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Sub Zone Penis Plug Solid
Sub Zone Penis Plug Solid
Sub Zone Penis Plug Solid

Sub Zone Penis Plug Solid

Explore intense pleasure with BDStyle Sub Zone Penis Plug Solid. This solid stainless steel male chastity device is perfect for urethral stimulation and BDSM play.
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Product Description

Dive into the world of intense pleasure with the Hell’s Couture Sub Zone Penis Plug Solid - a solid metal cock plug that will transport you to a sub-stantial and exhilarating experience. The extra-long and uniquely designed wand with humped and bumped features ensures an unforgettable journey into the sub zone of urethral sex.

With its extra bumps and ridges, this cock plug will blow your mind during every use, providing a distinctive and thrilling sensation like no other. Crafted from high-quality metal, this solid steel penis plug guarantees both durability and pleasure, promising an extraordinary urethral sex experience.

Please note that this product is not certified as surgical steel, but it is designed to exceed your expectations in the sub zone of pleasure.

With approximate measurements, including an overall length of 175mm, insertable length of 165mm, and plug widths ranging from 4mm (slimmest point) to 10mm (widest point), this cockplug offers a comfortable and customizable fit, ensuring a sub-stantial and satisfying experience.

Explore the world of solid metal cock plugs and immerse yourself in the excitement of the sub zone with the Hell’s Couture Sub Zone Penis Plug Solid - a solid steel penis wand that will leave you yearning for more humped and bumped pleasures.

 approximate measurements

 Overall length: 175mm

Insertable length: 165mm

 Plug width at slimmest point: 4mm

 Plug width at widest point: 10mm


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