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The Backlot Four Stage Urethral Sound Solid
The Backlot Four Stage Urethral Sound Solid
The Backlot Four Stage Urethral Sound Solid

The Backlot Four Stage Urethral Sound Solid

Explore a new level of satisfaction with our solid urethral sound. Don't miss out – order today and elevate your pleasure!
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Product Description

Experience the exquisite world of urethral play with The Backlot Four Stage Urethral Sound Solid from Hell's Couture. Crafted from solid stainless steel, this tiered urethral stretcher is designed to take your pleasure to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious beginner, this premium tool is your key to an unforgettable journey of exploration and satisfaction.

The Four Stage Urethral Sound is the perfect choice for those who crave the sensation of stretching their urethra to accommodate larger plugs or simply enjoy the electrifying pleasure that urethral play can provide. With its five carefully crafted tiers, you have the freedom to climb at your own pace, making it an ideal warm-up or stretching tool.

Crafted with precision, this solid steel masterpiece offers stability and ease of use. The ring at the end ensures secure handling and straightforward removal, putting your safety and comfort first. The Backlot Four Stage Urethral Sound Solid isn't just a toy; it's a work of art designed for your ultimate pleasure.

Let's talk measurements. With an overall length of 140mm and an insertable length of 132mm, this urethral sound provides an experience that's both tantalizing and manageable. The tiered widths range from 6mm on the first tier to a satisfying 12mm on the head tier, offering variety and intensity as you progress.

Safety is paramount when it comes to intimate pleasure, and that's why this product is certified as 100% non-magnetic and medical-grade steel. Beware of imitations that might use inferior materials like chromed steel or low-quality surgical steel containing magnet, which can lead to rust and discomfort. At Hell's Couture, we're committed to delivering only the highest quality surgical steel products, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Whether you're embarking on a journey of urethral exploration or expanding your collection of premium pleasure tools, The Backlot Four Stage Urethral Sound Solid is your ideal companion. Indulge your desires and discover why Hell's Couture is the brand of choice for those who demand the best in pleasure products.

Order yours today and elevate your sensual experiences to new heights. Unleash your desires and let pleasure be your guide with this extraordinary urethral sound.

Approximate Measurements

Overall length: 140mm

Insertable length: 132mm


1st tier: 6mm

2nd tier: is 7.5mm

3rd tier: is 9mm

4th tier: 10.5mm

Head tier: 12mm

Hell’s Couture are one of the best-selling BDSM and fetish adult lifestyle manufactures worldwide. It is guaranteed that with Hell’s Couture sex toys you will be able to find something which will match your personal needs and desires. Their products are made with functional designs and long lasting material like genuine leather and body safe surgical steel. Their ranges include anal sex toys, chastity devices, urethral play, bondage gear and so much more.

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