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Lady Girl Vibrating Uretheral Sound with Ball
Lady Girl Vibrating Uretheral Sound with Ball
Lady Girl Vibrating Uretheral Sound with Ball

Lady Girl Vibrating Uretheral Sound with Ball

Elevate pleasure with the Lady Girl Vibrating Urethral Sound. Explore versatile sensations in every role. Experience the intensity of urethral play and vibrations today!
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Lingerie Size

Product Description

This seemingly innocuous urethral toy is the key to unlocking a diverse world of sensual experiences, ranging from soft and teasing to exquisitely provocative.

A Pleasure Tool for All Occasions: The Lady Girl Vibrating Urethral Sound is a versatile instrument that caters to your ever-changing desires. It serves multiple purposes, making it the ultimate companion for your sensual journey:

  • External Stimulation: Begin your exploration with gentle external stimulation. Allow the sleek contours of this toy to caress and awaken your senses, teasing any sensitive area on your body or your partner's. These subtle touches set the stage for deeper pleasures.

  • Urethral Delight: When the time is right, transition into the world of urethral play. As this elegant toy glides inside, you'll experience an exquisite stretch, accompanied by immediate and gratifying sensations. Urethral play has never been so enticing.

  • Enhanced Vibrations: What sets this urethral sound apart is its built-in vibrating feature. Activate the discreet yet potent vibrations, and you'll elevate your pleasure to uncharted heights. The fusion of urethral stimulation and rhythmic vibrations is a favored choice among fetish enthusiasts and pleasure connoisseurs.

  • Suited for All Roles: Whether you're the dominant master, the obedient slave, or the captivating mistress, this vibrating urethral sound caters to your desires. Incorporate it into your BDSM adventures or intimate moments, and savor the heightened sensations it brings.

    Unmatched Quality: Precision-crafted from medical-grade steel, this urethral sound places your safety and satisfaction at the forefront. It's 100% non-magnetic, ensuring exceptional quality and enduring durability. Beware of imitations made from subpar materials like chromed steel, which can rust and cause discomfort. Hell's Couture is synonymous with uncompromising excellence.

    Choose Your Perfect Fit: Select the size that aligns with your preferences and experience level. Opt for the small size, featuring an overall length of 115mm, an insertable length of 40mm, a plug width of 8mm, and a ball width of 10mm. Alternatively, embrace the large size, boasting an overall length of 160mm, an insertable length of 40mm, a plug width of 8mm, and a ball width of 10mm.

    Certified Excellence: Rest assured that this product is certified as 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel. Beware of cheaper alternatives that use chromed steel or low-quality surgical steel containing Magnate, an ingredient responsible for rust. Our endorsement of 100% surgical steel products underscores our commitment to your satisfaction and safety.

    approximate measurements


     Overall length: 115mm

     Insertable length: 40mm

     Plug width: 8mm

     Ball width: 10mm


    Overall length: 160mm

    Insertable length: 40mm

    Plug width: 8mm

    Ball width: 10mm


    One of the largest collections of kink and bondage gear is brought to you by Hell’s Couture. They specalise in all things surgical steel, metal and leather and have an awe inspiring collection of kink gear. With one of the largest ranges of penis plugs, and urethral toys around – you certainly won’t be disappointed by their range. And if steel isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they also have an extensive collection of leather gear including lingerie, whips and impact toys and a whole range of premium restraints

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