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Bucket Chastity Cage
Bucket Chastity Cage
Bucket Chastity Cage
Bucket Chastity Cage
Bucket Chastity Cage
Bucket Chastity Cage
Bucket Chastity Cage

Bucket Chastity Cage

Discover the blend of aesthetics and functionality with the BDStyle Bucket Chastity Cage. A high-quality male chastity device offering comfort, security.
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Product Description

Discover the epitome of male chastity sophistication with the BDStyle Bucket Chastity Cage. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast of BDSM or simply seeking to explore the world of intimate restraint, this chastity device with its unique bucket design offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Constructed from high-quality metal, the silver-hued cage stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a cage length of 77mm and a width of 45mm at the base, the design artfully tapers to 32mm at the tip, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit that's tailored to your desires.

Comfort extends beyond the cage itself—this package includes three cock ring sizes: small, medium, and large, catering to various anatomical dimensions. The rings measure 4cm, 4.5cm, and 5cm respectively, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for an experience that's uniquely your own.

Designed to evoke both modern elegance and intimate fulfillment, the BDStyle Bucket Chastity Cage redefines the boundaries of sensual exploration. Unleash your desires with a secure and comfortable design that's poised to elevate your intimate moments to a realm of uncharted pleasure.

Material: Metal
Color: Silver

Cage length: 77mm
97mm total length
Cage width: 45mm at base tapering to 32mm at tip
Cock ring sizes:
Small: 4cm
Medium: 4.5cm
Large: 5cm

When you want to experience BDSM at a realistic price BDStyle Bondage Gear mission is to provide the best quality for the budget conscious. Whether you are after penis plugs or cock cages, there is a huge range for Chastity Players and Urethral Toy Experts. Even after some bondage leather wear – the vast stock allows plenty of choice. Check the entire range online now!!!

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