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Chastity sex toys have existed for a very long time becoming far more prominent in the Victorian Ages.  They are viewed by the general population as a gadget worn only by ladies – this thought exists through the middle age conventional thought of a lord or knight leaving his woman securely 'bolted up' while he went off to have a good time on the campaigns. It’s difficult not to think that this might have solved half the problems in Westeros and Game of Thrones. Whilst we can’t deny that such gadgets did exist and were used, most illustrations to be found in exhibition halls are currently viewed by specialists as fakes - generally made in the nineteenth century to titillate guests. 

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One of the problems associated with women that actually were forced to wear chastity devices was that generally they were locked in when their husband was set to go away on a long voyage or to war such as in the Crusades.  Often men would meet their deaths and with little communication back home often women would be forced to wear these devices for many years – eventually having to have the locks cut off.  Others had trips that when the lock would be cut it would cause a mutilating trap that would disfigure the woman if these many tales be true.

ladies chastity

Men will still put their ladies in chastity but the devices used are far more comfortable and allow for ‘safety release’ when required.

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In reality chastity belts and ‘toys’ were actually made and are more popularfor boys and men. Chastity belts for males started to show up in Victorian times - generally made for adolescents instead of grown-ups.  This was primarily due to the belief that boys should not be masturbating and that such sexual acts of ‘self-misuse’ were viewed as evil and against societal morality and notions of good behaviour. Think hairy palms, blindness and all those other wives tales your parents might have told you when you were growing up in the often vain attempt to stop you masturbating. Fact is – if guys do not masturbate or have sexual relations – they will have ‘wet dreams’ to remove the old and dying sperm. Masturbating regularly prevents these dreams as it is the body’s natural process to remove them.

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Such chastity gadgets were promoted as having the capacity to control 'night time emissions' - a well-mannered code word for masturbation. For the most part – early made chastity pieces are very similar to modern chastity pieces with the exception of the material. These days, chastity pieces can be made from all sorts of materials including nylon, plastic, metal, wood and various other pieces of fabric. Numerous such chastity devices were licensed in the mid twentieth century, yet not very many were really made or accessible to anyone except the wealthy.  To find out about male chastity devices and what the different options are why not visit male chastity devices a site specializing in the different styles available.

It wasn’t until the introduction of the world wide web until these devices became more popular to zest up a sexual relationship - in averting masturbation, as well as denying sex to a anyone other than the keyholder – the keyholder being the primary person who had the key to the chastity toy and could unlock the partner for sexual relations at any point. Male chastity devices all have two things in common; the first being that they are designed to prevent an erection. They do this by either having a short cage which barely fits a flaccid penis, or (especially useful for those with large flaccid cocks) an angled piece whereby the angle is so sharp that an erection is impossible. Secondly they are designed to be locked up by the keyholder, or their partner to prevent tampering. Male Chastity sex toys are designed for people that don’t trust their partner, like a little more control in their relationship such as mistress and slave/master and slave relationships, long distance relationships or for people entering into the world of BDSM.

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These days there are so many different styles and variations of styles it is sometimes difficult to be keeping up to date with the latest of chastity toys specifically for men in a wide variety of styles and that will suit your specific needs. If you need a cage that can be easily cleaned whilst still being worn, we can point you in the right direction, if you need a cage that’s a little bit more torturous than most, our friends at cockringshop will have it. There are also specific cages that can be used with piercings – and they stock those as well. All your chastity toys will come with a unique lock and key and then all you have to do is ensure the safety of that key by putting it in a safe place (many people with chastity devices like to put the key around a necklace chain or an ankle chain so that it is within plain site of their partner but it still can’t be touched. What a tease!

The main thing you need to consider when buying from male chastity is if it will suit your needs (we will have an article for this so you can read through it and better understand what you might need to consider). Once you have selected your chastity cage, it’s a simple matter of adding it to the cart sorting out the last minute fiddly bits and we will take it from there. We love Male Chastity and we understand the notion of discretion, especially if you have nosy neighbours, so we ensure that our partners at the cockringshop ship our parcels discreetly and quickly. We will ship anywhere in the world for roughly$7USD. The world of BDSM and steel toys is already difficult enough so we make it easier by guaranteeing that our products will not rust, nor deteriorate like some of the cheaper models out there made with inferior materials. We have dozens of unique styles and if you require further information about any of our products – do not hesitate to send us a question!