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Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers
Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers
Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers

Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers

Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers: Twist and shout with pleasure! Unique screw design, through-hole for extended fun. Hell’s Couture quality.
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Product Description

Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers - Because Sometimes, Screw It!

Prepare to enter a world where pleasure takes on a whole new twist—literally! Introducing the Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers by Hell’s Couture. These are not your average urethral toys; they're an adventure for your manhood that you won't soon forget.

Screw It, We're Having Fun

Ever wondered what it feels like to screw into your own manhood? Well, with the Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers, you can satisfy your curiosity in the most pleasurable way possible. Lube up, give it a gentle twist, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of sensations.

Keep It In, Baby

The fun doesn't have to end quickly. Thanks to the through-hole design, these sperm stoppers can be your trusted companions for extended pleasure. Whether you're in the mood for a marathon or a quick sprint, they've got you covered.

An Extra Kick for Good Measure

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, there's a heavy ball waiting at the end to give you an extra kick. Not only does it enhance the sensations, but it also adds a visual spectacle to your adventure. The Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers aren't just sex toys; they're performance pieces.

Measurements That Make a Statement

  • Small: Overall length 45mm, insertable length 30mm, plug width (slimmest point) 6mm, plug width (widest point) 10mm, ball diameter 15mm.
  • Medium: Overall length 52mm, insertable length 27mm, plug width (slimmest point) 8mm, plug width (widest point) 11mm, ball diameter 25mm.
  • Large: Overall length 57mm, insertable length 28mm, plug width (slimmest point) 8mm, plug width (widest point) 12mm, ball diameter 29mm.

Quality That Screams Excellence

Hell’s Couture doesn't mess around when it comes to quality. These Imgar Ribbed Sperm Stoppers are crafted from surgical steel, ensuring safety and satisfaction. Say no to cheap imitations; it's time to embrace the real deal.

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