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Double Trouble Penis Plug With Glans Rings
Double Trouble Penis Plug With Glans Rings
Double Trouble Penis Plug With Glans Rings

Double Trouble Penis Plug With Glans Rings

Elevate your pleasure with the Double Trouble Penis Plug. Double the rings, double the fun. Experience urethral play like never before.
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Product Description

Behold, the Double Trouble Penis Plug with Glans Rings! If you're ready to double your fun and dive headfirst into an experience that's bound to make your toes curl (or should we say, your urethra tingle?), then this steel masterpiece is the toy for you. Made from 100% surgical steel, this plug isn't just an instrument of pleasure; it's practically a work of art.

Let's talk about pleasure for a moment. You see, this isn't your run-of-the-mill penis plug; it's the Double Trouble Penis Plug! And trouble is precisely what you're asking for when you slip this bad boy into your intimate play. If you've been wondering what it's like to be in double jeopardy, well, here's your chance.

Now, some folks might be wondering, "Why do I need a penis plug with glans rings?" The answer is simple: why settle for one ring when you can have two? And not just any rings – these are glans rings, the kind that make your manhood look like it's ready to join a biker gang. But don't worry; it's a much more sensual adventure than riding a motorcycle.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty details. This plug boasts an overall length of 85mm, with an insertable length of 75mm. We're talking precision here, folks. The width starts at a slim 5mm at one end and gradually widens to a satisfying 8mm at the other. It's like the Goldilocks of penis plugs – not too thick, not too thin, just right.

And let's not forget about those glans rings! You get two of them, each available in your choice of sizes: 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, or 32mm. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure for your manhood. You get to pick the size that fits you just right because, after all, one size does not fit all.

Now, here's the kicker – whether you're a seasoned urethral explorer with more piercings than a punk rocker or a newbie looking to dip your toes (or something else) into the world of urethral play, the Double Trouble Penis Plug is here to please. It doesn't discriminate. It doesn't judge. It only wants one thing – to give you pleasure like you've never experienced before.

Cleaning and maintaining this masterpiece is a breeze. A quick rinse, a little TLC, and it's ready for round two, three, or twenty. This toy is built to last, just like your insatiable appetite for pleasure.

But perhaps the best part? The Double Trouble Penis Plug is available with afterpay payments. That's right; you can indulge in double trouble without breaking the bank. Discounter Sydney Leather Inquisition is here to make sure you get your kicks without any hassle.

So, don't let this opportunity pass you by. Gear up and get ready to take your urethral play to the next level with this premium steel toy. It's not just a plug; it's an invitation to a world of sensations you've only dreamed of.

Order yours today, and brace yourself for a journey that'll make you wonder why you didn't discover the Double Trouble Penis Plug sooner. Double the rings, double the fun – it's time to unleash the pleasure.

Approximate Measurements:

Overall Length: 85mm

Insertable Length: 75mm

Width of Slimest Point: 5mm

Width of Widest Point: 8mm

 Glans Ring Sizes:

25mm, 28mm, 30mm and 32mm

This product is certified 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel. Beware of cheaper products that are not solid surgical steel but chromed steel or poor quality surgical steel that contains Magnate. Magnate is the ingredient that makes steel rust. We will only include this endorsement on our 100% surgical steel products.

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