Friendly Reminder That You’re Doing This As Well Every Month, Yes Guys?)


and they’re the small tubular things that you can feel during the massage. He also had epididymitis, which is an infection that causes inflammation to the tubes which are at the back of each testicle and are responsible for the collection of spermatozoa. Long story short, he first had to be given anesthesia to undergo a forced milking massage, but this ultimately failed.

Following that, and his refusal to masturbate, we had no other choice but to remove the prostate and the surrounding tissues. He had to be given a long course of treatment in order to get rid of the inflammation and infection and he lost most sexual function. Whilst this was a rare, and extreme case, it can happen and it serves as a warning sign to the dangers of extreme chastity control. Anyone that is partaking in this kind of activity should be regularly checked by their urologist to ensure that there everything is going smoothly.

At the end of the day, it should be noted that every man is different. Everybody is different and each individual will have different tolerances for the length as to this kind of activity, so it is very difficult to ascertain any particular kind of medical standard. Because this kind of evaluation comes under health and safety, then any good dominant will not refuse permission to take the device off to go to the doctor as it is a reasonable request within chastity training.