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Indude Penis Plug
Indude Penis Plug
Indude Penis Plug

Indude Penis Plug

Unlock intense pleasure with BDStyle Indude Penis Plug. Ideal for BDSM urethral play and male sensation enthusiasts. Shop today.
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Product Description

This Sperm Stopper Head Ring is expertly designed to enhance your cock bondage experience and take your cock sounding sessions to unparalleled heights.

Indulge in a hard, firm head reminiscent of orgasmic sensations as you dive into the world of sounding urethral play with this exceptional beauty. The Indude Sperm Stopper Head Ring features a small hinged hook with a sperm-stopping ball attached to the glans ring. It snugly fits around the head of the penis, with the sphere gently inserted into the urethra, delivering unique and intense pleasure like never before. Suitable for both natural and circumcised individuals, this penis plug promises to bring your fantasies to life.

With approximate measurements of 85mm overall length, 35mm insertable length, 3mm plug width, 8mm ball diameter, 28mm small ring diameter, and 32mm large ring diameter, this expertly crafted pleasure accessory ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Though not certified surgical steel, the Indude Penis Plug is designed with safety in mind, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of intense pleasure and exploration.

Experience the thrill of sounding urethral play with this exceptional toy, and let the BDStyle Indude Penis Plug open the door to a world of pleasure and excitement.


approximate measurements

Not certified surgical steel 

Overall length: 85mm

 Insertable length: 35mm

Plug width: 3mm

 Ball diameter: 8mm

 Small ring diameter: 28mm

 Large ring diameter: 32mm

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