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Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber
Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber
Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber
Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber
Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber

Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber

Explore the world of pain and pleasure with the Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber - a stainless steel masterpiece for BDSM enthusiasts.
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Product Description

Explore the World of Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber

The world of BDSM is a realm of unparalleled pleasure and pain, where desires meet their darkest counterparts. In this realm, the Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber stands as a beacon for those who seek to explore the depths of their pain and pleasure thresholds.

Design and Construction

Crafted with precision and sadistic intent, the Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber is a masterpiece of male genital torture. Its design exudes a menacing allure, promising unparalleled sensations for those who dare to submit to its embrace.

The chamber is constructed from stainless steel, a material known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. This ensures that your tormentor will withstand the test of time and countless BDSM sessions. The grey hue of the chamber adds a touch of elegance to its ruthless appearance, making it a visually striking addition to your collection of BDSM tools.

Measuring 1.5 inches in width, 1 inch in depth, and 1 inch in height, this chamber is suitable for users of various sizes. It offers both comfort and restriction, making it a versatile instrument for your sadistic play.


The Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber is not for the faint-hearted. It's designed for those who revel in the exquisite interplay of pain and pleasure. The chamber serves three main functions:

  • Ball Stretcher: When securely fastened, it wraps around the scrotum, applying gentle pressure to the testicles. This sensation alone can be an electrifying experience for those who enjoy ball stretching.

  • Scrotum Torture Device: Inside the chamber, four pointed screws await your sadistic desires. These screws can be twisted to apply precise pressure, taking the sensation from a pleasurable stretch to an intense and painful squeeze.

  • Ball Collar: At the front of the chamber, a steel O-ring beckons for creative possibilities. Attach a leash to lead your submissive pet around, add weights for more torment, or use it to secure your sub in place, immobilized and ready for further exploration.

  • Safety and Hygiene

    The Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber is designed with safety in mind. It includes an integrated lock, ensuring that once it's snapped into place, there's no escape until you grant permission. The package comes with keys for unlocking, and an allen wrench for adjustments, allowing you to tailor the experience to your exact desires.

    For hygiene purposes, this chamber is easy to clean. Simply use soap and water with a bit of bleach to sanitize it after each use. This makes it safe for long-term play and shared experiences, provided you follow proper cleaning procedures.

    If you're a seasoned BDSM enthusiast or an adventurous newcomer willing to explore the boundaries of pleasure and pain, the Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber is a must-have addition to your collection. Its multifunctional design, durable construction, and menacing aesthetics make it an irresistible tool for those who crave domination and submission. With this chamber in your possession, you'll unlock a world of sensations that will leave both you and your submissive begging for more.

    Embrace the darkness of BDSM and venture into the world of the Fiend CBT Piercing Chamber. But remember, once you lock it in place, there's no turning back, and the path to ecstasy is paved with exquisite torment.

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