5 Tips To Become The Ultimate Slave Through Sexting

Welcome fellow purveyor of kink culture, have you been a bad slave in needing proper punishment? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place. Today you will be learning how to be the ultimate slave while sexting. Not everyone has the time or know-how in order to or access to a Pro Domme Dungeon. That is precisely what the Internet is for! Now you can talk to sex chat professionals to get your kinks met on your schedule regardless of your location. If it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned slave who needs to be kept in their place, sexting is the perfect digitized option for you. Work from home? How about Kink from home as well? Let’s get into all of it in today’s five tips to be the ultimate slave through sexting with a sex chat professional using the Arousr platform.




There is truly nothing worse for a Domme than a male slave who is unruly, cannot submit, and refuses to follow orders. This actually defeats the point of being a submissive male. You must always be willing to comply with the orders of your Domme at all times during your sexting session. The thought of having someone else in full control of you for your time together is exactly what should turn you on in order to venture down the obedient slave path with your digital Domme. Relinquishing all control is your first step to joy and pleasure… on your Domme’s terms of course.

Funds for Fetish Fun


There is absolutely nothing worse than getting all tied up (pun intended) with your Domme in a kinky chat and running out of funds to keep it going. Sex chat professional is on your schedule for a reason. You must be prepared with enough funds to make sure you have the most fetish fun possible in a session. No one likes to rush a good time, make sure you have enough funds to get all your needs met. Especially as a slave, your only job is to prove to your Domme you are worthy of their time and attention. It’s the Domme’s job to make sure you explore as many avenues of being submissive as possible.


A good general rule of thumb is based on what kind of experience you want to have. A quickie should be anything between 5-10 minutes of your time. If your home for the night and want to really get deeply involved and explore expect 15 minutes or longer. A typical digital domme session is around 30 minutes in length.





It’s vital you are into this fetish play to submit. You agree to give up all control the minute you are in the presence of your Domme. This could be for 10 minutes or one hour, no matter the time you play your role and you submit. No longer do you make the rules, it’s not your way it’s her way. You feel a deep need to relinquish all control you have over yourself to her. No longer are you capable of making your own choices. This transition is very important in order to start enjoying your role as a sub. Your only responsibility is to serve her needs. Domme now knows what’s best.



Any experienced Domme will always have a plethora of tasks for her submissive to accomplish. These tasks play a pivotal role in slave training, in your sexting session you should receive a leave one task from your Domme if you have been a good slave. If you have followed the steps above your Domme will be more than happy to offer you a task to complete. These tasks can be purely to serve your Domme’s needs (i.e paying for her manicure) or yours (allowing you to cum). It’s up to you how good of a little bitch you can prove yourself to be in order to be deemed worthy of being given tasks. If you have spent a fair amount of time chatting with your Domme and no task is given you are always allowed to ask for one. Just prepared to be put in your place if your Domme is not ready to give you one yet. Sometimes a contract is needed between slave and domme.


Be Open-Minded


No matter what, you must be and remain open minded in order to be a good submissive. If you attempt to start a sexting session telling your Domme what to do you are not being submissive. A submissive is ready and willing to do absolutely anything to please their Domme. The more obscure the task, the more kinky the act of pleasure, the more fucked in the mind the better. When you submit you are allowing yourself to no longer be closed off to new experiences. This is by far the most important aspect of being the ultimate slave through sexting your digital Domme.


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