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Capricious Penis Plug
Capricious Penis Plug
Capricious Penis Plug
Capricious Penis Plug

Capricious Penis Plug

Discover the unknown with the Capricious Penis Plug. Experience thrilling bead sensations during urethral play. Shop now for premium pleasure and excitement.
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Product Description

Introducing the mesmerizing Capricious Penis Plug, a one-of-a-kind pleasure accessory designed to take your urethral play to new heights. This captivating piece boasts a series of carefully arranged beads along its shaft, creating an unpredictable and exhilarating journey of sensations. Crafted for those who seek excitement and surprise, this solid penis plug will keep you guessing and craving more with each use.

Measuring a tantalizing 75mm in length and featuring a width of 7.7mm at its widest point, the Capricious Penis Plug is a premium addition to your collection of pleasure toys. Its unique design ensures that every insertion is a thrilling experience, and its solid construction guarantees both comfort and safety during use.

Embrace the enigmatic allure of the Capricious Penis Plug and unlock a world of pleasure that's tailored to your desires. Elevate your urethral play sessions and indulge in the unpredictable delights this remarkable plug has to offer.

75mm Length

7.7mm at Widest

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