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Demented Visions Steel Penis Plug
Demented Visions Steel Penis Plug
Demented Visions Steel Penis Plug

Demented Visions Steel Penis Plug

Explore urethral pleasure with the Demented Visions Steel Penis Plug - a work of art for your deepest desires. Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel for comfort.
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Product Description

Demented Visions Steel Penis Plug - Embrace the Kink

Prepare to enter a realm of thrilling sensations and unexplored pleasures with the Demented Visions Steel Penis Plug by Hell's Couture. Crafted from high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel, this is not just your ordinary penis plug; it's a work of art designed to awaken your deepest desires and fantasies.

At first glance, you'll be captivated by the polished stainless steel construction, a testament to its durability and body-safe materials. Unlike typical penis plugs, this unique creation from Hell's Couture serves a dual purpose: it can be worn as a bold and captivating piece of body jewelry, making you the center of attention at any fetish party, or it can be your secret kink beneath your clothing.

The Demented Visions Penis Plug features a handsome end ball, which not only adds an exquisite finish but also prevents the plug from disappearing inside, offering peace of mind during play. If you're familiar with Prince Albert piercings, you'll appreciate the aesthetic appeal this plug brings. The added weight provides a delightful tug and pressure, adding to the overall excitement.

But that's not all – this penis plug is designed for extended wear and fluid play. Its hollow design ensures that you can comfortably wear it for longer periods, allowing for normal bodily functions without removal. Plus, it's perfect for those who enjoy fluid play, adding a new dimension to your intimate experiences.

approximate measurements

- Medium -

Overall length: 75mm

Insertable length: 55m

Plug width (slimmest point): 6mm

Plug width (widest point): 12mm


- Large - 

Overall length: 85mm

Insertable length: 70mm

Plug width (slimmest point): 6mm

Plug width (widest point): 12mm

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