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Zero Tolerance Ring The Alarm

Zero Tolerance Ring The Alarm

Elevate your performance with Ring The Alarm by Zero Tolerance. Shop now for versatile red cock rings and be the superhero in bed!
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Product Description

Ring The Alarm - A Symphony of Pleasure for Your Fire Hose

Tired of your fire hose losing pressure? Meet the Zero Tolerance Ring The Alarm - the superhero of the bedroom, here to ensure your performance is as legendary as a rock ballad! These red cock rings aren't just accessories; they're the unsung heroes of your intimate escapades.

Just slide one of these stretchy wonders to the base of your manhood, and voilà – you've got a front-row ticket to a longer-lasting, red-hot performance! With four distinct designs, it's like having a backstage pass to the concert of your wildest fantasies. Choose from the tantalizing tickler, the ribbed cuff for those who like it rough, the livesaver shape that's not just for drowning sorrows, and the longer bottleneck style for an extended encore.

Now, let’s talk about versatility – these rings are like the Swiss Army knives of pleasure. Not only do they encourage longer-lasting erections, but they're also perfect for couples play. Want to explore underwater love? No problem! These rings are waterproof and submersible, ensuring your aquatic adventures are as epic as a deep-sea expedition.

Made from comfortable and stretchy TPE rubber, they're phthalate and latex-free, because we believe in keeping things safe while you're having a blast. Clean-up? A breeze! Use your toy cleaner, and give them a warm water rinse. It’s so simple; you might even do it with your eyes closed.

Say goodbye to bedroom blues and let the Zero Tolerance Ring The Alarm orchestrate a symphony of pleasure for your fire hose. Buy yours now and prepare for a standing ovation!

- Stretchy cock rings in 4 distinct designs
- 4 different shapes and textures to choose from
- Encourages longer lasting erections
- Perfect for couples play
- Made from comfortable, stretchy TPE rubber
- Phthalate & latex free
- Waterproof & submersible

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