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Crushed Nuts Male Chastity Belt
Crushed Nuts Male Chastity Belt
Crushed Nuts Male Chastity Belt
Crushed Nuts Male Chastity Belt
Crushed Nuts Male Chastity Belt

Crushed Nuts Male Chastity Belt

Explore male BDSM with the Crushed Nuts Chastity Belt. This steel device, along with a shaped cock and ball prison and ripple anal plug, ensures both comfort and restraint.
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Product Description

Crushed Nuts Locking Steel Chastity Belt with Shaped Steel Cock and Ball Prison and Steel Ripple Anal Plug – the ultimate combination of comfort and restraint for your BDSM desires. This remarkable set has been meticulously crafted to deliver both pleasure and control, ensuring an unforgettable experience for both dominants and submissives.

The innovative design of the Crushed Nuts Chastity Belt includes sexy, comfortable soft rubber lining that envelops the entire device. From the lower interior of the crotch panel to the waist belt itself, the rubber lining enhances comfort during prolonged wear. And the best part? Customization. Once the size adjustments have been made, the rubber linings can be expertly trimmed to ensure a snug and tailored fit, giving your submissive partner the sensation of a specially crafted piece that caters to their unique measurements.

Care for your slave boy toy's enforced chastity in the most intricate way possible. Show him that you value his submission by providing the perfect fit and optimal comfort. The Crushed Nuts Chastity Belt delivers both, ensuring his experience remains both secure and satisfying. With a max waistline of approximately 118 cm (46.5 inches) and a min waistline of about 85 cm (33.5 inches), this chastity belt caters to a variety of body types and sizes.

In addition to the chastity belt, the set includes a Steel Ripple Anal Plug that offers four distinct ball stages, ranging from 20mm to 28mm. This anal plug introduces an exciting element of sensory exploration and anal play, making it an exceptional addition to your BDSM repertoire.

Embrace the world of male BDSM and domination with the Crushed Nuts Chastity Belt. As you indulge in your power dynamic, this set ensures that both comfort and restraint are at the forefront of your play. Elevate your bondage sessions and create unforgettable memories with this carefully curated collection.

- The Max waistline of the belt is about 118 cm (46.5 inch).
- The Min waistline of the belt is about 85 cm (33.5 inch).
- Length: 115mm
-  4 Ball Stages (20mm, 22mm, 25mm and 28mm)

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