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Kalis Teeth Chastity Device
Kalis Teeth Chastity Device
Kalis Teeth Chastity Device
Kalis Teeth Chastity Device
Kalis Teeth Chastity Device
Kalis Teeth Chastity Device
Kalis Teeth Chastity Device

Kalis Teeth Chastity Device

Discover intense submission with the Kalis Teeth Chastity Device - a steel spike-studded experience.
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Product Description

BDStyle Kalis Teeth Chastity Device, a wickedly effective tool for those who crave domination and submission in their relationships. Crafted from surgical steel, this male chastity device is designed to ensure absolute fidelity and obedience from your partner.

Unyielding Devotion: Any partner who desires unwavering loyalty and absolute training will appreciate the merciless nature of the Kalis Teeth Chastity Device. When arousal strikes, Kali's teeth clamp down, serving a harsh reminder of the commitment to obedience. There's no room for impure thoughts, and wearing this device while sleeping is ill-advised, as an unexpected nocturnal erection could lead to discomfort.

The Ultimate in Cock Torture and Chastity: The Kalis Teeth Chastity Device is not for the faint of heart. This toothed cock ring is a steel shackle with spikes pointing inwards, making it a potent tool for erotic sexual denial and CBT (Cock and Ball Torture). It's designed for those who seek the most intense sensations in their BDSM play.

How It Works: To wear this device, place it around the shaft before a full erection. As arousal builds, the ring tightens, and the spikes begin to dig into the penis, effectively preventing an erection. It's a true test of obedience and endurance.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, each Kalis Teeth Chastity Device is coated with a high-gloss clear poly-urethane plastic that is baked into the steel. This coating makes it resistant to rust and easy to clean. Simple soap and water, along with a touch of bleach for sanitation, will keep it in pristine condition.


Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Package: Bag

Teeth Length: 0.6 cm/0.24 inches

Inside Diameter: 4.3 cm/1.7"

Available in S Size (2 rows with 18 teeth) and M Size (4 rows with 36 teeth)

S Size Height: 2 cm/0.79 inches

M Size Height: 4 cm/1.6 inches

Experience the Ultimate Submission: The BDStyle Kalis Teeth Chastity Device is for those who crave the most intense sensations in BDSM and desire unwavering loyalty and devotion from their partners. It's a tool of dominance and submission that will push boundaries and test limits. Are you ready to experience the ultimate in chastity and cock torture?


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