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Ball Bent Penis Plug
Ball Bent Penis Plug
Ball Bent Penis Plug
Ball Bent Penis Plug
Ball Bent Penis Plug

Ball Bent Penis Plug

Discover a new realm of intimate pleasure with the Ball Bent Penis Plug. Crafted for urethral stimulation, this plug features a curved ball end designed to provide unique sens
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Product Description

Indulge in the captivating world of urethral exploration with the Ball Bent Penis Plug. This plug offers a distinctive design that combines a tapered stainless steel shaft with a gracefully curved ball-shaped tip. As you insert this plug into your urethra, the ball end delivers gentle pressure and stimulation to your most sensitive internal areas, offering an entirely new dimension of pleasure.

A Ball Bent Penis Plug is a type of urethral plug designed for people who enjoy urethral stimulation during sexual play. This type of plug typically consists of a tapered metal or silicone shaft with a ball-shaped end that curves downward or to one side.

To use a Ball Bent Penis Plug, the plug is inserted into the urethra, with the curved ball-shaped end being carefully positioned to provide stimulation to the sensitive internal areas of the penis. The plug can be gently moved or manipulated to produce different sensations.

Use a Ball Bent Penis Plug with care, starting with a smaller size and progressing slowly to larger sizes over time. It is also important to use plenty of lubricant to make insertion easier and more comfortable, and to clean the plug thoroughly before and after use to prevent infections.

Urethral play, including the use of urethral plugs like the Ball Bent Penis Plug, can be a pleasurable way to explore different types of sexual experiences. However, it is important to use these toys as directed and with caution to avoid injury or infection. It is also recommended to seek medical advice before engaging in urethral play to ensure safety and prevent injury.

Color: Silver
S: 18 CM/7.1 inch
M: 31.5 CM/12.4 inch
L: 33.5 CM/13.2 inch
Dia: 0.8 cm/0.31 inch
Material: Stainless Steel
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