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Prince Albert Wand & Urethral Bar
Prince Albert Wand & Urethral Bar
Prince Albert Wand & Urethral Bar

Prince Albert Wand & Urethral Bar

Discover ultimate pleasure with the Hell's Couture Prince Albert Wand & Urethral Bar - a shiny and smooth penis plug with a captivating Door Knocker feature
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Product Description

The pleasures of urethral play with the Hell's Couture Prince Albert Wand & Urethral Bar - a stunning and alluring penis plug that promises to redefine your intimate experiences. Its smooth, shiny surface beckons you to explore the depths of urethral joy, while the intriguing Door Knocker feature adds an extra layer of excitement.

Embrace the unique sensations of urethral insertion and experience the euphoria of the inside-out ejaculation when you've mastered the technique. Crafted from medical-grade steel, this plug ensures safety, comfort, and unparalleled satisfaction.

Measuring 107mm in overall length and providing 101mm of insertable length, the Prince Albert Wand & Urethral Bar delivers a perfect fit. The 6mm width at its widest point and the 11mm side bar guarantee an intensely pleasurable journey, while the 28mm ring ensures security during your play.

Certified 100% Non-Magnate, this surgical steel toy sets itself apart from cheaper alternatives made from chromed steel or inferior surgical steel containing Magnate, which can lead to rusting. At Hell's Couture, we prioritize quality, ensuring you only receive the best in urethral play products.

Expand your horizons and buy the Prince Albert Wand & Urethral Bar today. Discover a world of pleasure with this exceptional BDSM Urethral Toy, perfect for male urethral pleasure enthusiasts.

Material: Medical steel 

Overall length: 107mm

Insertable length: 101mm

Width at widest point: 6mm

Side Bar: 11mm


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