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Newart Beginners Penis Plug
Newart Beginners Penis Plug
Newart Beginners Penis Plug
Newart Beginners Penis Plug
Newart Beginners Penis Plug
Newart Beginners Penis Plug

Newart Beginners Penis Plug

Experience the extraordinary with Hell’s Couture Newart Bedazzled Gem Encrusted Penis Plug. Choose Onyx or Ruby, elevate your pleasure, and make a style statement today.
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Product Description

Newart Bedazzled Gem Encrusted Penis Plug, a masterpiece that sets itself apart, designed to adorn the eye of your penis with a glistening crystal. This exceptional creation from Hell’s Couture is not just a pleasure enhancer; it's a statement of style and sensuality.

Every detail of this penis plug is crafted with meticulous precision. Just like all our individually handcrafted penis plugs, it boasts a flawless mirror finish, a gently rounded insertion tip, and is constructed from 316 medical-grade stainless steel. This exquisite piece not only looks stunning but is also safe and hygienic for your body.

Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of penis plugs or consider yourself a seasoned connoisseur, the Newart Bedazzled Gem Encrusted Penis Plug is designed to cater to your desires. Its smooth and solid design ensures a comfortable experience, regardless of your level of expertise.

Now, let's talk about choices. We offer this luxurious penis plug in two captivating options: Onyx and Ruby. Each color represents a unique facet of your desires - the bold and mysterious Onyx or the passionate and fiery Ruby. The choice is yours, and both promise unforgettable sensations.


  • Overall Length: 43mm
  • Insertable Length: 28mm
  • Plug Width: 6mm

At Hell’s Couture, your safety is our priority. This product is certified 100% Non-Magnet and made from medical-grade steel. Beware of cheaper imitations that use chromed steel or subpar surgical steel containing magnet, which can lead to rusting. We proudly endorse this assurance only on our 100% surgical steel products, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Elevate your intimate experiences, adorn your desires, and dazzle with the Newart Bedazzled Gem Encrusted Penis Plug from Hell’s Couture.

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