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No-Go Zone Penis Plug Solid
No-Go Zone Penis Plug Solid
No-Go Zone Penis Plug Solid
No-Go Zone Penis Plug Solid

No-Go Zone Penis Plug Solid

Explore new realms of pleasure with the No-Go Zone Penis Plug Solid by BDStyle. Discover the ultimate satisfaction and comfort in urethral play. Buy now!
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Product Description

The world of sexual pleasure is as vast and diverse as human desire itself. For those who seek to explore the uncharted territories of erotic sensations, urethral play stands as a thrilling and adventurous domain. At the forefront of this captivating realm, BDStyle presents the No-Go Zone Penis Plug Solid – a meticulously crafted masterpiece that promises to redefine your understanding of sensual satisfaction.

Designed to cater to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts of urethral play, the No-Go Zone Penis Plug is a testament to BDStyle's commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of adult toys. With precision engineering and an artistic touch, this solid penis plug offers an exquisite fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Let's delve into the finer details of this remarkable pleasure tool. The No-Go Zone Penis Plug boasts an overall length of 120mm, making it a substantial addition to your collection. This generous length allows for a deeper exploration of your body's most intimate recesses, awakening sensations that lie dormant.

When it comes to insertable length, this plug offers an ample 107mm. This means you'll experience an exquisite penetration that simultaneously stimulates and teases your senses. The carefully tapered smooth shaft ensures a comfortable and exhilarating insertion, making each moment of urethral play a journey of sensual delight.

At the slimmest point, the plug measures a modest 5mm in width, gently introducing you to the sensations that lie ahead. As you progress further, you'll encounter the widest point of the plug, which measures a tantalizing 10mm in width. This point of maximum girth provides an intensely pleasurable stretch, igniting waves of ecstasy that course through your body.

One of BDStyle's primary objectives is to ensure your convenience and satisfaction. That's why we're pleased to offer Afterpay and zippay payment options at our online adult store in Australia. We believe that your journey into the world of urethral play should be as seamless and enjoyable as possible, and our commitment to quality and innovation reflects in every aspect of our products.

The No-Go Zone Penis Plug Solid is more than just an adult toy; it's a gateway to heightened pleasure and intimate exploration. Whether you're embarking on this sensual journey alone or with a partner, you'll find that the No-Go Zone Penis Plug enhances your erotic experiences in ways you never imagined.

approximate measurements

 Overall length: 120mm

Insertable length: 107mm

Plug width at slimmest point: 5mm

 Plug width at widest point: 10mm

 BDStyle is a company that lets the kinky out in every single individual Specialising in bondage toys made of leather and steel they have an expansive range and collection designed to supplement any kink or fetish that you might have. Ranging from restraints, to spreader bars, leather cuffs and even urethral stimulation toys. Whatever turns you on, BDStyle will have it for you at premium quality and an amazing price

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