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Rings Around Turtle Love
Rings Around Turtle Love
Rings Around Turtle Love
Rings Around Turtle Love

Rings Around Turtle Love

Rings Around Turtle Love By Maxpassion is a dual penis ring for men, come with shaft ring and base ring, suitable for firm erection and clitoral stimulation
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Product Description

Ignite Dual Pleasure and Create Magic!

Ignite the flames of passion with the Maxpassion Rings Around Turtle Love Cock Ring, a versatile and pleasurable cock ring designed for both men and couples. Experience the magic of dual pleasure as you embark on an intimate journey together.

This unique cock ring comes with two rings - a shaft ring and a base ring - specifically crafted to provide stability and support for him, ensuring longer-lasting erections for more prolonged enjoyment. The rings work in harmony to keep him firm all night long, delivering an unforgettable experience.

For her ultimate satisfaction, the cock ring features a clitoral stimulator with a small vibrator. With each thrust, the clitoral stimulator intensifies the pleasure, connecting with every movement for heightened sensations.

It's a fusion of passion and pleasure, offering an exciting and satisfying encounter for both partners. Available in three captivating colors - Black, Blue, and Pink - this cock ring promises to make your intimate moments truly magical. Explore the boundless joy of turtle love with the Maxpassion Rings Around Turtle Love Cock Ring and unlock a world of shared ecstasy.

Maxpassion is a brand that prides itself on bringing fun, pleasure and excitement to your intimate moments. MaxPassion products have been designed for simplicity and they make great first time adult toys, for couples and singles who are exploring different pleasures as well as experienced people who know what they like in pleasure and how to get it. With a wide variety of toys and novelties MaxPassion is going to have what you’re looking for to revolutionize your sex life

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