Depp Donut Ball Stretcher Weights 37mm Height

Depp Donut Ball Stretcher Weights 37mm Height by Hell's Couture Is A Larger Ball Stretcher for Low Hanging Balls and the Masculine look you've dreamed of

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Product Description

Touted to be the worlds most comfortable testicle weights the Depp lives up to its name being silky smooth on the body, shiny with a classic donut shape, Designed for scrotum hanging and stretching it splits into two pieces for easy attachment and detachment.  Feel what ball stretching is like with these fantastic CBT for men.


Height: 37mm

Thickness: 13mm



Diameter: 30mm


Diameter: 32mm


Diameter: 35mm


Whether you are into BDSM or fetish fashion one cannot go past the quality and variety offered with the Hell’s Couture collections. Importing and exporting fetish equipment and kink wear allows this brand to selectively choose the best fashionista products for those into cock and ball play, torture, restraints and all you novel creations. The unsurpassed reputation and amazing shipping charges makes these go to products available at the best adult shops.