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Double Ring Balled Penis Plug
Double Ring Balled Penis Plug
Double Ring Balled Penis Plug

Double Ring Balled Penis Plug

Elevate sensations with BDStyle Double Ring Balled Penis Plug. Customizable rings for personalized pleasure.
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Product Description

 BDStyle Double Ring Balled Penis Plug - an exquisite fusion of pleasure, control, and design. If you're ready to explore a realm of heightened sensations and submission, this balled penis plug is your gateway to a world of untapped desires.

Crafted with precision, this plug features a balled tip that's designed to offer both effective and sensual penetration. Its compact size and smooth texture ensure a comfortable insertion experience, making it an ideal choice for beginners dipping their toes into the thrilling world of urethral play.

What sets this penis plug apart is its innovative double ring design. The strategically placed double rings encircle the penis behind the head, creating a secure grip that enhances your pleasure and keeps the device firmly in place. The rings' diameters, measuring 26mm and 33mm, offer a tailored fit that caters to your individual preferences.

Each package of the BDStyle Double Ring Balled Penis Plug includes two smaller rings and two larger rings, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect size for your journey of pleasure. Whether you're aiming for snug restraint or gentle stimulation, this plug has you covered.

With a ball tip diameter of 10mm, this plug ensures exquisite sensations that will leave you yearning for more. The combination of form and function makes this balled penis plug a versatile and indispensable addition to your collection of intimate accessories.

Embrace the allure of urethral play with the BDStyle Double Ring Balled Penis Plug and discover a new world of sensuality, control, and satisfaction.

The BDStyle fetish company is committed to bringing you premium bondage items without the premium price tags. High quality leather restraints, impact toys, masks and hoods, and a myriad of other bondage accessories made from leather and PVC. To supplement this they have brought out a steel range as well which includes jock locks, anal plugs, urethral toys and even steel dildos. If you have a fetish and you’re looking for a specific item to cater towards that fetish, BDStyle will have you covered

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