Frequently Asked Questions

Many sex toys come with batteries included. However there is a clear protective sheet of plastic at the tips to ensure that the batteries are not used and that they do not leak. Remove these pieces of plastic and your device should work.
Many times customers in their rush to try their new toy put the batteries round the wrong way. Ensure that batteries are placed the correct way in their assigned compartments and your device will start.
Many adult product now come with a travel lock to make sure it does not accidentally go off whilst traveling etc. Each manufacturer has a different way of turning it off but the most common is to hold the on button down for three seconds or combination of two buttons for three seconds. Read your instruction guide if this does not work for travel lock details.
Many sex toys come with charging cradles. Each charging point on the product has to align with the charger points on the cradle. Matching these up should allow you to charge your device.
If your sex toy did not come with a cradle and is rechargeable it will come with a usb or power cable. Ensure that each end of the cable is inserted appropriately and that for the power cable the power outlet is switched on and if a usb cable ensure that the port does charge.
Payment options are available after you place your items in cart and then checkout. The process is simple and these are the payment methods available -
  • Credit Card/Debit Card via Paypal
  • Paypal Express Checkout
  • Bitcoin via Bitplay
  • Bank/POST transfer prepayment
  • Check/Money Order
  • Other
All products are packaged in plain box or envelope. Item is listed as a gift from RMV Management. No mention of this website is made.
RMV Management Pty Ltd. The only time reference to the website is made is in the event of a chargeback.
Yes, all our products are in stock - however we sell on numerous platforms and inventory is updated every 24 hours so occasionally an item will be out of stock.
We take care in ensuring that we always pick the correct items but occasionally get it wrong. Please notify us of the mistake within 48 hours of receipt and we will give you further assistance.