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Penis Plug Ripple Jumbo
Penis Plug Ripple Jumbo
Penis Plug Ripple Jumbo

Penis Plug Ripple Jumbo

Enhance your intimate play with the Penis Plug Ripple Jumbo. Buy yours today and experience the ultimate in sensuality. Hell’s Couture awaits your command.
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Product Description

Penis Plug Ripple Jumbo - an exquisite masterpiece designed for those who crave extraordinary sensations and daring adventures in the realm of fetish play. Crafted from premium medical steel, this cockplug promises to take your pleasure to new heights. From the very first moment of use, you'll embark on an erotic journey that pushes boundaries and explores uncharted territory.

With an overall length of 120mm and an insertable length of 110mm, this remarkable piece of art boasts a slender 5mm width at its slimmest point and widens to an exciting 8mm at its most enticing. But that's not all; it features a glans ring measuring 30mm and strategically placed ribbing for intensified stimulation that will leave you breathless.

When it comes to materials, we take your safety seriously. This product is crafted from 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel, ensuring your peace of mind. Beware of imitations on the market that use inferior materials like chromed steel or poor-quality surgical steel containing Magnate, an ingredient that leads to rust. Rest assured, our commitment to quality means we only endorse 100% surgical steel products.

Whether you're a submissive, dominant, or somewhere in between, the Penis Plug Ripple Jumbo is your ticket to unforgettable fetish sessions. Embrace your desires, explore your limits, and savor the unique sensations that this high-quality cockplug has to offer. Elevate your intimate experiences with Hell’s Couture.

Material: Medical steel

Overall length: 120mm

Insertable length: 110mm

Width at slimest point 5mm

Width at widest point: 8mm

Glans Ring 30mm

 With lines for additional stimulation

Even if you are the most experienced BDSM player out there you will not be able to anything but love the Hell’s Couture range of Bondage and Fetish Gear. The range is like no other and with so many combinations and types of product it is a kinksters delight. Some of the bondage wear are just a sinvention and with hundreds of styles of penis plugs and urethral sound, chastity devices and even cock rings it is CBT heaven. After some leather gear, maybe some collars, restraints or perhaps a bondage hood, there is something for every sensation. Make your Fetlife real and get some sensory sex toys like a wartenberg wheel of blindfold. Something for everyone from one of the world’s favorite bondage brands.

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