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Vex Penis Jewel
Vex Penis Jewel
Vex Penis Jewel

Vex Penis Jewel

Vex Penis Jewel By XR Brands Is A Mens Penis Plug Designed To Restrict Blood Flow and Erotically Tease, Made Of Brushed Stainless Steel
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Product Description

Elevate your sensual adventures with the Vex Penis Jewel from Master Series by XR Brands. This stunning piece of male genital jewelry is meticulously crafted to provide both restriction and stimulation, enhancing your intimate moments in ways you've never imagined.

Forged from brushed stainless steel, the Vex Penis Jewel is an embodiment of luxury and pleasure. Its gently contoured design features four smooth swells, each intensifying the pleasure as you explore deeper. The tapered end and precise weight distribution add delightful tension to your experience, creating sensations that will leave you yearning for more.

The innovative design includes a small hinged ring that connects to a central piece, ultimately attaching to the head ring. This dual hinged structure ensures a secure fit and unmatched comfort, allowing you to focus solely on the exhilarating sensations coursing through you.

Take your adventure a step further by engaging in temperature play. Warm or cool the Vex Penis Jewel to complement your desires and heighten your sensations. The brushed stainless steel is not only visually appealing but also invites you to explore new realms of pleasure.

Embrace the elegance and sophistication of the Vex Penis Jewel as you embark on a journey of restriction, pleasure, and exploration. With its exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtfully designed features, this jewel is a must-have for those who seek to push their boundaries and experience pleasure in its most alluring form.

XR Brands Sex Toys are relatively new to the market, but they have exploded in popularity since hitting the shelves. If you’re after high quality toys that deliver satisfaction and quality – then you do not need to look anywhere else. Based in America they have developed such lines as the fetish Master Series, Master Cock, Strict leather, Zeus Electrostim, Trinity men and that’s just to name a few. Each XR series in beautifully made, with strict attention to detail and quality. Find out why XR brands are quickly becoming market leaders in the Adult Toy Industry.

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