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3 Stage Cum Thru Urethral Pin
3 Stage Cum Thru Urethral Pin
3 Stage Cum Thru Urethral Pin
3 Stage Cum Thru Urethral Pin
3 Stage Cum Thru Urethral Pin

3 Stage Cum Thru Urethral Pin

BDStyle, Surgical Steel Urethral Toy with Three Incremental Tiers for Urethral Stretching, Male Sounding Sex Toy
Price $29.99

Product Description

 Allow us to introduce you to the Urethral Pin, a masterpiece of desire that promises to take your intimate experiences to soaring new heights. Measuring a whopping 13.5cm (approximately 5.3 inches) in length, this exquisite piece boasts three ascending tiers thoughtfully spaced along the shaft, creating an enticing visual and sensational treat.

Designed for ultimate pleasure, the Urethral Pin comes with a removable cum stopper at the end, allowing you to explore diverse sensations at your pace. The hollow shaft is a unique feature, enabling you to savor the thrilling experience of cum and pee-thru encounters, giving you an adventure like no other. As the smooth and shiny surgical steel glides effortlessly into your urethra, you'll find yourself transported to a world of unparalleled bliss, with the final tier gently stretching and dilating your pee hole for a profoundly satisfying encounter.

Safety and comfort are paramount, and that's why the Urethral Pin is crafted from the finest 316LVM surgical steel, ensuring it is hypoallergenic and non-corrosive. Embrace the insertable length of 120mm (approximately 4.8 inches) and the comfortable 6-7.5mm (0.2-0.29 inches) diameter, which perfectly complements the 16mm (0.63 inches) ball width for an ergonomic and pleasurable experience.

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Get ready to unlock a world of tantalizing pleasure with the Urethral Pin, where beauty meets comfort in this exquisitely crafted piece. 

Material:316LVM surgical steel is hypoallergenic and non-corrosive

Length: 13.5cm(5.3")

Insert Length:120mm(4.8") 
Dia: 6-7.5mm(0.2-0.29")
Ball Width: 16mm(0.63")
This product look beautiful and feel comfortable.

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