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Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager
Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager
Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager

Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager

Elevate pleasure with Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager – buy now for the ultimate satisfaction!
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Product Description

Buckle up, brave pleasure seekers! Introducing the Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager – the dynamic duo that'll have you shouting "KA-BOOM" in the bedroom! This silicone sensation isn't your average Joe; it's here to unleash an explosion of pleasure that'll make fireworks jealous.

Imagine a tag team match where the Optimale Duo is the undisputed champion. The C-Ring steps into the ring, delaying ejaculation like a pro wrestler dodging a body slam. Meanwhile, the P-Massager sneaks up from behind, delivering pinpoint precision to your prostate – a tag team move that leaves you tapping out in ecstasy.

But wait, there's more! The joystick-style handle is like the secret weapon you never knew you needed. It's not just for show – it adds control and heightens sensation, turning your ordinary playtime into an extraordinary joystick joyride. Soft, stretchable silicone ensures comfort, while tabs on the C-Ring make removal a breeze – no need for a wrestling match with tangled limbs.

In the world of pleasure, the Optimale Duo is the undisputed heavyweight champion. It's not just a toy; it's a sidekick in your quest for ultimate satisfaction. So, gear up, lube up, and get ready for a night of pleasure that'll have you saying, "Holy satisfaction, Batman!"


Total Length 4 (in) / 10.16 (cm)
Insertable/Usable Length 4 (in) / 10.16 (cm)
Width/Diameter 0.9 (in) / 2.29 (cm)
Circumference 2.75 (in) / 6.99 (cm)
Ring Inner Diameter 1.40 (in) / 3.56 (cm)

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