ScreamingO The Big O

ScreamingO The Big O gives couples maximum stimulation with intense targeted vibration for the kind of sexual experience

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Product Description

Voted "Top Pick" by Dr. Sue Johanson of "Talk Sex With Sue," 2006

Multi-stage motor pulses and teases with 9 pleasure patternsSingle-stage motor offers steady vibration to take it home
Standard Features:Replaceable Batteries last 80+ minutes!Food-grade quality SEBS; latex- and phthalate-freeWirelessWaterproof

The BigO is the big brother to the original vibrating ring, with a multi-function motor that pulsates and vibrates and a thicker erection band that keeps him hard and ready to go. When switched to pulsation mode, the 9-function stimulation sensation teases and tickles, leaving her tingling – and with a quick switch, bring her home with the steady powerful vibration that The Screaming O is famous for!


The Screaming O Sex toy company is widely known for releasing some of the best products of all time. They are an award winning company that has dedicated themselves to providing couples with the best orgasms that they can possibly achieve. Priding themselves on their simplicity, Screaming O is a company that creates powerful toys for all situations.


Screaming O has been widely published in many mainstream news organisations such as Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, CBS’s The Doctors, and many more. Screaming O is a company that exudes a sex positive approach to pleasure.