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Sport Fucker Defender Ring
Sport Fucker Defender Ring
Sport Fucker Defender Ring

Sport Fucker Defender Ring

Sport Fucker Defender Ring is a very stretchy and flexible cockring from Sport Fucker with a very low-profile under your clothes.
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Product Description

The Sport Fucker Defender Ring isn't just a cock ring; it's an instrument of confidence and pleasure that transforms your intimate experiences. More than just enhancing erections, this triangular design takes your appearance to new heights, giving you a bigger-looking shape and an alluring outline that will captivate attention.

Designed for those who demand more from their accessories, the Defender Ring envelops your package with precision. The result? A captivating profile that defies expectations and draws admiring glances. This accessory isn't limited to appearances; it's engineered to heighten performance as well.

Sport Fucker's Defender Ring knows how to play the game. As excitement grows, the ring adjusts, maintaining a comfortable fit while contributing to a prolonged and intense erection. It's the secret behind your confidence, ensuring you're ready to perform when the moment arrives.

Crafted from premium TPR rubber, the Defender Ring offers remarkable stretchability, accommodating various sizes without sacrificing comfort. Its discreet design slips seamlessly under your clothing, so you can carry its allure wherever you go.

Elevate your experience with the Sport Fucker Defender Ring. Embrace confidence, unveil your allure, and experience the fusion of aesthetics and pleasure that this accessory offers.

Product Features

Made from Premium TPR Rubber

Super stretchable

Very low-profile under clothes

Product Dimensions

Ring Diameter: 1.1" or 28mm

Length: 2.6" or 65mm

Width: 2.4" or 60mm

Depth: 0.5" or 14mm

Your next big adventure is here from Sport Fucker and the possibilities are almost endless with what you can do to your junk. This iconic brand that designs high end CBT for men and now has a line of underwear is very popular with the gay community and for mens sex toys. These toys and underwear are made by men, designed by men for men to use. High end materials will never let you down.

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