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Trials of Hades Penis Wand
Trials of Hades Penis Wand
Trials of Hades Penis Wand

Trials of Hades Penis Wand

Experience intensified pleasure with the Hell's Couture Trials of Hades Penis Wand. Unleash your desires with this unique male pleasure wand
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Product Description

Dive into the realm of intense pleasure and challenge your limits with the Hell's Couture Trials of Hades Penis Wand. This unique male pleasure wand is not for the faint-hearted – it's designed to test your desires and explore the depths of sensation like never before.

Unlike conventional Prince's Wands, the Trials of Hades takes your experience to a whole new level. Featuring an attachable movable glans ring, this wand dares you to push your boundaries and embrace the erotic intensity it offers. For an added dose of excitement, an extra penis ring enhances the cock-bondage sensation, sending shivers of delight through every nerve ending.

Precision-crafted for ultimate pleasure, this Hades-themed penis toy offers an experience that's as bold as it is exhilarating. Can you withstand the trials it presents, or will you succumb to its tantalizing allure?

Approximate Measurements:

  • Overall Length: 83mm
  • Insertable Length: 74mm
  • Plug Width: 8mm

Complete your initiation with carefully designed ring sizes:

  • Base Ring Diameter: 31mm
  • Head Ring Diameter: 33mm

Are you ready to embrace the Trials of Hades? Step into a world of uncharted pleasure that promises to redefine your desires and elevate your senses to new heights.

You just cannot go past the amazing BDSM range at Hell’s Couture sex toys collection. Being a Bondage and Fetish specialist they supply a vast array of fetish equipment for all the kinksters out there. Whether you are into Shibari or Sensory Deprivation games there is always something new and novel. Quality is unsurpassed which is why Hell’s Couture has a reputation world-wide for quality and service. The selection of penis plugs is amazing as well as the male chastity device choices on offer. Why not expand the way you have sex today and be honest with your partner about what it is that really turns you on!!

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