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Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring
Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring
Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring
Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring
Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring
Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring

Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring

The X-Men black cock ring offers a simple and effective way to extend your sexual performance and experience the thrill of delayed ejaculation.
Price $14.99

Product Description

Elevate your sexual prowess with our Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring. Made from flexible silicone, this one-size-fits-all cock ring enhances sexual performance and delays ejaculation. Join the X-Men for a thrilling experience at X-Men.

The one-size-fits-all design ensures an easy and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on pleasure without any complications. Simply tie the penis ring for a snug fit and enjoy the restricting sensation that enhances blood flow to the shaft.

Crafted from high-quality silicone with a water-based silica binder, this waterproof penis ring is body-safe and suitable for all kinds of adventures.

Unleash your sexual potential and embrace the power of satisfaction with the Soft Silicone Tie Penis Ring. Join the X-Men league of pleasure seekers.

Color: Black
Size: 7 * 5 cm/2.8" * 2.0"

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