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Spiked Leather Cockring
Spiked Leather Cockring
Spiked Leather Cockring
Spiked Leather Cockring
Spiked Leather Cockring

Spiked Leather Cockring

Get ready for a wild ride with the Hell’s Couture Spiked Cockring! Transform your intimate moments into an electrifying adventure. Choose BLACK or RED.
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Product Description

Hell’s Couture - Spiked Leather Cockring: When Leather Meets Laughter!

It's time to turn up the heat and add some laughter to your love life with the Hell’s Couture Bondage Australia Spiked Cockring - the leather accessory that's so much more than meets the eye!

Craftsmanship with a Dash of Quirk

This leather cockring isn't your run-of-the-mill bedroom accessory; it's a work of art with a sense of humor. Crafted with love and care, it's like a quirky sidekick for your intimate adventures. Plus, it has an uncanny knack for making you smile.

Unleash the Inner Prankster

Adjustable and easy to use, this spiked cockring lets you unleash your inner prankster and feel like a true alpha jester during wear. Its hardcore appearance may exude confidence and power, but it also promises some hilarious moments in the bedroom. Laughter is the best aphrodisiac, right?

Colors to Match Your Comedy Style

Available in two captivating colors - BLACK and RED - this spiked cockring invites you to explore new comedic possibilities and fantasies. Dive into the world of bondage comedy rings and BDSM humor rings, discovering the pleasures of visual comedy and heightened amusement.

For Lovers of Leather and Laughs

Whether you're a bondage beginner or an experienced comedian, this cock ring promises an electrifying and laugh-out-loud journey of pleasure and hilarity. It's the comedy show your bedroom's been waiting for!

So, if you're ready to unleash your inner jester, embrace the allure of genuine leather, and experience a thrilling comedy adventure, the Hell’s Couture Bondage Australia Spiked Cockring is your ticket to a night of laughter and satisfaction. Don't wait; the comedy curtain is about to rise!


Hell’s Couture has one of the largest collections of Bondage and Fetish gear on the market. If you’re looking for something to fulfil your kink and fetish, then look no further than Hell’s Couture. Specializing in steel sex toys and complete with one of the largest ranges of urethral stimulators around, they also have an extensive range of leather and accessories

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