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Sado Foot Job Cockring With Chains
Sado Foot Job Cockring With Chains
Sado Foot Job Cockring With Chains

Sado Foot Job Cockring With Chains

Sado Foot Job Cockring With Chains Is A Great Feet Masturbation Sex Toys That Will Stimulate, masturbate the penis with the feet
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Product Description

Discover the art of foot masturbation with the Rosebuds Sado Foot Job Cockring With Chains, a unique and exciting sex toy that's perfect for those with a foot fetish. Experience a whole new level of pleasure as you stimulate and masturbate the penis with your feet, adding a thrilling twist to your intimate moments.

Crafted with a Humpy Elastomer membrane, this cockring offers a realistic and pleasurable sensation that's hypoallergenic, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for all. The chains, measuring 10cm, can be removed from the cockring and directly tied to it, providing an alluring and kinky addition to your play.

The Sado Foot Job features adjustable options for both the cock ring (140mm) and foot strap (135mm), allowing you to find the perfect fit and comfort for your desires.

Explore the world of feet masturbation with this foot masturbation sex toy, ideal for those who love a unique fetish experience. Whether you're new to feet sex toys or seeking a cockring with feet chains, the Rosebuds Sado Foot Job Cockring With Chains is a must-try for anyone wanting to add excitement and novelty to their intimate encounters. Unleash the thrill of foot play

Rosebuds is a brand of uniqueness. Crafting and creating never before seen sex toys they focus on a variety of kinks and fetishes. Made from high quality materials their products come in ranges such as jeweled penis plugs, anal toys, nipple toys and more. They have over 20 years of experience and their erotic body toys and body jewellery is well known in France and we are proud to bring that here. Handcrafted, this company has even paired up with Swarovski to create some truly magnificent and award winning designs

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