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Performance VS2 Silicone Cockrings - Small
Performance VS2 Silicone Cockrings - Small

Performance VS2 Silicone Cockrings - Small

Ready for a glowing performance? Add Performance VS2 Silicone Cockrings - Small to your cart for a night of unforgettable pleasure!
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Product Description

Alright, fellow pleasure pioneers, buckle up because we're about to introduce you to the rockstars of your bedroom symphony – the Performance VS2 Silicone Cockrings in a size that's perfect for the real MVPs, the small wonders! If you're looking to bring the A-game to your intimate play, these rings are your secret weapon.

Let's talk power – these rings are the Hercules of the cockring world. Crafted from high-tensile-strength silicone, they're the bodyguards of your manhood, ensuring no snaps or breaks when the action gets intense. It's like having a superhero suit for your junk.

Comfort is key, and we've nailed it. The perfect blend of tautness and stretchiness makes these rings a dream to wear. Choose the size that fits you best – it's like having a bespoke suit for your privates. And the best part? You get three rings in a pack. Wear one for a boost or stack 'em up for an unforgettable performance. Share them with your partner for a joint venture in pleasure.

Oh, and did we mention they glow in the dark? Yes, you heard it right – these rings are the rockstars that shine even in the dark. Give them a quick charge under a bright light, and they'll be your own private light show when the lights go out.

Made from body-safe silicone, these rings are the guardians of your well-being. No synthetic fragrances, no phthalates, no paraffins, and definitely no latex. They meet or exceed international product safety standards because when it comes to your body, only the best will do.

Diameter? A perfect 1.25 inches, but here's the kicker – it can be stretched a little over twice its original diameter. It's like the elastic superhero of pleasure, ready to adapt to your every move.

So, are you ready to perform like a pro? Click that "Add to Cart" button now because the Performance VS2 Silicone Cockrings - Small are here to turn your intimate moments into legendary performances!

Health and wellness are an important facet of how Blush Novelties conduct their business.  All products created are body safe and are tested throughout the production process with lab testing and quality control.  The final lab test is conducted by Bay Area Compliance Corp to ensure that they exceed requirements from CE, RoHS, REACH and POP directives.  We take the stress out of buying sex toys and with such a great range to choose from it is no wonder BLUSH Novelties is  expanding with brands such as Aria Ecstasy, Au naturel, b yours, exposed bullet collection, gaia feel nature, Hop Pleasure Bunnies Luxe, Loverboy, M for Men, Jet and many more.

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