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Wolf Whistle Penis Plug
Wolf Whistle Penis Plug
Wolf Whistle Penis Plug
Wolf Whistle Penis Plug
Wolf Whistle Penis Plug
Wolf Whistle Penis Plug

Wolf Whistle Penis Plug

Unlock unique sensations with the Wolf Whistle Penis Plug. Buy this stainless steel urethral toy for a stimulating BDSM experience. Shop now.
Price $24.99

Product Description

Exquisite pleasure with the BDStyle Wolf Whistle Penis Plug, a solid and tiered cockplug that will turn your sounding fantasies into reality. Delight in the sensational experiences provided by this unique cock plug, designed to take your intimate play to new heights.

As you insert this solid thru cock plug, you'll quickly realize that there's no need to cry wolf. Instead, you'll be moaning with delight and experiencing male ecstasy like never before. Let the amazing bulbs and tapers of this stimulating cock plug send waves of pleasure throughout your body.

Measuring 60mm in overall length, with an insertable length of 55mm and a diameter ranging from 6mm to 9mm, this Wolf Whistle Penis Plug ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your pleasure.

Embrace the delights of the BDStyle Wolf Whistle Penis Plug and explore the wonders of sounding with this solid and bulbed cock plug. Experience the satisfaction of this stimulating and amazing penis plug, adding a new level of pleasure to your intimate moments.

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