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Voodoo Pierce-less Steel Princes Plug
Voodoo Pierce-less Steel Princes Plug
Voodoo Pierce-less Steel Princes Plug
Voodoo Pierce-less Steel Princes Plug

Voodoo Pierce-less Steel Princes Plug

Experience intense pleasure with the Voodoo Pierce-less Steel Prince's Plug. Shop now for this kinky steel anal toy for men and explore new sensations.
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Product Description

Unleash the pleasure of the Hell’s Couture Voodoo Pierce-less Steel Princes Plug, the ultimate cock plug for those seeking an innovative alternative to traditional piercings. This pierceless plug and ring combo provides a thrilling experience without the need for any piercing, making it a popular choice for pleasure seekers.

The ring securely holds around the head of the cock, while the hollow shaft allows for smooth sliding into the urethra. Experience the convenience of ejaculating or urinating comfortably while wearing this glans penis plug, making it a pleasure-enhancing and practical choice.

Made from top-quality stainless steel, this Voodoo wand ensures a durable and pleasurable experience. The sleek and smooth design guarantees easy insertion and a comfortable fit.

With approximate measurements of 92mm overall length, 75mm insertable length, and 8mm plug width, this online cock plug store offers the perfect fit. Choose from various ring sizes, including 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, and 32mm, to customize your experience and find the ideal prince albert alternat plug.

Explore the pleasures of the Hell's Couture Voodoo Pierce-less Steel Princes Plug and indulge in the delights of this cum thru penis plug. Embrace the head-held plug experience for a unique and satisfying journey into pleasure.

Approximate Measurements

Overall Length: 92mm

Insertable Length: 75mm

Plug Width: 8mm


25MM, 28MM, 30MM, 32MM

The kinkiest company around is Hells Couture. They understand peoples kinks and fetishes and they have developed an extensive product range to cater for all fetishes. Whether it’s masochism, cock stuffing, bondage, restraint play, nipple torture and even pet play – Hell’s Couture has the product that you’re looking for. An extensive range of steel adult toys, and leather restraints, leather whips and paddles for the bondage fiend

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