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Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher
Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher
Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher
Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher
Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher
Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher
Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher

Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher

Experience the world of urethral stretching with confidence and pleasure. BDStyle's Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher is crafted for safety and satisfaction.
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Product Description

BDStyle Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher – a remarkable tool meticulously designed for those who are drawn to the captivating world of urethral stretching. Crafted from the finest 316LVM Surgical Steel, this urethral stretcher exemplifies quality, safety, and endless pleasure.

Unveil the Thrills: Urethral stretching is a unique and exhilarating journey into the realm of BDSM and fetish play. This urethral stretcher is crafted with precision, catering to individuals who yearn for the sensations of larger plugs or simply want to explore the tantalizing world of urethral play.

Quality Meets Safety: Crafted from 316LVM Surgical Steel, this urethral stretcher not only guarantees a body-safe experience but also boasts durability that will endure the test of time. This material is renowned for its exceptional biocompatibility, ensuring that your intimate encounters remain free from any concerns of allergies or irritation. Its solid construction ensures stability and reliability, making it a perfect choice for those eager to venture into the world of urethral stretching.

Incremental Pleasure: This urethral stretcher features a graduated design, with incremental increases in size along the shaft. This ingenious design allows you to progress at your own pace, gradually accommodating larger diameters as you become more comfortable and experienced. The shaft is adorned with five spherical balls, each offering a unique and exciting challenge for urethral stimulation enthusiasts. With sizes ranging from 7.5mm to 9.5mm, this stretcher caters to both beginners and those seeking a more advanced experience.

Safety First: Prioritizing safety during play is crucial, and this urethral stretcher has you covered. It includes a ring at the end, serving as a built-in safety feature. This ring prevents over-insertion, affording you control over the depth of penetration. Safety is paramount in any form of BDSM or fetish play, and this stretcher is designed to ensure your well-being at all times.

Usage Disclaimer: We reiterate that the products featured on our site, including this urethral stretcher, are intended for use by consenting adults as novelty items, fashion accessories, or sexual toys. We stress the importance of safe, consensual, and responsible usage, and we assume no responsibility for any unsafe, improper, or illegal use of these items. Prioritizing safety and respecting boundaries is fundamental when engaging in intimate activities.

Available Sizes:

Size Small:

Shaft Diameter: 3mm

Ball Diameter: 6mm

Insertable Length: 60mm

Size Medium:

Shaft Diameter: 5mm

First Ball: 7.5mm

Second Ball: 8mm

Third Ball: 8.25mm

Fourth Ball: 8.75mm

Last Ball: 9.5mm

Insertable Length: 115mm

Unleash your desires and embrace the allure of urethral stretching with the BDStyle Spike Solid Metal Urethral Stretcher. It's time to unlock a world of thrilling sensations and embark on an intimate adventure like never before.

BDStyle stands as your premier gateway to the thrilling realm of fetish exploration. Committed to enhancing every facet of your BDSM encounters, we offer an extensive and meticulously crafted collection of leather and steel kink accessories, all designed with one goal in mind: your ultimate satisfaction.

Our diverse selection caters to the full spectrum of your desires. Whether you yearn for fundamental restraints, seek immersive sensory experiences with blindfolds, or wish to delve into specialized fantasies involving female chastity belts, male chastity cages, or a tantalizing array of urethral and medical fetish toys, BDStyle is your ultimate destination.

We fully comprehend that fantasies have no limits, and it's our mission to turn your deepest desires into tangible realities. Embark on a journey that promises unparalleled pleasures, redefine your intimate experiences, and elevate your BDSM adventures to unprecedented heights with BDStyle. Here, you'll explore the extraordinary and encounter satisfaction like never before. Welcome to a world where possibilities are limitless, and your fantasies become exquisite realities.


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