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Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring
Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring
Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring
Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring
Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring

Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring

Unlock new realms of pleasure with the Slingshot Urethral Play Gear by BDStyle. Explore sounding toys, metal cock plugs, and glans ring sensations for intense satisfaction.
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Product Description

Immerse yourself in sensual delight with the Hell’s Couture - Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring. This captivating penis plug is expertly crafted with a tapered design and a solid shaft, promising an unforgettable experience that targets all the right spots and delivers the pleasure you crave.

With an insertable length of 7.5cm (3 inches), this cock plug play takes you on an arousing journey of intense stimulation. Feel the exquisite sensations and treasured pleasures that await you with this premium stainless steel toy.

The Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring measures approximately 11.5cm (4.5 inches) in overall length and 0.8cm (0.3 inches) in diameter, offering a comfortable and satisfying fit. The glans ring, available in two sizes - 3.1cm (1.2 inches) and 2.5cm (1 inch) - adds an extra level of excitement and enhances your pleasure.

Indulge in the thrill of metal cock plugs and steel cock plugs, exploring the pleasure potential with this exquisite sounding penis toy. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to sounding toys, the Hell’s Couture - Slingshot Penis Plug and Glans Ring is the perfect addition to your collection.

Experience the joys of urethral play with this top-of-the-line toy, perfect for those seeking thrilling sounding toys in Australia or anywhere around the world. Elevate your intimate moments and create unforgettable sensations with this sensational penis plug and glans ring set.

Length: 11.5cm(4.5")
Insert Length: 7.5cm(3")
Dia: 0.8cm(0.3")
Ring Dia: 3.1cm(1.2")/2.5cm(1")
Net Weight: 0.05kg
Material: Stainless steel
BDStyle bondage is the affordable fetish company. When you’re looking for quality fetish pieces for your BDSM play sessions, then don’t look any further than BDStyle. They create an extraordinary range of quality leather and steel kink accessories. Whether it’s something as simple as restraints, or a blindfold, or whether you’re looking for something more specialized such as a female chastity belt, a male chastity cage, or urethral and medical fetish toys then BDStyle has you covered. Experience new ways of pleasure with BDStyle today

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