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Buddy Double Ended Penis Plug
Buddy Double Ended Penis Plug
Buddy Double Ended Penis Plug
Buddy Double Ended Penis Plug

Buddy Double Ended Penis Plug

The Buddy Penis Plug from Hell's Couture. This double-ended stainless steel plug offers shared urethral play for couples
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Product Description

Unlock a world of shared pleasure with the Buddy Double Ended Penis Plug from Hell's Couture. This exquisite stainless steel toy is not just a urethral plug; it's an invitation to a new level of intimacy and exploration in your relationship.

Designed with precision and quality in mind, the Buddy Penis Plug boasts an innovative double-ended design that's perfect for couples looking to spice up their erotic adventures. Crafted from body-safe stainless steel, it offers a smooth, comfortable, and body-friendly experience.

The five sensual bumps on each side of the plug promise unforgettable sensations that will take both partners to new heights of pleasure. Whether you're an experienced urethral enthusiast or a beginner, the Buddy Penis Plug offers a unique opportunity to explore your desires together.

Sharing intimate experiences is a profound way to deepen your connection, and this toy is all about creating that bond. As you and your partner embark on this sensual journey, you'll discover new dimensions of pleasure and connection that you never thought possible.

With an overall length of 120mm, insertable length of 50mm on each end, and a plug width of 9mm, this toy is designed for comfort and satisfaction. The stopper length and width are 20mm and 16mm, respectively, ensuring a secure and pleasurable experience.

Experience the thrill of urethral play like never before with the Buddy Double Ended Penis Plug. It's not just a toy; it's an opportunity to explore, connect, and enjoy pleasure together.

 Approximate Measurements

Overall length: 120mm

Insertable length (either end): 50mm

Plug width: 9mm

Stopper length/width: 20mm/16mm

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