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Black Adjustable Penis Ties
Black Adjustable Penis Ties
Black Adjustable Penis Ties
Black Adjustable Penis Ties
Black Adjustable Penis Ties
Black Adjustable Penis Ties

Black Adjustable Penis Ties

BDStyle Black Adjustable Penis Ties Made From ABS And Silicone Is Fully Adjustable So One Size Fits All And Will Delay Male Ejaculation Increasing Erection Hardness!
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Product Description

BDStyle Black Adjustable Penis Ties offer a simple yet versatile solution for enhancing your erection and experiencing heightened pleasure. Made with adjustable silicone ties, this innovative cock ring allows for a perfect fit tailored to your size and comfort.

Explore the various ways to wear the penis ties - around your shaft, scrotum, or both - using the re-positionable beads to harness them simultaneously. Restricting the blood flow to and from the shaft, these ties lead to longer and harder erections, providing you with immense satisfaction during your intimate encounters.

The simplicity of use and comfortable design make this one-size-fits-most solution ideal for individuals facing erectile dysfunction issues. This black adjustable penis tie is a cost-effective alternative to enhance your sexual experiences.

Crafted with high-quality ABS and silicone, this cock ring is both durable and body-safe. Choose from different sizes - 7 * 0.5 cm/2.8" * 0.2" (1 Ball), M: 19 * 0.5 CM/7.4" * 0.2" (2 Ball), L: 19 * 0.5 cm/7.4" * 0.2" (3 Ball) - to find the perfect erection tie for your needs.

Discover the pleasure and benefits of BDStyle Black Adjustable Penis Ties, the versatile and effective sex tie that promises to elevate your sexual experiences to new heights. Embrace the pleasure of a perfectly fitted, erection-enhancing cock ring for unforgettable intimate moments.

Size: 7 * 0.5 cm/2.8" * 0.2" (1 Ball)
M: 19 * 0.5 CM/7.4" * 0.2"  ( 2 Ball )
L: 19 * 0.5 cm/7.4" * 0.2"( 3 Ball )
Net Weight: 14 g/0.03 lb/0.49oz
Material: ABS + Silicone

Whether you're an experienced explorer or just beginning to delve into the world of adult products, our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to embrace their desires and passions without judgment.

Shop BDStyle today and unlock a new level of pleasure. Discover firsthand why we are the go-to destination for high-quality adult products. Whether you're looking to spice up your intimate moments or explore new sensations, BDStyle offers the perfect selection for you. Trust in our expertise, and allow us to help you find the products that will enhance your pleasure and fulfillment. Embrace your desires with confidence and excitement at BDStyle. 

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