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Jezebel Penis Plug With Glans Ring
Jezebel Penis Plug With Glans Ring
Jezebel Penis Plug With Glans Ring

Jezebel Penis Plug With Glans Ring

Elevate pleasure with Jezebel Penis Plug. Get the perfect fit with a 28mm glans ring and 13mm ball. Explore urethral stimulation like never before!
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Product Description

Discover the Art of Erotic Elegance with Jezebel - Your Path to Exquisite Urethral Pleasure

In the realm of intimate exploration, few experiences can match the intensity and allure of urethral stimulation. Jezebel, a masterpiece of erotic craftsmanship from Hell’s Couture, offers you a ticket to this world of unparalleled pleasure and desire. Much like its counterpart BUNDY, Jezebel is a slender and sleek penis plug, adorned with a glans ring that adds a touch of sophistication and functionality.

Picture this: a 28mm diameter glans ring, snugly encircling your most sensitive region, sending waves of anticipation coursing through your body. This exquisite ring is strategically positioned right behind the head of your member, ensuring it stays in place throughout your passionate endeavors. It's an intimate accessory that not only arouses but also provides the perfect fit for your erotic adventures.

Jezebel's design is as practical as it is aesthetic. At its core, you'll find a 13mm ball, a delightful embellishment that not only enhances its visual appeal but also acts as a safety measure during play. With Jezebel, you can surrender to pleasure without a care in the world, knowing that your focus remains on the sensations that will envelop you.

This is a penis plug that caters to all, regardless of experience. Whether you're new to urethral play or a seasoned aficionado, Jezebel's 8mm width and comfortable 50mm length offer an experience that's both inviting and satisfying. It welcomes beginners with open arms while tantalizing the senses of those well-acquainted with the art of urethral stimulation.

Jezebel is more than a sex toy; it's a symbol of your desires, an embodiment of your sensuality. Crafted from surgical steel, it's a testament to Hell’s Couture's commitment to quality and safety. This product is not just 100% non-magnetic, but it's also medical-grade steel, ensuring that your pleasure remains untainted by concerns of rust or discomfort.

Experience the pinnacle of erotic pleasure and sophistication with Jezebel. Elevate your intimate moments to new heights, and let your desires flourish.

approximate measurements

Overall Length: 50mm

Insertable Length: 35mm

Width: 8mm

Ball: 12mm

Ring: 28mm

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