Adultsmart Interview With Sir James – Cuckolding!

This morning I read an interesting article from one of my favorite adult blogs Adultsmart.  In it a BDSM Master, Sir James, delves into the intricacies of couples cuckolding and as we all know a bit of cuckolding  play is always better when incorporating a bit of chastity games.  It is informative and delves into what it is like being a master at the Fetish House and a broader understanding of the whole set up.  If you are like me and enjoy expanding your knowledge in your Fetlife have a read of the Sir James interview….

Male Chastity Loves Adultsmart!

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Intimacy is the best place and the best time for expression. Finding a partner with whom be free is the shortest way to self-discovery, and if one is not allowed to express freely with the other, then it means intimacy is not real.

Bondage Sado-masochism (BDSM) sounds like a tabu, like dark practice your ex is probably trying out with his new partner. And it’s not. Just like sex is a regular thing, a regular action upon which so much meaning has been bestowed, BDSM is also a normal thing.

It’s just not that popular as it’s seen as a porno-practice, something for weirdos and sexually curious people. And this is what we’re talking today: BDSM, and with a special emphasis on male chastity, and why The Male Chastity Blog readers should love The Adultsmart Lifestyle Blog.

The AdultsmartLifestyle Blog is a no-BS site where writers are honest, frank, and open about a healthy lifestyle for men. And a healthy lifestyle includes a healthy sexual life and sexual drive. With sex toys.

And the Male Chastity Blog is what you should be reading if you want to finally spice up your nights in bed. Or, you know, in the kitchen, the living room, the car, the sofa, the bath, the woods. Whatever you like.

The slave and the mistress

Chastity play –also referred to as chastity couples- engage in a game where the girl, dressed in sexy leather and high heels, is the mean mistress, while the boy, dress in nothing, is the slave.

The couple makes a silent contract to make their foreplay fantastic: the boy cannot make any move on the girl until she says so. He is a slave, a naughty little slave, and he must obey as she licks her body, rubs her back with her beautiful feet, kisses his lips, and teases Mr. Johnson.

It all grows better –and harder- with a chastity belt: a penis cage that keeps it away from the action. The mistress is free to tease it until it explodes and, as she keeps the key of the chastity belt, she is the one to decide when to set Mr. Jhonson free.

What better toy than a chastity belt, right? It’s just the perfect excuse to get all kinds of jobs. Fantasies fulfilled.

General rules of chastity play
Chastity couples is a way of living that may or may not go beyond the bedroom. Some couples only engage in this in special moments, while others take this as the philosophy of their relationship.

It’s your call. And here it is:

The slave obeys his Mistress until the Mistress says otherwise. In the body, heart, mind, and soul, the slave belongs to her.

The subdued has a safeword from when things get too heavy for him, and he accepts the responsibility of using it when necessary. The Mistress has to respect the use of the safeword, and if the condition arises, the Mistress will determine the appropriate course of action.

The slave’s body is always readily available for the Mistress, and the slave knows that his girl orders how he should use his body with others. So, in case of playing with other people, there are a set of rules the slave must obey to respect his master.

The slave demonstrates his acceptance of his role beyond intimacy moments: as a way of life, his role and service are 24/7 in the places and tasks the Mistress has set for him.

The Mistress may also hurt the slave to please herself without any reason or warning. The slave knows this and acknowledges that Mistress can use his body, mind, hear, and soul in whatever way she seems to like it. However, Mistress has agreed to not hurt the slave in any way that may require attention from a third-party.

The slave can cry, beg, scream, and plea, but he accepts that this painful expression will not change the way Mistress treats him. He also knows there’s a gag around Mistress can use when she gets tired of his disrespect.

The slave will always be honest to his master and will answer any question directly and without hesitation, especially when it’s about his emotional or physical condition. Furthermore, Mistress expects slave will speak his mind about things that bother him, however, this does not mean slave has a permission to whine.

Concerts are to be shared respectfully and politely. Then, Mistress will judge and take the actions she thinks necessary.

The slave will address his Mistress as “Mistress” or “Ma’am” with love and respect. Meanwhile, Mistress might give his slave “free periods” under which he can express freely with no punishments applied. During this free times, the slave will still address Mistress with love and respect.

Public and private rules of conduct

In private, the slave must greet Mistress wearing his collar, wrist restraints, and a shirt that belongs to Mistress. He must not wear underclothes in her presence unless she says otherwise.

As long as Mistress is home, the slave remains whatever she thinks is appropriate for him and wear whatever she decides. And as the slave leaves the room, the must explains his reasons.

In public, the slave can only participate in the activities the Mistress has approved, and act in such a way that doesn’t call the attention of anyone else. He calls Mistress by his name and dress as he likes for public scenarios, but still seek approval of the clothing he wears to go out.

The chastity agreement cannot interfere with anyone’s career. The slave must work honestly and hard for the betterment and honor of both him and his owner.

Married in Chastity
Chastity Couple

A lifestyle for healthy couples

The Chastity Blog and the Adult Lifestyle Blog can get much from each other. A chastity belt is the first step towards chastity play. If you don’t like all of this rules – like, for example, you like being a man and being in charge and not behave like a little B***h – you could choose to engage in this kind of games on special occasions.

For example, who’s to say you and your partner wouldn’t enjoy being Mistress and Slave during your anniversary? Maybe he deserves punishment for such basic gifts or for the time he was mean to your mother.

And with a chastity belt, man, you can sit down and enjoy your girl teasing and edging you until you have accumulated so much drive that you feel ready to break the bed and sleep for two days straight.