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Oval Ball Stretcher
Oval Ball Stretcher

Oval Ball Stretcher

Explore new sensations with the BDStyle Oval Ball Stretcher, a unique Surgical Steel ball weight for male genital stretching.
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Product Description

 Elevate your pleasure and explore new sensations with the BDStyle Oval Ball Stretcher. Crafted from durable Surgical Steel, this ball weight features a special oval shape with a screw hole, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The innovative design reduces slippage, providing a fantastic level of comfort during wear.

To use the Oval Ball Stretcher, simply slide your sack through the larger side and screw the small side onto it. The ease of attachment makes it perfect for those who love convenience and want to focus on their pleasure.

The measurements of the Oval Ball Stretcher are as follows: an overall length of 93mm, a width of 38mm, and a thickness of 11mm. The inner diameter ranges from 17mm to 68mm, catering to various body sizes and preferences. With a weight of 400g, this ball stretcher delivers a satisfying and arousing experience.

Unleash your desires and experiment with male genital stretching using this exceptional ball weight from BDStyle. Whether you're looking to add excitement to your BDSM play or indulge in cock and ball torture (CBT), the Oval Ball Stretcher offers a new dimension of pleasure and satisfaction.

Overall Length: 93mm

Width: 38mm

Thickness: 11mm

Inner Diameter: 17-68mm

Weight: 400G

Bondage, Dominance, Submission and Masochism or in short BDSM is an erotogenic practice which many people enjoy experiencing. Among those cravers, if you happen to be one of them, BDStyle Bondage Gear, is your one stop solution. Quality with diversity comes guaranteed for Urethral toy specialists and Chastity players.

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